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The history of physics from natural sciences rudiments during prehistoric times to a condition of our days is stated concisely in this brochure. The special attention is given to the reasons of ideas occurrence of materialism in an ancient society, and also history of its coordination with religious beliefs. We have found out here preconditions and logic of derivation of the fundamental equations of physics, and also their role in formation of modern sciences. Roots and the mechanism of basic errors in the theoretical physics, which finally have led to prompt degradation of this science within 20th century and the beginning of 21st are analyzed.

The first part of the analysis of historic facts is subordinated to a substantiation of legitimacy of a main point: how the physics has turned to the contrast the dogmatic pseudo-physics? Further an attention maximum is concentrated on the given reason and answer to this central question. Variants of possible exits from historical deadlock are in summary offered.




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The preface ....4



1.    Physics position in cultures and religions medium


Introduction . ...6

Features of the ancient culture . 8

Philosophical opening of physics11


2. Physics twists of history


The classical physics ..16

Physics of 20th and the beginnings of 21st centuries .....25

Psychological roots of New Magizm ....28

Philosophical turn ..31

That the policy does in the physics ......34


3.    Results and perspectives


New paganism and system crisis........30

What further?.......41

The conclusion ......43




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The preface


The author collected a material for this short review of history of physics gradually in the course of a writing of the prologues of the previous books, especially Electrodynamics in the field and matter theory [1] and From physics to hypotheses [2]. But the idea of the edition of the separate brochure has definitively ripened in the course of the analysis of the maintenance of discussions on a theme School course Religion and atheism history at a forum of the President http://medvedev-da.ru/forum.php in section Education in Russia. Naturally, we are grateful to interlocutors for useful ideas, which they have shared, and to forum moderators for its fine organization.

All the matter is that on closer examination religion and physics have appeared epistemological very rigidly connected among themselves. They have the general informative tool intuition. Probably therefore all philosophers-classics had these both fields of activity of human reason in the field of vision simultaneously, completely not casually having connected their stories together.

In religion the intuition place can be understood from definition, which was given by archpriest Alexander Men [3]: the Belief is first of all the condition of spirit born by experience of a Divine reality. In it the intuitive knowledge (it is allocated by us) of special type awakes up, something is made similar to a meeting, the mysterious appeal sounds. The person answers this appeal: religious doctrines with their metaphysics and with their ethics also are such answers. Not only mystical vision of belief is comprehended in them, but also attempt to establish a feedback, with that secret Essence which has concerned the person by a their spirit. In this application intuition is a basis of religious knowledge or a religious science according to Tomas Aquinas. And the main form of its manifestation are, of course, revelations of the individuals, gifted by Essence, which has concerned the person by a their spirit.

The intuition in the physicist plays absolutely other role. Here the Nature is exclusively a knowledge source. The nature is it in the generalized sense, and exactly it is a matter and its movement. Therefore the intuition too is pertinent in the physicist, but here it cannot be a source of knowledge, to be exact as a source of the information on the nature. Its functions are limited only by an auxiliary role in formation of idea and the organization of concrete experiment (as at G.Galilej). It also is present and at synthesis of new experimental data together with those data which were earlier known from the previous experiments, i.e. at a choice of a technique of processing of already known information (as, for example, at M.Planck or D.M.Mendeleyev). Certainly, any individual can declare, that he sees this nature so all through and without experiments. He sees it absolutely simply through ostensibly revelation given from above personally to it. However on a source of the information of which he has taken, it is easy to define that here we deal not with physics, but with religion and, most likely, with any one of its sectarian forms. It is an example of the open, obvious case of revelation application in the physicist. The veiled meet much more often. But the essence remains and then is final. The researcher of physics necessarily should see here it though it completely not simply to make.

Thus, physicist is compelled to use in the course of the Nature study such tool, which already was used earlier by religion. But change of a field of application of an instrument should cause and certain changes in it according to new specialization. And here this change of functions of the tool, naturally, is always fraught with errors. It conducts to substitution of object of knowledge, when the researcher himself objectively existing (for believers already created by God) Nature replaces by a substitute ("model", a hypothesis, a postulate etc.), which is born only by its imagination (intuition), and as a matter of fact through revelation. And anybody from theorists-visionaries has not been confused by that fact that such "modeling" has been already repeatedly done at formation of the most different pagan beliefs and systems of legends (of legendary systems) and any coincidence to the reality never happened. Now failure has occurred simultaneously both in the physicist and in philosophy [2]. Here, in general, logic deadlocks are clear. But to understand each of them separately, it is necessary to involve basic data from history and bases of all religions, and also from dialectics of development of natural sciences.

Therefore, analyzing the reasons of occurrence of deadlock on a way of development of physics, we have been simply compelled to address to history of this subject in the light of that knowledge, that to us were given by such great thinkers, as Aristotle, Averroes, Foma Akvinsky, Newton, Maksvell etc.

Naturally, we could not ignore and an inquisition role in natural sciences development. But the policy has here got to this brochure yourself. Moreover, the political component takes out blankly all clews of our problems beyond the frameworks of that habitual, that are called known word as an "error".

This book is addressed to pupils of the senior classes, teachers, students, engineers, physicists-experimenters and theorists, and also other inquisitive people, whom it is at least superficial, let even under reference book or the popular literature, are familiar with problems of modern physics.

The author


1. Physics position in cultures and religions medium



In brochure From Physics to Hypothesis [2] we paid attention to the strange physical theories made of absurd proclamations by the slightly competent dreamers. One such theorist proclaimed the model capable to cancel the laws of Nature and pretended as if this model cancelled the laws really; the second one cawed such a tensor which supposedly exhales gravitation even for the universe as a whole; the third theorist who also is not of the shy persons piled up the fairy stack of the unbelievable Hypotheses and from there from above from the for calls the Bose particles phantoms. The grand, exclusively brave fraud in science was revealed, as one could say, by itself. And above all the period of being the noodle on the ears (great hoax) have lasted for more than 100 years. Its the unique achievement maybe even the historical record. Only the revolutionists, by very disciplined people who are keen on any special idea that maybe is non-peaceful at all, can arrange the similar thing. We would not like to miss such an important event. At that it should be considered that this fraud couldnt be seen fully from a short distance. So we need to think of the distance to see the historical background.

Therefore we address to history of science as well as of culture.

For this exclusively specific analytic problem we will have to systematize the history correspondingly marking it with landmarks suitable for this problem and so needed for us.

Firstly, physics as science begins from the determination, which allows distinguishing it from the other sciences. And this determination and its interpretation answer the questions: What is the subject of this science? and What are its goals and methods? Since answers for these questions are in book Physics by Aristotle [4, 5] (384-322 BC) the time of its publication is the first landmark in the history of Physics.

Secondly, Aristotle alone could not solve all philosophical and other problems of Physics. Certainly, he tried to do something but his attempts left only to the descendants the volumetric enough list of his surmises both in philosophy and in physics that have not been confirmed so far. In particularly, many centuries passed before Averroes (1126-1198) and Thomas Aquinas (1221-1274) could separate finally Natural History from Religion. So the works of the latter [6] can mark the end of the philosophical understanding of Physics as a science. By this way we highlighted the second historical landmark.

Thirdly, the works of Averroes and Thomas Aquinas started the stormy development if normal classical Physics. Without them the religion reaction for the principal works of Galilee G. would have been so negative that they would have deserved only censure and correspondingly have been forgotten soon. Separation of Physics from religion provided the free development of Physics. However, in the beginning of 20th century this process was ended by the followers of substitution of the subject of inquiry in this science. There was nature i.e. the existing real substance and its movement. But a set of models, postulates, hypotheses born by fantasy (revelation) and others appeared. The science returned to its ancient state and turned again either into a system of naïve legends or into religion operating by afflatus of extremely insolent false prophets. So in the beginning of 20th century there is the third critical landmark in the history of Physics.

Duration of development of human societies is estimated in about 50000 years. But this time includes the prehistoric period about the state of science in which we can only guess. However, the stages of the physical processes for the last 3000 years in which we are interested have been known and can be shown in the diagram, ref. Fig.1. Our landmarks or critical points of the history of science into the following parts have divided that period: I ancient Physics, II philosophical discovery of Physics, III classical period, IV modern stage.


Fig. 1


Here the straight and broken lines designate the course of development of general technical experiment of the humanity as well as states of philosophy of Physics and theoretical Physics itself. Accumulation of technical and scientific knowledge were increasing approximately according to exponential law so their temporary dependences in course of increase were reflected by the straight lines in the coordinates with logarithmic scale along the axis Y.

Technical knowledge and achievements were being added constantly so its amount is shown in Fig 1 by the solid straight line with the positive derivative.

Period II was characterized with continuous development of the philosophy of Physics that also was reflected with the straight line with the positive slope (derivative) in Fig.1. Then separation of religion from the natural history have stabilized situation during the classical period (III). The perfidious occupation of this scientific field by the new mystics at IV stage turned the philosophy of Physics into antiquated pre-Aristotle state. Such course of history of development of philosophic principles of Physics is presented with anisopleural trapeze correspondingly.

The graph of development of the theoretical Physics looks more complicated. The theoretical Physics has been developing slowly since the time of Aristotle or since the earlier time mainly due to statics and kinematics in mechanic. During the classical period the rapid increase marked in Fig. 1 by the inclined line with the larger derivative took place. At stage IV the theoretic Physics crashed down and was substituted by the fashionable false Physics.

In brief, Fig.1 is some approximation of the known facts, something as the result of the preliminary processing of the experimental data initial estimated case.

Now we intent to look through these processes in details to answer the following questions:

Is not it in reality?

Why did it happen?

What are the consequences of that?


Features of the ancient culture


Science is a part of culture. So their histories are connected with each other. And in accordance with culture we should select perspectives for consideration of its problems and councils whose experiment can be used and to whose works shall be referred.

So, it is a choice of councils.

