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B.F. Poltoratskiy


1.    Political roots of the argument YPIHE


The study of history of physics [1] for the last 3 thousand years set a problem connected with the violent degradation of this science during of the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century. How the science about the Nature - physics - has turned into its opposite - the dogmatic false physics? Now we have to put the physics itself aside and to try to understand such routine as arguments and approaches to the political component of the modern false physics.

Firstly we cast an estimated glance to understand what the politics is now. Certainly it went away from the old romantic image made by Nikkolo Makiavelli now it has become less honest and more cynical that is connected with growth of professionalism. The typical definitions of politics are very indistinct. Contents are also called as different. For example, according to Wikipedia it includes the following elements such as political power, political relations, political organization, political culture, political consciousness, political subjects.

Naturally we are interested only in those points, which are related with formation of massive deception in physics and the following deception keeping by force. And all points seem to refer to that category. So the particular politics can be better to divide not by this way, but directly under its target aggressive-destructive sense into the front (the areas of the original fooling) and the occupation domain (the area of keeping of knowledge and the public moral within the exactly false doctrines taking away from materialism).

Now the front of the western Judeo-Christian politics (definition of Bush the Junior) passes through the line of hot wars in Asia and two cold wars: in South America and in Russia. At that Russia was remarkable for the fact that it is conquered (befooled) repeatedly. Firstly in the beginning of 20th century it was simply bribed for the foreign money and by promises such as factories for workers, lands for peasants. Secondly there were promises of Democracy. As to money now to us have helped to plunder only the own. By this way we fall into the second domain of politics i.e. the area of occupation by New Magizm [1].

New Magizm does not differ by ideologically from the Old One having made stupid the people for about 40000-50000. However, the form and methods of the propaganda have been modernized a little but not so complicatedly that they cannot be investigated by simple and clear approaches from the classical physics. After all, these methods have proved their reliability to people in case of clarification of causes of any phenomena and connection of these causes with consequences. This is very simple. Aristotle suggested searching the causal effects through observations. And G. Galilei supplemented this process with the target tests (throwing the stones).

At first we place New Magizm in the field of classical supervision in accordance with Aristotle as he recommended for a physics science.


Observation 1

L.D. Landau and .. Lifshits started textbook Theory of field [2] by the following way: Complete logically connected theory of electromagnetic field includes the special theory of relativity.

But what does this load statement mean?

Theory of electromagnetic field is the law of nature (equations (2) in [1]). The special theory of relativity is a hypothesis (dream, day-dream, assumption) on constancy of velocity of light i.e. that air castle with models and fetishes from which physics always denies with all its might (see stage III in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 in [1]). But how can they be combined in one sentence? Doesnt electrodynamics need in fantasies and day-dreams? But, why?

If we try to find the evidences of thoughts, meditations on causes and consequences (by Aristotle or other philosopher s of physics) or to suspect hints at chains of casual effects in Landaus proclamation but to our surprise we wont find them anywhere. They are not available at all. There is no mention of the studied object Nature or no observances. And maybe there is something delicate and complicated from the field of logical reasons in favour of the strange Phrase in the base of the textbook. No, there is nothing absolutely only emptiness. Somehow suddenly out of connection with something from this world this phrase-slogan has appeared. What does it mean? What tradition is it from? It is from the same pagan traditions, from the field of conjurations in Magizm. Thats why the explanations are not required. The false priest blurted out and thats all. He uttered without eye twinkling and we shall say it again or the Nile will flow to the other direction or the Sun will go out.


Observation 2

The same situation is with the magical tensor on which we wrote in [3]. Academician Okun introduced him to public as if this placard is so powerful, so almighty that Zeus himself is unable to hold a candle to it. Is it thinkable this simple amulet is a source of gravitation on the Earth and in the Galaxy. And also there are no reasonable arguments in favor of the cardboard. There are some manipulations with really wrong formulas but this is only as blind [3]. The main thing is providing that the Academician would be taken on trust again and again. And with lamentations it is necessary to ask the Gods not to turn around or to tear this placard by accident. Then it is so terrible! We wont avoid disasters not only with the Nile but and with mountains and with planets, i.e. we see the primitive Magizm again.


