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B.F. Poltoratsky

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This article is an analysis of changes in the modern public conscience as a continuation of the conflict between the real and the seeming (imaginary) in art and science. The conflict started at the turn of the twentieth century and ended with the introduction of surrealism in all fields of human activity. The article shows the important role of corrupt mass media and education in the mythologization of science, culture and politics. The victory of surrealism became an ideological milestone beyond which lies the inevitable birth of an overwhelming and extremely persistent new religion called New Magism. No economy can sustain such conditions.


There were particular reasons for the scientific and industrial revolution in Europe in the nineteenth century. It was induced by the breakthrough in the peoples understanding of the objective existence of the world reality (created by God in believers opinion). This was happened only once throughout the history of culture but in two stages. The first stage was the reformation of religion in Greece under the influence of the Achaean culture. It allowed Aristotle to introduce revolutionary views on the matter and its movement. Later Ibn-Sina, Al-Ghazali, Ibn-Rushd and other Islamic sophists stepped on the path of understanding the relationship between religion and science. And only then Thomas Aquinas made use of this experience and has finally separated an actual matter from religion and mysticism in Christian worldview [1]. This breakthrough required seventeen to twenty centuries and the effort of the worlds greatest minds.

The return from materialism to pagan mysticism occurred just in one century, the twentieth century [1, 2] or, to be more precise, at the beginning of the century. Why was it so fast? And what for? These are very heavy questions connected with a congenital pathology and bribability of minds. It is much easier to start with the way it happened. Now we know the answer to this question: paganism returned through surrealism [3], which took root within 100 years everywhere and forcibly through a news media and system of premiums because of its duality. On the one hand, surrealism is an art form of self-expression, on the other, it is a sophisticated method of deception. Let us take a closer look.

A significant feature of surrealism is the denial of the rational aesthetic of realism. It uses instead of it the phantasmagoric forms born by subconsciousness. One of the fathers of surrealism Andre Breton wrote: Surrealism is pure physical automatism by which we try to express the true function of our thought in words or art. It means total absence of control from reason and it is beyond all aesthetic and moral standards (highlighted by us). This statement has not the faintest allusion to allegorism or joke. By this phrase Breton managed to express the essence of surrealism.

However, what extent the philosophy and methodology of surrealism are useful to a Science and Economy? What are its helpful and dangerous sides for the process of globalization?

The questions are raised and there is no reason to ignore them because surrealism has already penetrated even into schoolbooks [1, 3]. It is taught at schools and universities but mostly indirectly, under different names as parts of various studies including such vulnerable ones as Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and even Economics.

Thus, the surrealism invades in the field outside of art during long time, and it should be perceived as an objective reality with all declared and already for a long time its confirmed properties. Let us describe the main ones in detail:

1. Surrealism is not intended for studying the reality and any interaction with it. Its focuses on processes in mans subconsciousness, as a function of thought. As a matter of fact it means more or less normal fantasies and nothing else [3, 4].

2. Surrealism is not a system closed on itself or on the doctor-psychiatrist. It is aimed at public exploiting the metaphors and categories used by the latter in everyday real life. In other words, surrealists speak by ordinary words about the things existing in their subconsciousness but not in real life. Thus, all concepts, which surrealists are used, have minimally double value a real object and, at least, one twin of it (a fantastic or mystic image born in the subconscious) can have the same name. This imaging is usually called the model.

3. Surrealism does not have the conception of truth because it handles in field of fantastic images, born from ones mind. These images cannot be tested by reality because a real object cannot be measured, compared or matched with its fantastic imaginary counterpart as they are from radically different spaces: one is real and the other is made-up and mystical. The principle of truth dualism is nothing more than just speculations on this absolutely clear topic [3, 5]. Practically it does not mean the multiplication of truth but the total ignoring of it.

4. Surrealism has adopted and perfected the procedure of the look through of the fragments of the objective reality through the prism of dual mystic world, which has produced from the imaginary twins of real objects. In this regard it continues and develops the traditions of an ancient pagan religion Magism [6], in which twins were represented as idols homemade products in material sense, as figurines of pagan gods, or only as verbal images from colorful legends and fables.

5. It is known, that all forms of old Magism, which have existed till our time, have passed a long way of natural humanization. It is determined by a consecutive knock-out system from history (autocide) of sadistic ideological systems [3, 6]. But now the surrealism start from point zero. Therefore the dual imaginary world of surrealism beyond all aesthetical and moral standards leads the ideology of Magism far beyond the traditional for this religion simple distortion of morals. Accordingly surrealism generates a new religion New Magism, which, in comparison to the old one, includes in itself much more immorality, falseness and bestial cruelty [3, 6, 7].

Now let us analyze the consequences of these features.

First, inherently surrealism is cannot be an instrument of perception or as set of conceptions fit for science or practical communication. This is a style of art barely connected with reality, like, for example, folk songs by which it is possible to describe ideas in physics or medical science, but it should be done very carefully especially in terms of choreography.