President of the USA, Bush the Junior called officially the modern Western culture as Judeo-Christian civilization. And this civilization is no fiction, no propagating move of a sly politician, no a fantasy of a theoretical historian, it is an objective reality leading the real wars on the Asian land not for a while yet and with blood that is not illusory. So we will pay the proper attention to this fact and select a council from those authors who knew what it meant. The person who is the closest to our requirements was Orthodox Priest Archpriest Alexander Men. According to the biographic data he knew both constituents of the Judeo-Christian civilization and left for us the work called History of religion [3].


Hereunder quotations are presented from this book, which are numbered by us, and also our logical conclusions flowing out from Alexander Men are put.

1. If you remember that the first traces of the human existence address to the time which is away from our time for 50000-40000 years, the history of civilization will be in front of us in form of explosion disturbing the silence. In fact, in comparison with 5000 6000 years of the historical times the prehistoric night lasts for extremely long time. (p. 61).

2. And nevertheless, the prehistoric night had been lasting for many thousand years. A human had been an integral particle of a family, tribe for that time, the creative spirit of a personality had not been awakened in a human. The progress had not almost been felt .

What slowed the culture progress?

in primitive beliefs there is something that can shed some light on this problem. The survived centers of primitive world show that the magical conceptions have the colossal force and are capable to keep the whole societies in state of immobility. Collective conceptions of Magizm connected with taboo, rituals and traditions leave its imprint on all manifestations of life of Australians, Papuans, Zulus.

Ideas and beliefs have rather more influence on life of society than it seems at first glance. And if we consider the power that the Magizm had over the peoples souls the remarkable stability of the primitive world is getting not so mysterious.

The magic human being took the world as the complete substantive and mental whole, as continuous circulation of gods and human beings, living creatures and elements, as original hierarchy of double-gangers, human beings and dumb animals. In his ceremonies the human being imitated the life of nature as if he took part in natural processes; through totemism he became related with the world of living creatures (marked out by us because imitation in our new interpretation is a physical model). His life was a constant religious rite, he was afraid to disturb even one link in the space mystery avoiding to be thrown out the limits of the real existence.

So it is naturally that the fear to cross the sacral line of the ritual, to encroach upon stability of collective conceptions exerted the paralyzing influence on the spiritual culture. That fear set the firm frames for the human beings out of which the creative spirit pushed through only with great difficulty. (p. 62).

3. Magizm always existed in parallel with various religious systems and poisoned them with the ritual determinism. Magizm introduced into religion the blind almost maniacal belief in all power of rituals and paternosters .

So gradually the magic world view developed that closed all the Universal into the causal chain of consequences where the great role was played by ceremonies. If the rituals were not performed the sun could not raise, spring could not come. The persuasion was strengthened that ceremonies needed for demons and gods. (page 57, 58).

4. Peoples, who did not dare to change even iota in the established canons for thousands years, are victims of the collective conceptions of magic. They paralyzed creative activity and religious genius of humans because only in understanding of personal responsibility and mental freedom he finds his highest vocation as the image of the Creator of the Universal. (p. 58).

On base of these four quotations the following conclusions on the ancient culture and the science correspondingly can be made:

Firstly, the facts say really that the centuries-old cultural stagnation existed and that the main braking factor for development of science and culture was archaic ideology based on the pagan religion such as Magizm.

Secondly, all world in its variety was felt by people tormented by Magizm not directly as it is in reality but through the models in form of totems, amulets, idols and others. And it was an impassable barrier for the nature studying. In fact we wrote many times about the blood analysis for diagnostic of the patient. Cannot the doctor diagnose the illness even under the most complicated humans blood model? For that the blood itself and the blood of the particular person is required. The same situation took place also in the science of Nature i.e. in Physics. The object of the Physics studying cannot be a model, but the nature itself shall be investigated.

Further per example of ancient Egypt the ethical properties of religion of that time and organization structure of its servants are illustrated.

5. Meanwhile Egyptian religion was impregnated with lies and self-interests. Conjurations as a rule were made on base of the fact that gods and spirits were deceived. So, for a example, the parturiating woman called the gods trying to convince them that she was Goddess Isida giving birth to a baby. If the man was threatened by a poisonous snake he said the exorcizing words convincing the shake poison that he was not a human being but God Gor who controls over elements. So the magic gave amoral character to Egyptian religion (p.66).

On basis of this another conclusion shall be made:

Thirdly, in that time many years ago religious immorality was considered as generally recognized fact but not as a reprehensible feature and quite the contrary as an element of culture and religion under the mutual agreement of people and gods. If somebody thought about the truth search through the straight and honesty look at the Nature he/she immediately fell under the road-roller of that immorality and was killed. There was hidden the base ideological support and root of stability of unscientific systems. Either Nature or human intellect will be able to take out nobody and never from such a grand trap of the Magizm. The guerrilla warfare was also punished, after all.

Fourthly, it is worth dwelling especially on a special role of tsars and priests in the system of Magizm. This problem has been revealed in the following sentences, which are not in need for comments:

6. Magic in a certain sense was so difficult as science. It demanded the extensive knowledge from the man who wanted to use its might. So people who became proficient in all minutest details of magic got the great power over the people. (p.66).

7. Tsar made a furrow with a plough to wake up the land forces, threw to the Nile the papyrus with order to begin the flood. So the Pharaoh concentrated in his hands the power over the Universe, over elements and over the people. The son of gods, gifted with the supernatural grace, armored with the magical weapons, crowned with the living diadems in which the goddesses were incarnated, with the forehead wound round by the snake, goddess of conjurations, the Tsar is the first and the most powerful of the Magians. (pp. 67, 68).

8. Strabon mentions of the priests. In his time they were already the centralized and powerful corporation. But this corporation appeared not right away. The priests and clairvoyants originally were dispersed over various regions and they did not have the high sovereign. In spite of the fact that their service to gods often interlaced with the magic they very early began to be strongly attracted to the poorer religious cult. The religious usurpation of the Pharaohs could not undermine the influence of the priests . In particular, they conducted the mathematical calculations and astronomical observations so needed for construction and irrigation. The Mystery with which they surrounded their knowledge made them invulnerable.

After Mina the state form of religion appeared where the Pharaoh played the leading role. In theory only he alone served to gods. However, in fact the clergy kept the leading hand in religion. (p.68).

So, during tens of a thousand years development of culture and science of all the mankind was restrained artificially by mass prejudices of Magizm. Magizm torn away the sense of people from reality by creation of mediators between the human and nature in form of various models named as totems, amulets, idols and so on. The models were protected with the system of taboos, rituals, conjurations and traditions originally impregnated with deception and immorality. People could not learn the nature itself not only due to the religious and ideological reasons but also due to organizational reasons because people were under the strong control of tsars and shamans who were interested in ignorance.


Philosophic discovery of Physics


Lets refer to the prehistory of Aristotelian doctrines.

Somewhere in the second thousand years B.C. the lands of Ancient Greece were subject to conquests by the Achaeans from the north. Alexander Men said about them by the following way [3].

The Achaean knights were attracted by strong feelings; they loved hunting wild boars with hounds over the mountain forests The huge cups and bowls confirm the Homers stories about love of his heroes to strong drinks. In the frescos we see singers and narrators. The epic heroes liked songs praising their feats and travels. (p. 176).

External blooming of the Achaeans land was connected closely with the spiritual raise of Greeks. The time came when the hidden spiritual forces of culture broke the chitinous armour of Magizm and rushed by the new ways to find the other world view. (p. 177).

But the time came when the true Hellenic spirit woke up and the reaction began against the local cults. This coincided with the external rise of the Achaeans towns. (p. 178).

In short, the Achaeans were bringing the source of materialism. With such an ungovernable character that man survived more frequently who understood the reality better, who distinguished the real weapons and blood from totems and models of weapons and blood better and whose fantasies did not prevent the right reconnaissance. Invasions of peoples such as the Achaeans but more martial and pragmatic ones continued from the North from behind the Danube, at least before Alexander the Macedonian and, therefore, before the time when Aristotle wrote his books. It happened that the philosopher worked in the atmosphere of permanent ideological liberation. (It mentions Stalins ideological indulgences during the war).

As we wrote before, the Aristotles doctrines were the beginning of the true Physics, which he stated in the book of the same name [4]. In this book he formulated the main conceptions defining the content of this science. The Aristotles Physics was based on his own discoveries and works of philosophers of many different schools.

Here are the basic theses of this work:

-    Physics differs fundamentally from the other sciences including metaphysics and mathematics.

-    Physics is science of nature, which according to Aristotle is specified by the following way: So, it is clear that in the natural phenomena the necessity is so called substance and its movements. And that is one way of definition of nature: it is the first substance underlying in the base of each of [subjects] having inside the origin of motion and changing.

-    The purpose of Physics is naturally identification of the cause-effect relations in the substance and in its motion: the physicist has to say about the reasons of the both kinds but more about [the cause] for the sake of what because it is the cause of the [certain] substance but no substance is the reason of the purpose.

-     Physics has the own methods of investigations: When studying the causes of the origin of the whole after the part the following method is applied: it is observed what appeared before and what after, what performed or experimentd [any actions] firstly and so all the time step by step. We shall notice that nothing has been said about the hypotheses, postulates and models here.

Nowadays we know that the first and the second theses are true undoubtedly. And two the other theses reflect immature enough understanding of the subject of investigations. For example, the third thesis contains the remains of confusion between Physics (question: Why) and religion (question: For sake of what). The fourth thesis found out incompleteness after demonstration by Galilei of his purposeful and competent experiments.

The Peripatetics (continuators of the Aristotles acts) had been discussing this doctrine for 600 years but no new breaks took place.

The following Muslim scientists caught the initiative and explained the Aristotles philosophy to their pupils:

Abu Yusuph Yakub ibn Iskhak ibn Sabbakh al-Kindi (died aboit 873) was the first in the Moslem world to address to the philosophic Aristotelian works and became the founder of paripatetizm in the Moslem East.

Abu Nasr Mohammed ibn Mohammad ibn Tarkhan ibn Uzlag al-Farabi (873950) was a famous Moslem philosopher, author of comments to the Aristotles works.

Ibn Badzha was a pupil and follower of al-Farabis work.

Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina (Avicenna, 980-1037) was a doctor, writer and philosopher.