Observation 3

As we wrote before [3], textbook by L.D. Landau and .. Lifshits on quantum mechanics also started with the unusual approval of the model called as a planetary atomic model. And now the essence is that instead of real nature quite a banal primitive model has been thought which is provided by the authors with such great power that as if cancels all known laws of Nature. It does not care either mechanics, or electrodynamics, now as if these sciences were not available at all. Further the students are put categorically the thought into that there is no sense to study Nature you should study only the wonderful model which is much better and more important than the Nature itself. Implantation of this speculation is going by declaratively for the time present without any clear explanations and doubts. Everything begins again from the loud statements proclamations. New priests suggest believing devotedly in these wild directions and coaxing their magician Highnesses with hymns in glorification of the priest genius achieving such very old invention of Magizm.


Observation 4

Let's look in Feynman's textbook [4] about quantum electrodynamics, which should be engaged by the studying of interaction of elementary particles with an electromagnetic field. Here we read in the first lecture: From set of possible forms the most convenient form is representation of an electromagnetic field in the form of a aggregate of flat waves. And further this method is put in a basis of calculations. However for a long time also it is obviously known [5] that in a near zone at any absorbing, radiating and reradiating objects, including and elementary particles, prevail longitudinal waves of two types - magnetic and electric. And this fact is easy for checking up direct measurements or the decision of Maxwells equations. But longitudinal waves have not something in common with flat cross-section waves; they even are not similar in any way to these flat waves. Therefore real waves cannot be presented in the form of a aggregate of flat waves. And we see, how installation on studying of process, which is not present in the nature in general, is again initially declared and firmly given. And that really closes the way to research of interactions, which exist really.

The attentive reader can perform himself tens of such observations and he always will meet the evidences of our four observations.


Results of the 4 observations:

All objects of our observances always have origins in unmotivated, perfidious, obviously false declarations rejecting any argumentations in principle. Any counter-evidences are nipped in the bud. Even the questions such as: How could the model cancel the law of Nature? or How can the tensor give birth to gravitation? nobody can ask. Such people are swept aside primordially.

Therefore, we see open forcible fooling substituting of the science Physics.

But how could it happen? How was this unexampled illusion or forgery formed? Is it possible new priests used the neurotic linguistic programming (NLP)? Has anybody been brought into trance? Or Have new methods of consciousness control or 25th frame in TV been adapted?

However, lets think why the priest need in such slyness if there are the ready programs of education of students and schoolboys and each student and a schoolboy must follow them, because the alternative is two with all the consequences. And the teacher gets payment for the plan and program but not for the science. He is not a scientist he is a wage-earner. Why must a mechanic or a prostitute use NLP? They work for money. The Customer pays money the master works for that money.

So, there is no wonder in the procedure of implantation of delirium with models into Physics. Everything is materially and simple even it is pity. The program, plan and money there is a motivation for wilding, for regress to two or three thousand years backward.

So, the first observances confirm:

The modern Magizm acts in Physics not through persuasion but by forcible fooling starting from the insolent unmotivated absolutely false declarations, which are issued in the form of obviously false dogmas. The pressure through the wages inculcates them to the participants of implantation (to the priests) and by the cruelest censorship in the western and our scientific mass-medias.


And while that all is even without the hidden springs of politics. Here we see only its demonstration through the legal order and legal performance of the order. And in result Magizm substitutes the science for simple silver coins.

However, it is the time to say something about these political springs because they provide stability and irrevocability of new Magizm by conservation of programs and plans i.e. create them and send downward to the teachers controlling the eagerness in teaching of such delirium with the wage. They stimulate and feed the braveness of the priest of the new Magizm and suppress dissidence.

In short, here it is the real politics. Finally, we will begin.

Politics is very shy and got used to hiding itself from the observers intent stare. So for its revealing it is little to have only curiosity (observance) the acts need because sometimes it is enough to take the cover off (the experience of the first type) and sometimes it is useful to caress (the experience of the second type) so that it gets undressed itself. The physicists call this now not as observance but as experiment (under Galilei) the result of the designed activity.

So, go to the political experiments in Physics.


Experiment 1 (On cynicism in Russian Academy of Sciences)

This experiment was conducted by the following way.

To the President of Russian Academy of Sciences and his Vice-Presidents (in total 11 chiefs) I personally gave through the expedition of RAS 11 packages containing two books each - [1], [6] and the letter [7]. The same package with the covering letter was sent to the President of the RF. The experiment (the touchstone) initiated the following answer:


Your appeal 26-05-367586 dated 11.01.09 to the address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Department of Physical Sciences of RAS has been considered.