Second, the first and second features of surrealism show that people with different psychic residues react to it in different ways [3, 4]. For example, an autist will regard as a game the question: What will happen if you put an engine from your yesterdays dream into a real car? But a realist will have to make efforts for it. Another example is the following: scientific gibberish or scientific screw-up, what are they? For the autist it will be a postulate or another model while the realist will be stunned by the phrase. The next example is: what is scientific atheism? The single-track mind of an autist allows him to hide behind his postulate once again. The realist will have to make inquiries: what is religion? It is easy to answer the question using the source, which is the same for every religion the revelations of Prophets. But atheism is also based on revelation because in philosophic logic it precedes science [1]. Then atheism is also a religion but why is it scientific? Real life is full of such situations.

Third, according to features 3, 4 and 5 surrealism is a religion New Magism. But thats not the whole story. In practice the development of the means of communication and the techniques of fraud in the beginning of the twentieth century made surrealism extremely effective for political fooling. In its new capacity of political surrealism this distinctively political perversion got its own mechanism of missionary work (Internationals in Russia, Axises in Germany) and sermon (surrealistic literature and cinema, pseudosciences). It turns out that only the analysis of surrealism manifestations of the twentieth century can help understand modern politics and economics.

Fourth, political surrealism made the role of teachers and mass-media extremely important in the technique of present-day propaganda of New Magism. This anti-realism being an instrument of deception has been fraudulently introduced in curriculums to cheat unwitting students and school children to make them deceive other people later [3]. It is a triggering mechanism a vicious circle known in the theory of automatic regulation as a self-reinforcing close circuit (like in a water closet supply tank). In nature such things occur during phase changes, which have long been known by physicists. It is easy to notice that political surrealism induces the same ideological phase change, during which anachronisms of the Renaissance, which is actually a result of a long and troublesome process of escaping the old Magism, yielded to the purposeful promotion of a new paganism in the society. This happened before. Where does this change lead? The answer is simple back to the most sustainable uncivilized primeval pagan state in which human society had already existed 50 thousand years ago [6]. Surrealism does it all through mass-media and deceived teachers. Thus, mass-media and distorted education science, being the main knots of the slipknot of self-reinforcing connection, are the key actors in the process of cultural and moral degradation (for more detailed argumentation see [1,2,3,6]).

With such a bunch of grotesque features and perspectives surrealism emerged in physics and philosophy literally ruining them [2, 3]. Though, its not all its just a backup maneuver. The main problem is the pragmatic character of surrealism as a strategic deception weapon based on absolutely arbitrary manipulation with meaningless models and myths as the flow of self-contradicts literally paralyze the victim especially the one with a realistic style of thinking. The victim does not even notice becoming a slave of pagan Magism.

So, the lucre is actual. But benefit from such retrogression seems not to all people. Only some very shortsighted or cruelly deceived people would like to pillage in global frenzy of paganism. After all, even more impudent sacrificers will take away the prey anyway and the fanatics of Magism will depreciate everything. Attention should be paid to those who potentially have chances to win. One has to understand the psychology of students and the nature of the educational system. Below are the results of the four initial options of the development of students genetic predilections under the influence of different systems of upbringing.

1) An autist + realistic upbringing = an autist with moral regulation (understands that there are other people with their own interests)

2) An autist + surrealistic upbringing = an autist without moral regulation (up to a sadistic priest or violent criminal)

3) A realist + realistic upbringing = a uninhibited realist

4) A realist + surrealistic upbringing = a realist with complexes or a polyphonist (100% mentally ill according to P.Kotov [4]).

According to the four examples, the upbringing of a person with any heredity based on surrealistic myths is a destructive factor for any society and the source of personal tragedies for any particular individual. Moreover, the victims of anti-real upbringing become potential bearers of surrealistic politics both adepts of New Magism and the victims of its deception. Thus the selfish motives affect the minds of people with the limited horizon. The minds of autists and screwed up realists lose the true meaning of the question: to what end? The boundless egoism fills emptiness. And this defect of mind has extension outwards of acquisitiveness, causing fierce hatred against doer-realists. This defect is the reason for the outrageous and senseless cruelty of pagan priests against any talent contradicting mass autism. Naturally, this way leads to mass terror, which protects and preserves taints of individual surrealistic upbringing. The degradation of collective consciousness under the burden of autism and paganism becomes inevitable.

Natural science, philosophy and real economy lose their meaning in the society of perverted and deceitful paganism [3, 8].

Thus, we proved that the process of the falling of culture into New Magism is sustainable in a catastrophic sense like an earlier mentioned triggering mechanism. Thats why the ascent from this tomb of civilization is essentially impossible. The only way to escape it is a horizontal maneuver through another culture like Aristotle and Islamic sophists used to do. However, notorious globalism blocks this way by global censoring and pagan schoolbooks. So the chance on a flank counterattack on Magism by realism is forever blocked by globalism.

In the meantime, the false background, this uproar, raised by fussy surrealist-crooks in corrupt mass-media, crushed and literally destroyed the ascending path of civilization, creating a precipice into the bottomless void of New Magism.

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