The greatest Moslem commentator of Aristotle was Abu al-Valid Mohammad ibn Akhmad ibn Rushd (Averroes, 1126-1198). This philosopher has developed further Aristotleizm, having defined a physics place in a religious frame of reference. He first investigated a difference between religions in general and physics, as subsystems of views in religion, which remained not understood from the Aristotle. Christian seminary students and philosophers of Europe have used subsequently his works.

Abu Bekr Mohammed ibn Abd al-Malic ibn Tufail (1110-1185) was a doctor, philosopher, friend and interlocutor of ibn Rushd.

It is appropriate mention here Maimonid: Moshe ben Maimon 1135-1204 ) is the greatest rabbinic authority and codificator of Galaxy, philosopher, scientist and doctor; According to his philosophic views Maimonid was the follower of Aristotle. In particular he put the medieval Jewish philosophy on the strong base of Aristotelism (Electronic Jewish encyclopedia).

At least, 6 Moslem and 1 Jewish philosophers translated into Latin and given to Europeans the Aristotles doctrine and paved the way for critical break of his philosophy into the real science such as Physics. This final success has been connected for ever with the name of one of the founders of Sorbonne Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274).

Firstly, he made clear the principle of causality in the real sensible world which he used in the second evidence of existence of God by the following way: In the sensible world we observe the [definite] order of the acting causes. And there is [there will be] no case when a thing would be an acting cause of itself; because then it would precede itself that it is impossible. Also one must not take away the acting causes [causally-acting order] to infinity, because in the ordered consecution of the acting causes the first one is the cause of the intermediate one and the intermediate cause is the cause of the last one; at that the number of the intermediate causes can be as several so one. Then, eliminating the cause we eliminate the consequence. So if in the causal [order] there was no first cause then there would be no last or intermediate one. And if it was possible the [raw] of causes went to infinity there would be neither first acting cause nor last consequence, nor any intermediate causes; all that is obvious false [assumption]. So it is necessary to arrive [at an idea] of the first acting cause that everyone calls God. [6].

So the chains of causes stopped doubling. Lets note that if we substitute the word God by the word Nature any pagans including atheists will understand the authors ideas also.

Secondly, he pointed to the exclusive connection of the Physics with the substance leaving revelations to the other sciences: Difference of ways of perception creates the variety of sciences. Both an astronomer and a physicist can go to the same conclusion, for example, that the Earth is round; but an astronomer will come to that by mathematically (i.e. [ratiocinating] separately from substance) and a physicist always having in view the substance. From this it follows that there are no grounds to suppose that if any things can be understood by the philosophic science as far as they can be understood [at all] by natural mind, at the same time they cannot be given to us through the other science, as far as they have been presented in the revelation. (in the same place).

So Physics has kept from mysticism. It has received full freedom within its competence, i.e. in that area of studying of causes and effects which is limited by a matter and its movement. Only the first acting cause remains in religion. Physics must not be muddled up neither with logics nor with its concentrated part mathematics. The other events only confirmed correctness and productivity of philosophy of Physics created by humanity for 16 centuries of thoughts and searching.

Now physicists could continue the work of philosophers creatively. They proved practically efficiency of the following chain of steps during the investigation of Nature:

    Observation over substance and its motion (under Aristotle),

    Experimental conception (in case of demarcation with religion under Thomas Aquinas),

    The prepared and verifiable experiment (under Galilee, Ampere, Faraday and others),

    Empirical formula as the physical law of Nature (under Galilee and Descartes, Faraday and others),

    Logical (mathematical) consequences of the law of nature (under Newton, Maxwell, Hertz and others).


The last stage usually contains (at this stage of development of mathematics) the transformation of the integral form of the law, which is the result of the experimental measurements, into the differential form, which gives as a result the equations of the mathematical Physics.

So, the humanity gained lucidity of mind, and the way of development of physics was discovered.

Here we see result of unique historical process in which Magizm for the first time has given way to a science, it has been dislodged simply out by a civilization. By the way we will look narrowly, and where was then inquisition? After all it raged just after 2 centuries after Thomas Akvinsky (1225 1274) and 1,5 centuries prior to opening of Galileo Galilee (1564-1642). What role of the Greatest Inquisitor in this process?

That Thomas Torkvemada made in second half XV centuries in Spain the present tragedy which consequences are still felt till now. Torkvemada is likely the most terrible and ominous inquisitor for all history of this awful organisation. And it has to this day admirers (Michael Myzgin. Biographies: Thomas Torkvemada, the Great inquisitor. http://www.family-history.ru/materia/biography/biography_6.html ).

All it is so, but atrocities will not surprise us who have endured 20th century. Their quantity became incommensurable now more, they became even more terrible. Therefore we can look at a problem without emotions and ask: how inquisition has affected a duel of physics with Magizm? And it is very well. That horror, which Torkvemada has scared on pagan priests, then pursued the whole 500 years their potential followers. Incorruptibility of the Great Inquisitor (he has forced the king to refuse an enormous bribe) only strengthened a bodily fear transferred to the subsequent generations.

A bit later we will see that in 20th century the immunity has died away. Following inquisitors have inhaled a life in it would seem already dead Magizm and now have moved on a scaffold physicists. In this sense Michael Myzgina's last phrase in the citation from above has appeared prophetical.


2. Physics twists of history


Classical Physics

The ground and origin of classical physics is mechanics.

Mechanics often is considered according to prehistory of its studying beginning from statics. But statics is contained in the final case of dynamics (if acceleration is equal to null). So, the completed classical mechanics is nothing but one law establishing the well-defined causal effect relation between the force acting on the body and alteration of its speed (acceleration). Not only people beginning from the great antiquity knew this relation and could use it throwing stones, sticks and other objects into prey and enemies. This relation is even known to monkeys. Especially this relation was no secret for ancient carriers of cargoes by rivers and seas. In case of doubts the reader himself can moor the boat to a pier without consideration of inertia. We even don not say about the attention that the ancient soldiers paid to missile weapons. All this knowledge was used by the antique investigators in their work, who introduced meaning of force and speed and Aristotle specified for physics and mathematics the meaning of infinitesimal motion for infinitesimal time. Here we dont consider the works of Chinese scientists (it is known that Mo Ching in III century B.C. had approached to dynamics) only in view of limitation of sources. Islamic scientists were the following on time researchers of dynamics. The organic laws of mechanics stated by Isaakom Newton (1643-1727), have been in detail described in works of Ibn Siny (980-1037), Fahraddin ar-Rasi (1149-1209) and Hibatallah al-Bagdadi (mind. 1165) [7].

In view of strong backlog in literacy Europe was initiate to the decision of problems of dynamics for many centuries later, already after development of the Islamic heritage grasped in territory of modern Spain. It is known [8] that to Leonardo de Vinchi (1452 1519) and J. Benedetti, almost have completely understood with an inertia problem, applying it to a scientific explanation of acceleration of the body motion. Galileo Galilee demonstrated by experimentally that in mechanical motion the force is the cause of the body acceleration and what is proportionally to what in this process. Directly the law of inertia itself was formulated firstly by R. Descarte in his work Principles of philosophy [8].

The results of experiments of Galilee published previously made such conclusion expected. And together they paid the way of the critical relation of physics and mathematics that I. Newton proved and applied in practice.

So, what did Newton make? He did not discover physical law F=m*a, which was established by absolutely other authors by an experimental way long before it. Why, all properties and laws of the nature can be learnt only from the nature by means of supervision of it or experiments with it, but Newton did do neither one thing, nor another and did not give references on made by someone another. Namely the nature is a source of all information on it, including that which is expressed by formulas. But Newton connects this formula, at that time well-known, with mathematics through the differential calculus invented by him and in fact he obtained the fundamental equations of motion (differential form of law F=m*a), which gave the true direction to development of mechanics and other physics.

Now these great equations are formulated by the following way:




where i = 1, 2, N, and i number of the minimal substance element which is named conditionally as a material particle, mi are masses, Xi coordinates, Fi the resultant of all forces acting upon the element.



Isaac Newton (1673 1727)


Lets return to Newton again. Equations (1) are simple only by sight. In reality it is not so because they include the new (for that time) mathematical operator such as a double time derivative. And this invention is not worth a pin unless the inverse integration operator is presented on a silver platter. The work of Newton named Mathematical Principles of natural philosophy [9] is devoted basically to introduction of the operation of integration using various examples from mechanics and astronomy where he calculates areas constrained with curved lines thoroughly through any trapeziums and rectangles. Newton makes discovery by discovery particularly in mathematics. And he does not confuse it with physics but separates. And the boundary passes through the system of the data transfer: from the side of physics this is the nature laws and from the side of mathematics and only mathematics already known formulas from physics, which are named by Newton as (mathematical) axioms. Usually the entrance data in the mathematics is called differently, but we can agree with Newton's terminology and keep for them the name as "axioms" [9]. However thus we should not forget that Newton did not open physical laws, it took already known. Thus, Newton loaded by axioms only the mathematics and out of bounds of Aristotle's physics did not leave. It means that none of sciences has been disturbed: physics has no axioms or postulates but all begins only from the experiment, and mathematics has no experiment with material objects (after all, this is not science of a substance but the concentrated logic), but there is input data or the axioms, known to the person from other sources.

Let's note here one more physical law, which Newton used, without having given references in the work on a source. Except dynamics law (F=m*a) such is the universal gravitation law, the priority on which opening is fixed for Robert Hooke (1635 1703) by the missive in royal academy. Basically Newton also has not been obliged to refer to all these physical laws as he wrote work on the mathematics (Mathematical Principles ), instead of on the physics of type of "Physics" or something similar. In his interpretation these laws were simply already known facts in the physics, which are axioms in relation to mathematics as we have discussed above. Some mess has occurred only then because of erroneous interpretation of its works by some tendentious descendants, which are confused between sciences, raking up all in one heap deliberately or simply because of weakness of knowledge.

So, the first and great lie in the physics is connected with great Newton and is constructed on his name. It contains the statement that the first scientific miracle has occurred to Newton, and he has discovered (has concocted, postulated etc.) exclusively by means of mysterious inspiration physical laws of inertia (F=m*a) and universal gravitation. Further still will be worse and most discreditably.

From the equations of motion the laws of conservation of energy and impulse are derived by only mathematical way giving rise to thermodynamics and statistical physics. On base of equations of motion (1) the aero- and hydrodynamics, astronomy and other sciences are built up. Cases of failures to carry out these equations have not been found out so we also can use them studying any motions of substance including all kinds of field naturally.

Further there is electrodynamics.

Electrodynamics originates from connection opening between electric and magnetic phenomenas in the nature. This connection was found out for the first time by practical consideration by Hans Christian Oersted (1777 1851). In its experiments a current, proceeding through a wire, influenced a magnetic needle nearby. Moreover, it has shown experimentally that influence has vortical character round a wire. And it was already opening of an electromagnetic induction. Ersteds Ideas were picked up by the French mathematician (!) Andre-Mari Amperes. It has experimentally shown that co-operate not only a current with a magnet, but also two coils with a current without presence of the magnet. And only errors directed by experiments have prevented it to make following opening.



Michael Faraday (1797 1867)


English physicist-experimenter Michael Faraday well knew about these experiments and opening.

He has picked up in time relay race and has developed these ideas further in the experiments, which have led to opening already the generation of electric currents by a variable magnetic field. Here is how about it is written in the Course of history of physics P.S.Kudryavtsev [10].

Then Faraday has received induction actions by means of ordinary magnets. Faraday named these phenomena a magneto-electric induction. considered that the conductor which is exposed to induction influence from outside of other current or a magnet, is in a special condition which he named electrotonic. This name was not kept in a science, but research of a Faradays role of medium in electromagnetic interactions from here has begun.

It is essential that Faraday, marking variable character of process of an induction, speak about the induced wave of an electricity. Several months later, on March 12th, 1832, he fixed result of the supervision over a temporality of the induction phenomena in the special letter entitled the new views which are subject now to storage in the sealed envelope in archives of the Royal society. In this remarkable letter, which has been found out in archives only later of 106 years, i.e. in 1938, absolutely certain conclusion contains, that on distribution of magnetic interaction time is required that action of one magnet on another extends from magnetic bodies gradually and for the distribution demands certain time. Faraday specifies, that the electric induction extends in precisely the same way, and considers possible to apply the theory of fluctuations to distribution of an electric induction. Process of distribution of an induction is similar to fluctuations of an uneasy water table or on sound fluctuations of particles of air. Faraday writes that he would like to check up the ideas experimentally, but in view of employment has decided to transfer the letter to storage to assign to itself opening fixed date. He specifies that now, as far as I know, anybody from scientists, except me, has no similar views.

The Faradays intuition is amazing, it have allowed he soon after opening of an electromagnetic induction to come to idea of electromagnetic waves. It is absolutely right, including this idea extremely important and confirming the priority in the special letter, dated exact date.

Apparently, Faraday has realized magnitude of that physical reality which he has opened. He even has started to generalize intuitively all these stunning facts. Faraday has introduced for this successfully in practice of the description and interpretation electric and magnetic fields the evident device of power lines. It already was the step not of the experimenter, but the theorist. However, unfortunately, the way to this area has been closed to he further without special mathematical preparation. To continue business should there was a genius of absolutely other warehouse and specialization.

Other great physicist has appeared in this role. He already had for this purpose the big arsenal of mathematical knowledge and practice. His name is James Clerk Maxwell. The richest experiment of the theorist in the field of research of physical processes from streams of liquids and gases to cross-section waves in the elastic medium has allowed he to use analogies in the mathematical description of the most different physical phenomena.

So in work About Faradays power lines [11] Maxwell write:

By means of such analogies I have tried to present those mathematical receptions and formulas which are necessary for studying of the electric phenomena in the convenient form. My method is identical with what adhered Faraday in the researches and which though and mathematical interpretation of prof. Thomson is given it, etc., still often enough consider as less strict, than the methods used by mathematicians-experts. From my statement, I hope, it will be clearly visible that I do not aim to establish any physical theory in that area of a science in which I have not made almost any experiment, and I have intention only to show, how direct application of ideas and Faradays methods is better mutual relations of various classes of the phenomena opened by him can be sorted out.

Let's notice that then he all the same has constructed the theory. But it was result of generalization and interpretation of the formulas deduced by analogy. It is a question of those empirical formulas, which Oersted, Ampere and Faraday has established unequivocally prior to he.




James Clerk Maxwell (1831 1879)


            Maxwell used in works not only a Faradays technique of power lines, but weigh actual material with results of experiments and their descriptions. In a Fig. 2 two schemes of the transformer in author's execution of Faraday and Maxwell are presented.


Fig. 2


            Here we see that the basic difference between them is not present. Both there and there are represented input and output (at Faraday from left to right, at Maxwell on the contrary) windings and the core between them. The core, by the way, was sometimes excluded from the device, and effects remained. Faraday has invented and has comprehensively studied experimentally this transformer. On it he investigated connections between an electricity and magnetism, showed dynamics of their mutual transformations of one in another. The same device, anyhow, always was meant in Maxwells reasonings.

Logic of research of the spatial structures, collected from such interconnected transformers, and concept decoding "an electrotonic" condition, which has entered into use of Faraday, have led of Maxwell to the strict mathematical formulation of the law of an electric induction. And already through an induction of Maxwell has come to the well-known equations of his name in the integrated form [12]:


, (2)

where E, H intensity electric and magnetic water, and D = ee0E and B = mm0H are corresponding to an induction, j is density of currents.

Now correctness of the equations (2) it is easily possible to check up and confirm by simple experiment in a school class on a small little table.

Further was a trick. Having transformed integrals in (2) on a contour to superficial, Maxwell [12] has deduced the system of the differential equations, which been named by Maxwells name. In modern interpretation these equations look so [13, 14]:

. (3)

Here full derivatives in the left parts of the equations can be changed on privates if the entire mediums are motionless, because where U is speed of medium or its any part.

The modern reader familiar with formulas of the vector analysis finds easily in Maxwells calculations corresponding equivalents and consequently perceives its logic without special difficulties. However long time it was not so. For example L.Boltsman has written so in notes to [11]:

who could start with a light heart transfer of Maxwells language, original and the extremely interesting to the expert, but infinitely difficult for a beginner, the language eulogized, on the one hand, as inaccessible sample of the compressed both witty statement, and blamed with another, for difficulties of its understanding?

Possibly, the matter is that Maxwell after Faraday thought bout electrodynamics by very large categories, and tried to make indulgence to the reader and split up them on smaller, selecting sometimes-different interpretations.

However, as though difficultly the history of an origin of the equations (2) and (3) was not perceived, scheme of their conclusion from the experimental facts would be perceived not as a secret for any reader. It is obvious that their source at all is nor an axiom, nor a postulate, nor a hypothesis, not any other invention or revelation. Their source is the Nature, which has proved itself in experiments of Faraday and other experimenters. Thus, nor Faraday, nor Maxwell did not compose fairy tales or legends about physics they worked fairly.

Formulas (2) are the fundamental equations of electrodynamics. They are the bases of this science. They support Maxwells generalization of conceptions of magnetic and electric fields introduced previously by M. Faraday up to the level of the unified electromagnetic field as new and independent kind of matter that is able to exist independently both in free space and any material medium.

Along with equations of electrodynamics the additions in form of formulas from electro- and magnetostatics are frequently used:

div D = re , div B = rh , (4)


where re and rh are densities of electric and magnetic charges. As independent magnetic charges have not been found yet, usually it is assumed that rh =0. And static formulas rot E = 0 and rot H = j are already included in (3) with D and B, independent from time (static condition).

In essence all theoretical electrodynamics is nothing but solution of the system of equations (2), (3) with any original and boundary conditions and practical electrodynamics is verification of these solutions and use of them in practice. Its consequences lie in the bases of electrical engineering, communication systems, a radar-location, spectroscopy, and circuitry of computers. All laws of optics are proved by decisions the equations (3) and (4). Many other branches of techniques and knowledge, which have though any relation to an electricity and magnetism, are based too on decisions of these equations. They influence also our understanding of the Nature. For example, the equations (4) not only allow to understand the mechanism of excitation of fields by charges, but also to calculate return process the formation of constant charges in nonlinear mediums by a variable electromagnetic field.

Five equations (1), (3) and (4) comprise (are handled analytically in the strict mathematical form) all fundamental Nature laws, known to us, in the sense that the scientific justifiability of other new laws discovered before and being discovered flows from these laws and is grounded by them. For example, Bernullis law flows from hydrodynamics, which is derived from equations (1). Calculations of hypersonic flows demand for additional information from physical chemistry and plasma. But they also are in sphere of influence of the fundamental laws of Nature. All gas laws (laws of state and thermodynamics) are doubled and specified by statistical physics (remember the distributions of Maxwell and Gibbs) based on the law of conservation of energy flowing from equations (1). Al laws of optics are justified by solutions of equations (3) and (4). Gravitation and quantum forces are also the result of solution of these fundamental equations [1] (more detail information see below). This list can be continued.

In addition to the strict empirical base, equations (1), (3) and (4) have the other common feature: they connect forces and laws of motion i.e. the cause and the consequence closed direct and clear relations while only in separate natural phenomena. And to obtain the general picture of substance structure it is necessary either to seek their common solution specifying boundary and original conditions from the experiment or to seek experimentally the additions to these equations with new forces unknown to science if such forces appear by any way. Unfortunately, they have not appeared yet, and Nature has not gone beyond the first case so far.

Therefore the equations (1), (3) and (4) at least now, i.e. before the opening of new real (not hypothetical and not fantastic) forces, should describe and actually describe all known phenomena of the nature. If new laws - new, still unknown forces and their connections with movements - are ever open, they will be added to already known laws describe by the equations (1), (3) and (4) necessarily in additive form. As all forces are additive by their nature, and each other do not destroy, but are summarized.

So, the fundamental laws of physics opened by mankind are available very little. They are described by only five compact equations. The possible opening can add only to them still only one or several new equations. But it is quite probable that those are not present more, and never will appear.

            Now we should say separately about mathematics as formal logic.

Mathematics is not physics to any extent and even it is not a part of physics. These sciences have principally different object of investigation: Nature for Physics and logic of numerical operations for Mathematics. It is naturally that the tools of investigations of these objects are different either. Only observations and experiments are the source of knowledge for Physics. Mathematics operates with the known information, which is prepared before by anybody and presented in form of axioms or postulates. So formulas and massive of numbers, for example, known economical data, a text for translation into the other language, idea of a cartoon film, physical laws and others are preassigned.

            Therefore, mathematics is not physics but it is the most important tool for searching the logical consequences flowing from the fundamental equations of physics among the others. It is naturally that mathematics is developing constantly. Here is the opinion of a scientist and a teacher formulated in the beginning of the textbook [15]: This book specifies some aspects of physical theories of field and substance considered as objects of the calculus mathematics. Due to computers the number returned to mathematics. Today with computers we can solve practically any single problems. Nevertheless, mathematics is the numerical model of the world. And if Newton had had a computer he maybe would not have invented differential calculus.

So, the ideology of Aristotle and his followers only for 16 centuries took out physics from the blind alley of myths, prejudices and false speculative theories. Then, several generations of genial physics specified by experimentally such fundamental laws of nature to which the theorists could apply the laws of mathematical logic. In result, unprecedented expansion of knowledge on substance and its motion has been achieved that is in essence the sole purpose of physics as science.


Physics of 20th and beginning of 21st centuries


Fast accumulation of experimental discoveries by the beginning of 20th century caught the theory unawares. Especially it refers to the state if electrodynamics. Maxwells theory only continued its formation, was very difficult in sense of the intuitive interpretation and so it was suspect. The situation in this field of theoretical physics was complicated by mathematical calculus problems, which are connected with cumbrous methods of solutions of equations of mathematical physics. Surprisingly, but after G.Gertz's death seriously there was nobody to be engaged in electrodynamics. Speculations about this part of physics are passed current faster as knowledges. Some data from an electrostatics of the thousand-year prescription like of the Coulombs law helped very little and that is even worse, made false impression about full literacy of researchers.

Therefore by the time of discovery of elementary particles and quantum characteristic of their interaction with an electromagnetic field (Max Planck in 1900) physics could be armed only by mechanics and mathematics adopted to mechanics. Certainly, these means was insufficiently. But there was still the worst: new theorists have ignored the complete and full mechanics for convenience of calculations. They took from it only one final chapter about potential systems, which contains the specifically simplified formalism of Hamilton. However potential systems in the nature are not present. And it has made a situation around new problems theoretically absolutely hopeless.

The theorists, who did not know the principles of electrodynamics and knew mechanics only within one not the most successful chapter, could not answer reasonably on questions asked by experiments. Their obvious confusion has not passed by attention of adventurers, which did not know laws of physics and were not going to study. They have quickly changed a science for unlimited mysticism, i.e. have revived that ancient ideology of Magizm. For example, the problem of radiation and absorption of electromagnetic energy by substance has been dislodged immediately out from physics by absurd dogma of Magizm about absurd bifurcation ("dualism") of the Nature, which is ostensibly filled simultaneously by electromagnetic waves and photon flies too. It is clear that after such general profanation the question on interaction of elementary particles through an electromagnetic field has lost any sense.

In reality, the true materialistic answers on questions of the experimenters were not far but near. Physicists have not paid attention to Gustav Mie's decision of a problem about scattering of electromagnetic waves of light on spheres, which are fair for all possible, the relation of diameter to length of a wave [16, 17]. It was the first exact research of interaction of real extraneous electromagnetic field with real own exterior field of material object. Naturally, sets of experiments only have proved this certainly correctly solution. Thus it has been strictly proved that own external types of electromagnetic waves at any particles are strictly determined, as well as waves in hollow resonators. The interference of these own fields finally also defines all their electromagnetic, gravitational and other properties.



Gustav Mie (1868 - 1957)


In fact it was sufficiently only to compare honestly the new experimental data with properties of electromagnetic field and immediately all details of quantum and gravitation interaction became clear. For example, in Fig. 3 taken from the book [1] the forces acting among the groups of elementary particles depending on distance between them have been demonstrated.

Here in different scales the followings is presented: F full force of interaction (its quantum character is specified by oscillation), chi connection factor. And this all is obtained without the models, postulates, naive hypotheses and other revelations. It is sufficient to have the experimental data and equations (3) and (4) (details see [1]). After that the prospects for explanation of substance structure were opened.

However physicists were late to take this step. Natural combining of equations (1) (3) and (4) with quantum physics and theory of gravitation was not observed. Very clear and harmonious structure of the entire material world, beginning from the elementary particles to molecules, genomes of living organisms and galaxies was left in sphere of mysteries and intentional speculations. And it happened so because the fussy impostors took away physics from scientists and drove it in the precipice of Magizm. Science crashed down to the prehistory level.


Fig. 3

It turned out that the true scientists became thoughtful at that time, it is able to say, and they took time-out at the wrong time at all. It happened just at the moment when science became more and more professional and brought the dividends to scientists both in form of prestige and by cash. Naturally, nature abhors a vacuum and the niche was filled by frank impostors as if new scientists without of analytical and creative inclinations in principle. Question: how the people who do not know electrodynamics, were going to study interaction of electromagnetic radiation with substance? The answer: but in no way! After all it is impossible to describe jogging, without having concept that such a track and feet. Pseudo-scientists have simply taken advantage of confusion and instead of nature studying they were occupied with mental experiments with mental fantastic totems, which were called as models. (Still an example: whether it is possible to find a splinter in the real heel, examining only heel model? Or, and how to diagnose a mans heart trouble by the cardiogramm of a cat or a monkey as model?) At that, the substitution of the object was realized so artistically that most viewers did not understand at all what happened. Physics as science of Nature dropped out of sight fully. It was replaced with system of loudly discussed ridiculous dogmas, which only parody physics, have deprived of its status of the real science. Result: the pseudo-physics have triumphed, and not very competent viewers stiffened in astonishment for whole 100 years.

But such "physics" is not already a science, it something absolutely other. Even the word of "false-physics" characterizes this surprising phenomenon only rather approximately.

Having at itself before eyes such obvious pseudoscientific forgery and absolutely cynical celebration of New Magizm, we should ask a question: how elementary ignorance could so effectively to suppress human collective mind? Or, how primitive heating at play could turn literally to outlook, overriding a fair and strict science the physics? One short answer to such questions probably is not present. But we can conduct initial research of a problem. For these purposes we will allocate three basic aspects of a problem: psychological, philosophical and political.

Let's consider each aspect separately.


Psychological roots of New Magizm


Above we have seen, how very complicated by the nature the human consciousness is easily cracked by sincerely fanatical or simply mercenary preachers of Magizm. However, any swindlers operate under the similar scheme. Such primary and historically checked up deceit is possible only from the consent and an oncoming traffic of the nature of mental process of the person. And in this business as we have found out at research of problems of "dualism" [1], a weak place is the system of formation and check of hypotheses.

People can plan. And for this purpose them interested always at least rough estimates of their performance prospects, which we name as hypotheses. So the consciousness of the person faces a problem of forecasting of events on the basis of the known facts. The scientific process passes same way. As a result all ways guides to a field of activity of intuition and logic, and always with the big set of the most different components of an actual material. However for purposeful work with the facts the consciousness requires their preliminary structurization they should be built into system, to group, to clean obviously false, to reduce repetitions etc.

The mechanism of sorting or of ordering of all fragments of that material for intuition, which consists of a set of the facts, their causes, ethno-sciences and preconceptions, is based more often on the uniform concept checked up by centuries as God. It is accepted by the obvious that God created this world, and He has allocated this world by these properties, which He self has shown us. And any Peculiar People cannot in any case to change these properties it is simple outside of its competence. In sense: incantations with sorcery, or crafty postulates with "models", or conjurations, or the paid public relations with Nobel Prizes together are powerless all in this business. Here the main thing is that the primary position should not suppose doubts in an objective reality of creation of God or the Nature. We should recognize also a reality and severity of laws which they to us open.

However in any case without the incipient ordering the hypotheses world becomes fragmentary, and, hence, prepared for perception of Magizm. It turns out so that the chaos in consciousness gives rise to Magizm, and itself Magizm eats out of this chaos and chaos strengthens it. The vicious circle becomes closed, and any science loses actuality.

So, knowledge process includes two stages: structurization of the initial (aprioristic) information or simply known facts and work with these structures by already checked up scientific methods of logic or statistics. At the first stage are possible abusing by imaginations and a juggling by the facts. Therefore it also is a key place of intervention of charlatans from Magizm. I.e. Magizm destroys a logic chain of knowledge in the initial stage, blocking an objective scientific stage. And in it is a secret of its efficiency (*).

Let's consider as deformity illustration of Magizm its most amusing problem about grand unification of all forces, which do not exist in the Nature. It is a question about the "model" of Nature, in which such forces, which anybody never found out, operate; i.e. those fantastic forces operate, which introduction makes no sense and reason. But this problem has been set up. And its absurdity has been covered by a following gate: sorcery has demanded, that absent forces, which will unite, were necessarily potential, i.e. such which in the Nature cannot be even basically. It means that the fantastic problem is put twice; it is a problem with a double guarantee of unreality. But also it is not enough of it. All this nonsense has also the third barrier of defense. It is created by censorship. If three obstacles will seem too few for obscurantists all the same they will think up ten more. For example, they can distract attention to any one more ridiculous "model" from the world of insects etc. Obscurantists do not deal with a reality, but in the supposed world of imaginations all is possible. The main thing for Magizm was and there is one: to detain process of the human reasoning in the first, chaotic stage, not to admit a science to the decision of scientific problems.


(*) So we in passing answer a question: and why New Magizm so often maintains atheism? Because the atheism source is not experiment, but revelation. Hence, atheism is not a science, but religion, and far from monotheism, but very close to Magizmu. They are near relations. For this reason secretly believing pseudo-physicists name themselves more often atheists.


But here also vulnerability of Magizm is clear. People through any time understand a deceit and try to be pulled out from its captivity.By this time the deceiver should run away or to hide under protection of censorship of the new inquisitor, having justified sense of its existence. So Magizm will organize the uniform block with inquisition parasitizing on one deceit. And we see the chain tested by much centuries: a reason and a deceit plan → Magizm + inquisition → tinned lie. On it the first stage of cognitive process begins and comes to an end, blocking access for scientists to a science and culture.

Let's pay attention to organizational structure of supporters of New Magizm, this new pagan order. Ahead authors of jokes about physics go. The group, which praises the first, is located behind them. A system of those who hands over awards (quartermasters) is further. Inquisitors and the investor with a bag of silvers close the system. This order reminds a system of the Teutonic knights, called "pig". But it is located on the contrary a bum forward to hide Fuhrers. Naturally, here places for scientists are absent.

Now it is appropriate mention of balance of the true knowledge combined by the conception of physics and the sum of prejudices being the essence of the dogmatic false physics. These integral parts of human consciousness are interdependent very much because the principle of fullness of persuasions acts against peoples will at the subconscious level as we already noted during analysis of causes of dualism in science [1]. The total sum of knowledge of a physic + knowledge of a false physic = S where S is a certain constant. Occasional deviations (fluctuations) of this value upward are forgotten due to redundancy and insufficiency is compensated mandatorily by stress with additions of legends from false physics.


Fig. 4



Therefore, the graphs of development of physics and false physics shall be symmetrical in relation to line S/2. This allows us to use the special points of both lines for general correction of process. For example, during making up the original graph in Fig.1 it was difficult to say about the level of drop of physics in period IV. Now according to the fact that the false physics returned to the prehistoric level (comparison table is presented in point New paganism and system crisis of this work) it is possible to assert the level of physics dropped almost up to 0.

Taking into account the mentioned above, the graph of change of physics and false physics for the concerned 3000 years is presented in Fig. 4. In this figure it is seen very well how slowly with great difficulty and in searching physics broke loose from the prison of mystics and ignorance. Prejudices hold it strongly in state of pseudo-religion. And only integration of philosophy with physical experiment pulled out science from the captivity of shamans and priests. It was required only three hundred years to Physics to open fundamental laws of the Nature and safely to look in the future.

However the science celebration lasted not so long. Experiment with pseudo-physics in 20th century has shown the price of creativity freedom in a science about the Nature. And full or partially the way to clearing of mind from religious and any other discipline has been passed up to full madness already in the beginning of this gloomy century. Freedom were not absolutely: Magizm has found of its niche and was again set up on the pedestal by means of censorship in means of the scientific and mass information. Absolutised, deprived of any logic, of ethical and religious borders the vulgar materialism has jumped into opposite phase and now has destroyed itself.

It is remarkable that new inquisitors have made a fool even of Englishmen so that they have forgotten about the great physicists and, having lost national dignity and pride, have started glorification of the cynical money-changers, which think out ridiculous jokes about physics and physicists.

Magizm has returned.


Philosophical turn


Only at first sight the reader can be surprised, how much fast there was a falling of a modern science to wild prehistoric level. It has appeared that all is very simple. High speed of process was defined first by destruction of all philosophies of physics by rascals who have grasped to the physicist.

Look closely at this problem more attentively.

About philosophy from Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas we said above. Turn to the modern philosophy. Mainly it is positivism but at the last stage it is post-positivism and postmodernism. Thats what Olga Nikolaevna Strelnik [18] writes about post-positivism on this occasion (p.117):

So, in concept of I. Lakatos the idea of scientific character stops being associated only with strict formally logical standards. The problem of isolation of scientific knowledge from unscientific one takes new character. For solution of this problem it is necessary to address to the meaningful criteria, which are not a priori (pre-experimental) and change with the knowledge development.

Within the frames of post-positivism it is proposed more radical conception of scientific character. Its author P. Fayrabend denies the rationality of science in full. According to P. Fayrabend the standards of scientific character and rationality change not only from epoch to epoch but from one scientist to the other one. The scientist is occupied with propaganda of his theory by the same way as the politician propagandizes any ideology . Therefore, development of science and scientific activity are irrational fully. The science being understood by this way transforms into one of forms of ideology, loses intension for obtaining of objective knowledge and rational character, (marked out by us as example of justification of ignorance of the amateur taking up the scientific or academic post not for learning but according to the selected nationality or for servile personal services rendered to the chief).

Obviously, the conception of P. Fayrabend reflecting some particulars of development of scientific knowledge, nevertheless, leads to the mistaken conclusion on irrationality of science. Indeed, the science pretending to have the sole correct method and give the sole true knowledge is transformed into the kind of ideology. However, not all science is the same. Transformation of the ideal of scientific character in XXc. led to the fact that the scientific character is not considered any more as an absolute truth, the science do not pretend to take a central place in culture and by this way it keeps specificity of its content and methods of functioning. The science is a tool in hands of a man having restriction for application but not a sole sense and purpose of cultural activity.

So, the attempt to find unique formally-logical criteria of scientific character and to reconstruct the history of science as absolutely rational process leads to conclusion on irrationality of the science itself. The investigators face with the paradox when they should recognize availability of unscientific and irrational things inside the scientific itself. The problem is connected with the fact that neo-positivism and critical rationalism contain the attempt of identity of scientific character with the strict correspondence with deductive logical procedures (marked out by us: correspondence with the object of knowledge is out of the question!). However, neither context of discovery of the theory nor context of its justification is brought only to the deductive procedures. In the real scientific investigation there are elements that do not meet the stiff formally logical scheme. So the questions of isolation of the scientific knowledge from unscientific one it is impossible to solve supporting only on the logical criteria. However, richness of content of criteria of scientific character does not cancel the fact of existence of a special kind of knowledge called as scientific which can be isolated from the other kinds of knowledge according to the whole row of parameters and does not exclude the use of procedures of verification and falsification.

Below there is the last word of fashion from the same book (p.47):

Postmodernism as a philosophic tendency was formed during the last ten years of XXc. and is a modern variant of relativity and skepticism. Postmodernism provides radical criticism of the Western logocentrist philosophic tradition that is seeking the order, the origin, the essence everywhere and so on refusing to the brain the right to specify the valuables, to reveal the truth, to define the limits and to set the rules. The principle of rationality the postmodernists consider as the result of imperialism of intellect limiting spontaneity of work of mind and imagination.

Post-modernism uses the themes previously considering as prohibited or non-philosophic (death, madness, sex and others) to say about culture in a new fashion. Considering the reality as a set of different sign models and insisting on randomness of connection between the sign and the meaning, postmodernism refuses from the idea of objectivity. The reality with which the man deals has the semantic sign nature when the signs mean no objects but the other signs.

Postmodernism refuses from understanding the truth as being discovered and offers the idea of the truth being created in a new fashion every time. The truth depends on the language in which the person speaks and the language itself is a creation of a human being. Personality is not considered any more as integrity and unity being expressed in feeling of the ego. Every person is variety of the egos, variety of senses being crossed or not being crossed, conflicting or not conflicting between each other. As there is no distinctness and uniqueness in the external so there is no distinctness in the internal. Personality is pluralistic and all so called high valuables are fictions created by mind for purpose to divert the person from the life itself. The problem of philosophy according to the postmodernists is interpretation of the existing and new created meanings which are absolutely equal in rights, because there are no the highest and more worthy and the lowest unworthy meanings. Reality is uniform in this plan.

... . Postmodernism completes development of western philosophy of XX c., drawing conclusions on base of postclassical criticism of mind.


How such a combative philosophy of destruction of common sense and mind can help to scientific physics? It is very effective by the same way as the philosophy of incendiary Erostratus the temple of Artemis the masters built for many tens of years but a fool burnt it for one night.

And skepticism is not more than coquetry in the manner of Eugeny Onegin i.e. it is such a trick to move to pity, to try to wake maternal feelings of a lady, .


However, whether the primitive idea of negation of human experiment, mind and their application in practice is worthy of such congestion of philosophies and philosophers? Whether it is possible to tell about it easier? It appears it is possible. Here the citation from work in general of in any way not well-educated Shandor LaVey [19]:

all the "great works" on the subject of magic, are nothing more than sanctimonious fraud - guilt-ridden ramblings and esoteric gibberish by chroniclers of magical lore unable or unwilling to present an objective view of the subject. Writer after writer, in efforts to state the principles of "white and black magic", has succeeded instead in clouding the entire issue so badly that the would-be student of sorcery winds up stupidly pushing a planchette over a Ouija board, standing inside a pentagram waiting for a demon to present itself, limply tossing I-Ching yarrow stalks like so many stale pretzels, shuffling pasteboards to foretell a future

The true magus knows that occult bookshelves abound with the brittle relics of frightened minds and sterile bodies, metaphysical journals of self-deceit, and constipated rule-books of Eastern mysticism. Far too long has the subject of Satanic magic and philosophy been written down by wild-eyed journalists of the right-hand path.

Well, here now all is clearer. The main Magus and Satanist has explained what is what. It emerged that the resolute turn of culture back in Magizm and to devildom unmasks itself so, what even at first frightens. Therefore postpositivists and postmodernists have confused all since terribly were frightened. Pseudo-physicists, who from illiteracy have drawn the mysticism into a science, have frightened them so that those have lost completely logic still 100 years ago. Primitive Satanism (it is possible to read: usual Magizm), which has confused philosophers, does not allow coming round and now. Now even the question is pertinent: and whether there is in general such profession the frightened philosopher?


By this way we found the cause of historically momentary destruction of natural history and physics. This cause was hidden in the intentional profanation of philosophy in particularity and all science as a whole through the principal refuse from searching the truth in classical sense.

However, 100 years are the big duration, at least, for such grandiose and mass leg pulling. Whether it is possible to name this record stability of error casual? Really people have thyself refused knowledge of objective laws of the nature and have wallowed in the boundless mysticism? A key to the answer is rigid censorship in means of the scientific and mass information. Errors are not protected by censorship. It is already a policy.

So we gradually came from normal physics as part of normal natural history to the dying or dead form of that to the dogmatic political physics of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Well then, politics is politics.


Physics was born in conglomeration of historical processes of titanic scales on background of which the modern politics does not look like mysterious or even considerable.


That the policy does in the physics


So, now we have to put the physics itself aside and to try to understand such routine as arguments and approaches to the political component of the modern false physics. Certainly, we here were not going to politicize in the general understanding. It interests us only as the concrete tool for formation of massive deception in physics and the following deception keeping by force. But, as always, there are also unintentional opening in the neighborhoods to a research theme.

New Magizm does not differ by ideologically from the Old One having made stupid the people for about 40000-50000. However, the form and methods of the propaganda have been modernized a little but not so complicatedly that they cannot be investigated by simple and clear approaches from the classical physics. After all, these methods have proved their reliability to people in case of clarification of causes of any phenomena and connection of these causes with consequences. This is very simple. Aristotle suggested searching the causal effects through observations. And G. Galilei supplemented this process with the target tests (throwing the stones).

At first we place New Magizm in the field of classical supervision in accordance with Aristotle as he recommended for a physics science.

Examples of supervision are presented lower.


Observation 1

L.D. Landau and .. Lifshits started textbook Theory of field [2] by the following way: Complete logically connected theory of electromagnetic field includes the special theory of relativity.

But what does this load statement mean?

Theory of electromagnetic field is the law of nature (equations (3) above). The special theory of relativity is a hypothesis (dream, day-dream, assumption) on constancy of velocity of light i.e. that air castle with models and fetishes from which physics always denies with all its might (see stage III in Fig. 1 and Fig. 3 in [1]). But how can they be combined in one sentence? Doesnt electrodynamics need in fantasies and day-dreams? But, why?

If we try to find the evidences of thoughts, meditations on causes and consequences (by Aristotle or other philosopher s of physics) or to suspect hints at chains of casual effects in Landaus proclamation but to our surprise we wont find them anywhere. They are not available at all. There is no mention of the studied object Nature or about supervision over it. And maybe there is something delicate and complicated from the field of logical reasons in favour of the strange Phrase in the base of the textbook. No, there is nothing absolutely only emptiness. Somehow suddenly out of connection with something from this world this phrase-slogan has appeared. What does it mean? What tradition is it from? It is from the same pagan traditions, from the field of conjurations in Magizm. Thats why the explanations are not required. The false priest blurted out and thats all. He uttered without eye twinkling and we shall say it again or the Nile will flow to the other direction or the Sun will go out.


Observation 2

The same situation is with the magical tensor on which we wrote in [2]. Academician Okun introduced him to public as if this placard is so powerful, so almighty that Zeus himself is unable to hold a candle to it. Is it thinkable this simple amulet is a source of gravitation on the Earth and in the Galaxy. And also there are no reasonable arguments in favor of the cardboard. There are some manipulations with really wrong formulas but this is only as blind. The main thing is providing that the Academician would be taken on trust again and again. And with lamentations it is necessary to ask the Gods not to turn around or to tear this placard by accident. Then it is so terrible! We wont avoid disasters not only with the Nile but and with mountains and with planets, i.e. we see the primitive Magizm again.


Observation 3

As we wrote before [2], textbook by L.D. Landau and .. Lifshits on quantum mechanics also started with the unusual approval of the model called as a planetary atomic model. And now the essence is that instead of real nature quite a banal primitive model has been thought which is provided by the authors with such great power that as if cancels all known laws of Nature. It does not care either mechanics, or electrodynamics, now as if these sciences were not available at all. Further the students are put categorically the thought into that there is no sense to study Nature you should study only the wonderful model which is much better and more important than the Nature itself. Implantation of this speculation is going by declaratively for the time present without any clear explanations and doubts. Everything begins again from the loud statements proclamations. New priests suggest believing devotedly in these wild directions and coaxing their magician Highnesses with hymns in glorification of the priest genius achieving such very old invention of Magizm.


Observation 4

Let's look in Feynman's textbook [20] about quantum electrodynamics, which should be engaged by the studying of interaction of elementary particles with an electromagnetic field. Here we read in the first lecture: From set of possible forms the most convenient form is representation of an electromagnetic field in the form of a aggregate of flat waves. And further this method is put in a basis of calculations. However for a long time also it is obviously known [17] that in a near zone at any absorbing, radiating and reradiating objects, including and elementary particles, prevail longitudinal waves of two types - magnetic and electric. And this fact is easy for checking up direct measurements or the decision of Maxwells equations. But longitudinal waves have not something in common with flat cross-section waves; they even are not similar in any way to these flat waves. Therefore real waves cannot be presented in the form of a aggregate of flat waves. And we see, how installation on studying of process, which is not present in the nature in general, is again initially declared and firmly given. And that really closes the way to research of interactions, which exist really.

The attentive reader can perform himself tens of such observations and he always will meet the evidences of our four observations.


Results of the 4 observations:

All objects of our observances always have origins in unmotivated, perfidious, obviously false declarations rejecting any argumentations in principle. Any counter-evidences are nipped in the bud. Even the questions such as: How could the model cancel the law of Nature? or How can the tensor give birth to gravitation? nobody can ask. Such people are swept aside primordially. As a result the fair physicist is put before ostensibly come true fact. And the taboo is imposed on any meditations to parry doubts.

So, the main result of observations is:


The modern Magizm acts in Physics not through persuasion but by forcible fooling starting from the insolent unmotivated absolutely false declarations, which are issued in the form of obviously false dogmas, of sorcery formulas or conjurations.


As we already have noticed above, all this nonsense has some psychological preconditions in consciousness of not so competent people. But obviously it is not enough so that system of impudent leaflets, which we find in textbooks, was generated. After all the system of the coordinated actions for a deceit of readers is visible in them. However creation of such system requires priests and the most severe censorship in means of the mass and scientific information. It means that very rigid political organization, which does not differ on the structure from usual global devilish sect, stands up for all that we have noticed above.

It is easy to guess that here has not done without the latent political springs. Because it is the time to say something about these political springs because they provide stability and irrevocability of new Magizm by conservation of curriculums and plans i.e. create them and send downward to the teachers controlling the eagerness in teaching of such delirium with the wage. They stimulate and feed the braveness of the priest of the new Magizm and suppress dissidence.

In short, here it is the real politics. Finally, we will begin.

Politics is very shy and got used to hiding itself from the observers intent stare. So for its revealing it is little to have only curiosity (observance) the acts need because sometimes it is enough to take the cover off (the experiment of the first type) and sometimes it is useful to caress (the experiment of the second type) so that it gets undressed itself. The physicists call this now not as observance but as experiment (under Galilei) the result of the designed activity.

So, we are compelled to make experiments in bureaucratic and media spaces about physics. It is a question of correspondence from the Russian Academy of Sciences, about the censorship analysis in the press and at physical forums, and also about walks of Masonic and other mysticism atop sciences. And it is necessary to do it by the active means through political experiments.. We already carried out such work and have described in a blog, which is located to the address:

http://www.inauka.ru/blogs/article98128 , and on our site:

http://realphys.com/en/Phys_polit.htm .

Further we represent only results of these experiments.


Firstly, these experiments confirmed that we had already noticed during the observances (under Aristotle). The fundamental logical origin of all thoughts in the false physics that moved even to the simple office work (correspondence) of the scientific officers is a sudden and openly perfidious lie practiced as fundamental doctrine of New Magizm. We gave it the name such as argument of YSIHE (You spit in his eye and he will reply it's just dew from the sky) highlighting the special cynicism of these sly statements. This tactics of the simply grotesque lie shocking by its impossibility from the point of view of normal persons was invented not only now, and Gebbels also was not its author. It was born very long ago, and as some authors believe it was described even in the Deuteronomy of Old Testament. Politics used it very actively in the beginning of 20th century as a new and irresistible argument for fooling of the verdant listener. Now it is continuing to work in physics at the level of naïve students and schoolboys. The main condition of success of such tactics is removal of literate opponents and critics by any way. Otherwise this crazy attempt is disclosed easily and ruined. So the priests of New Magizm also transferred easily from any low act to open and sometimes massive terror (see the History if the USSR where the accession to the throne of the argument YSIHE required killing of 100 million citizens).

Secondly, we see the censorship exceeded the limits of the separate country. It became total in the international scale. In this sense Russia after such many shocks appeared as the freest country as publication and sale of books in Russia is not prohibited. In the other states of the free world the situation is much worse.

For example, no one English-speaking publishing house agreed to publish my books or brochures. No one foreign Internet-shop accepted for sale my published book Fundamental particles in pictures and without hypothesis [21].

Thirdly, the principles of politics of Judeo-Christian civilization are tied with the secret connections and organizations so that everything that is capable to influence on the ideology of a modern person is under the total control. Into the sphere of the secret and blind blockade the innocent physics fell.

Special place in censorship and secret lie stimulations occupy Masonic organizations, which direct the press and give out Nobel Prizes. In essence they are not absolutely conspiracy organizations, definition more close approaches to them is semi-secret. After all multi about them is known and from the open press. Besides, masons are strongly atomized organizationally and spatially. Therefore they cannot carry out function of the single coordinating or commanding center. But it exist, such center is with all patency. Hence, masons hold, most likely, an average position and are not initial part, but they are the extremely confused intermediate link in the same centralized system of a deceit. Their function is to hide and confuse traces. I.e. Masons not is the present secret censor who orders all. They a shadow of this center, an executive office of that invisible present staff, which purpose is mass leg-pulling of the population of all planet.

So, we will formulate the main conclusion.


In essence just the policy finishes the amalgamation of crowd of pagan prophets and authors of jokes about physics into the branched and disciplined organizational structure of type of devilish sect. And actually physics is only a victim or one of victims of this policy.

By the way, here is how has commented on this case the author of The Satanic Bible [19]:

The old literature is the by-product of brains festering with fear and defeat, written unknowingly for the assistance of those who really rule the earth, and who, from their Hellish thrones, laugh with noisome mirth.

And here it is reflections of mind, which did not suspect about Aristotle's existence and of the equations of mathematical physics in general:

The ravens of night have flown forth to summon Loki, who hath set Valhalla aflame with the searing trident of the Inferno. The twilight is done. A glow of new light is borne out of the night and Lucifer is risen, once more to proclaim: "This is the age of Satan! Satan Rules the Earth!" The gods of the unjust are dead. This is the morning of magic, and undefiled wisdom.


3. Results and perspectives


New paganism and system crisis


The full return of the modern Physics to Magizm demonstrates comparison of the signs of the stages of its development shown in Table 1. These data directly follow from the resulted above research.




Retro false physics


Neo- false physics



Rudimentary pagan forms


+ Thomasizm

Positivism, neo- positivism,

post- positivism,


Subject of observance and impact



(Idol, totem, plaster cast)



(Substance and its movement)



(Postulate, hypothesis, principle)


Source of knowledge




Result of observances over the substance




Form of the learning process


Myth creating


Record and analysis of experimental results


Myth creating,

The theory without contradictions

Criterion of the truth of the statement


Position (public position) of the declaring person


Experiment or its mathematical consequence


Position (public position) of the declaring person


Main scientific argument of the officials


Dogma YSIHE from the side of the priest or shaman


Compliance with the experiment or the empirical formula


Dogma YSIHE from the side of heads of scientific schools or academicians


Attitude to censorship


As to the basis for survival of servants of cult




As to the basis for survival of false physicists


Management system


Secret through the servants of cult and monarchs




Secret through the masons, censorship and system of bonuses only for false physics

Political purpose

Keeping of status quo

Progress through the truth light

Keeping of status quo

Table 1


From the analysis of Table 1 it is seen that now we watch the full return of the physics into the old state. However, this science fell under the influence of the integral and complicated system of fooling by New Magizm almost by accidentally. We see only the episode in one very large game occupied also politics, finances and economics. Crisis of brains and victory of perfidious lie appeared in three forms.

Firstly, world outlook crisis takes place, which broke, as an abscess, in the theoretical physics. It is connected with full loss of all natural reference points in interpretation of lie concept. Indulgent and encouraging installations of New Magizm, which in 20th century has merged very naturally with a frank Satanism, have replaced them. Therefore it is easy to guess that someone has planned for a long time already and has well set up by money and the vulgar Magizm with rapt Satanism, and the venal censorship, which has superseded scientific ethics, and all "crisis" of physics, conjointly.

Secondly, the financial and economical crisis of globalization ripened around the country bankrupt with the debt more than 300% of its gross domestic product (GDP) which according to the parity of purchasing capacity is equal to about $60 trillion. That is the American economics lives in the situation when almost all annual world gross domestic product shall be returned for their debts (ref. http://www.newsland.ru/News/Detail/id/83626/ ). And due to absence of real (not Masonic) mass-media the Americans even do not suspect that they have been brought to ruin in full and that they have already no real way out. It is impossible to give back such debt and they have been cleaned out fully.

Thirdly, we are told about the democracy in the Judeo-Christian civilization but we find something other through the history of the science physics. Democracy is the system of self-government of demos i.e. people. But we see the system under government of secret underground organizations. And that is not democracy. And the civilization cannot be called as civilization if all its mass-media is under control of the thievish priests with the moral hanging on the argument YSIHE. The monstrous heap of dogmas of New Magizm on a place of the former science of physics only illustrates that precipice, which new sacrificers have dug between their devilish ambitions and political and universal concepts habitual for normal people. And we will not forget that all bloody ideas of Nazisms and New Ordres of 20th century originate, anyhow, from forced and official fastening of Magizm prejudices in thoughts of always-trustful people.


What further?


Certainly, now there is a blind situation having great public and political significance. This is a common crisis of the world scale. Repeat: physics only diagnoses this abscess.

Try to estimate chances for way out from this crisis of each separate culture or civilization, which else exists on the Earth.


Judeo-Christian culture (definition, given by Bush the Junior as justification of his right for wars) is ill hopelessly as it is finally damaged with the hardened system of lie dogmas, which is executed fully from the point of view of organization up to the level of the ancient despotism with its secret services, ceremonies of the hidden making the decisions and global censorship. It is impossible to cure it with no means due to the blocking by the secret structures of greedy priests who have been covered reliably with the duty argument YSIHE. Any reasons in favor of changes are nipped in the bud by the categorical denial of possibility of any dialog in principle. It is proposed that the open exchange of views is not necessary any more. This is substituted by rituals of the Masonic clans, which have been arranged by the type of the Ancient Egyptian communities of the priests and secret servants of the ancient sadistic cults of the Southern and Central America. Politics and false physics rather prefer shamanistic rituals around the so-called idols and their models to the disputes of the Ancient Greece. In short, all this wildness is doomed. Furthermore, it does not contain even rudiments of mechanism of self-improvement. Quite the contrary, the censorship and secret communities blocked especially all feedbacks capable to create such mechanism.


But is there any other natural way for going out the global crisis? To answer this question it is necessary to understand what the previous going out from such a historic dead end of other civilizations is provided with. The examples are available. Egyptian civilization was lost as the civilizations of Aztecs and Incas were lost but ancient Greek civilization survived. And many details of that civilization came to us.

Read Men [6] again. He wrote clearly how the peoples who were lucky to soak up the mixture of the neighbor cultures escaped the chains of Magizm: Most likely, just in result of large tribal first great civilizations were born (p. 63). That is there is the way out but it is based on the mutual penetration and interaction of different cultures.

So look at the surrounding.


Cultures of Eastern and South-Eastern Asia

According to conceptions of the dogmatic physics grounded on the New Magizm one can lay down the hypothesis or model, build the theory on them and to wait for acknowledgement from the Nature. The Asians who did not lose farming traditions would not construct new barns on basis of the hypothesis that next time rice would grow with the corns as big as a watermelon. The other peoples whose life is accompanied with the creative activities or simply connected with Nature would not do such foolish things. Only the caste of thieves is able to do such things because their structure of activities does not contain the creative component: their motto is to steal and to run away and then everything else can go to hell.

And the long liberation struggle is too fresh in the memory of these peoples to put the new priests- enslavers on their neck without complaints.

So the cultures of the Eastern and South-Eastern Asia are very sensitive to the honest science on one condition: if their societies would not be destroyed with corruption organized by the new priests.


Islamic culture

Islam never and with no circumstances will humble with false revelations, which the New Magizm is bringing. On principle the religion of Mohammed the Prophet is very stable in resistance to ideological cheating. And in common, just Moslems started to develop Aristotlism for studying the surrounding created by Allah (ref. [1]). In that the exclusive availability of this culture is concluded as for the further development of physics and natural history.


Culture of South America

Population of South America prefers Roman Catholic religion. But the ideologist of liberation of physics Thomas Aquinas is the recognized Holy man of the Roman Catholic Church. So following these views of this philosopher on the way of learning the nature is the most natural way of Catholics. In Europe and in the USA the monopoly of the priests of the New Magizm in mass-media eliminates any objections to them. On the other continents such resistance to the truth is only in the puppet dictator regimes which number is being reduced constantly. All these things concern firstly the countries of South America that also can be considered as perspective in sense of free development of natural history and physics.

And what hopes are there in Russia?

Hopes are weak but they are available.

Certainly, any spontaneous actions both among people and in the patriotic circles, inside the special services and in army are suitable as a saving driving force for resistance to the systematic fooling. But it is possible only if we are able to get rid of western influence (yoke) through the Masonry. However, too many things have been sold including the oligarchs and the corrupted officials. But with uncoordinated forces it will be difficult to cope with them and with international provocateurs attracted by them. It is only one serious chance through the union of many cultures of all peoples living in Russia. So there is the principal necessity to unite all those who is stable in moral and in own belief, who is ready for normal human communications, in the first turn, who considers a lie as the sin.

We just must use our chance as the state that is at the interfaces of many different cultures. The matter does not concern saving of the Judeo-Christian Civilization. One must survive and develop with the inevitable crash of this civilization.


The conclusion


So, we studied history of physics and have by chance discerned real historical mantrap, into which the European culture and a science in 20th century have putted foot. It emerged that they have undergone to violent immersing in usual old paganism, which has got now the form of New Magizm. Naturally, this religious recourse interferes with science development and consequently sooner or later it will be overcome. Now we can predict a course of the further events only.

On this way the choice for an existing civilization is very limited.


Certainly, it is possible to keep any hopes on the old variant aimed at correction of all anti-scientific system of views in spite of protests of cheaters of all ranks. But such chances melt every day.

The Judeo-Christian Civilization as we found out has no perspectives at all. The shameless financial oligarchs and kings-backsliders proclaim the hosanna to ignorance and obscurantism protecting them with impenetrable censorship and inquisition. At that they call this as democracy mocking at the content and sense of this concept. But actually we see the organized, deliberate and coercive introduction of New Magizm in consciousness of people without their own will and the consent that is in itself in any way not less, than a crime against humanity. Now we can expect from this false civilization only initiatives in organization of terror and new wars. But in such fuss as known, people are not interested in science. There the Satan runs the show.

And generally, why do they do this? It is not connected with physics, which just turned at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Why do they need in the controlled Masonic democracy over the people fooled with the New Magizm? This question is not to physics and to physicists, but to politicians and lawyers who are capable to estimate legal consequences from the theory and practice of a deliberate mass deceit.

Now large even sole hopes are only connected for us with the close interaction with the other peoples and cultures. The matter concerns the fact that in the existing situation we can only step back temporally (not give up) and transfer all discussions and perspectives of physics into the frames of other fundamental civilizations (Islamic, Asian and others) which blaming for a lie give the real chances for normal scientific and human communication without argument YSIHE. The history confirms that just this variant is more natural and reliable due to the known results of the centuries-old practice of mixing of different ideologies.

Both we, and those, who go after us, cannot avoid this principal choice. Finally, the matter concerns not only the way out from the crisis for one specific science physics, but the rescue of civilization on the whole. Inasmuch as the strong-arm monopoly of Magizm and a Satanism is not a civilization.






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