In this appeal there is no information allowing to perform the scientific expertise and to estimate the scientific importance and reliability of the statements contained in these brochures.

Common way of presentation of the scientific results accepted in the scientific community is publication of these results in the scientific journals where the authors articles are reviewed by the specialists. The editors make decisions on the materials presented by themselves on basis of opinion of the reviewers and this decision is final. Only by such way all over the world the opinion of the scientific community on importance of any new scientific concepts and results is formed.

As Your brochures have already been published, it is possible they will attract the attention of any readers.


By the order of Academician Secretary of

The Department of Physical Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences

Academician Matveev V.A.,

Scientific Secretary of

The Department of Physical Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Zayts V.A.


Here are the results of this experiment:

1 Paragraph 2 of the letter conflicts with the last 4th paragraph, i.e. the information, allowing to perform the scientific expertise and to estimate the scientific importance and reliability of the statements contained in these brochures, was sufficient, especially that in RAS there have already been 11 sets of my books and another same set was sent them personally by the President of the RF.

2 Paragraph 3 directed us to the editors of the private journal belonged formally to private person, foreigner Shusterovitch A.

However, before sending your work to this gentleman and reviewers instructed by him it is necessary to know the answers for the following questions:

-                               Why did the state Russian Academy of Sciences sell its editions to the foreigner?

-                               Who is the real owner of the editions having belonged to RAS before? The poor emigrant from the USSR Shusterovitch A. was not able to buy for his money the wittingly unprofitable business, after all.

-                               Whose and what interests do the sold scientific periodicals protect now?

Without answer for these questions any scientific work can be sent with the same success at the old address: To the Village to Grandfather.

So, the answer of RAS includes only two items containing the information, and both of them are especially, even demonstratively false. But there is the official answer of the official state organization to the President of the country and me. Notice that the same letter from RAS the other author famous physicist F.F. Mende got.

Where were there such cases in history? And nowhere.

Somebody will be shocked: such dishonest bureaucrats! However, doubts and passions are not needed. We have simple lance-corporal humor as a consequence of a bit of power and confidence in full impunity under guarantee of the secret protector. And that is simpler these arguments of type of YSIHE (You spit in his eye and he will reply it's just dew from the sky). The false physics was supported, is supported and will be supported by this argument within the frames of real false civilization. Try to publish the new scientific opinion if the masters of Shusterovitch do not want to do this. In their journals only their reviewers review, only their protégés are published and referred to and the ratings are written only for them.

Experiment 1lifts the veil from the features of our censorship. It is notable that searching of its mechanisms leads us from our country to the centers of manipulation from abroad by financial canals at first sight.


Experiment 2 (On inquisition)

Earlier we have already mentioned new Torquemade the chairman of the false commission for science. His functions in printing he gave to the foreign master of the other foreigner Shusterovitch A. However, the supervision over Internet he, maybe, kept for him. But this maybe is not evident yet.

Firstly review the information on the figures that suppressed discussions in Physics with foul language by consent and with obvious help of moderators. Here are the results of observances of doctor F.F. Mende (Answer #30 http://bolshoyforum.org/forum/index.php?topic=58397.20 ):

and arent you surprised by the situation that relatively young people are always in forums? Look through the statistics yourselves. With such density of participation in forums they cannot do any other serious work. In connection with this the question appears who these people are and what stimulus are the driving forces of such activities. I note immediately three features of these persons. Prolificacy of some of them just strikes. For example, Homo Sapiens, working in all physical forums at the same time and being a moderator of some of them is a co-author of more than 20000 posts only for two years. The other feature of these fellows is that they never open their own themes and only take part in discussion of the others ones. The third feature is that in discussions they do not scruple to use any means beginning from blackmail and threats and finishing with foul language. I have already given examples in this forum. Now I am listening the representatives of this caste and their followers: Morozov, Peregudov, Photon, Homo Sapiens, Andre De Pure, Free Researcher, Munin, Evs, Vladimir Dubrovskii, Moving Observer, S1680, Archimandrei, Zloy, Korochun, Neper, Friko Delkin, Luna 2,3,4, Alex14, krab and others.

The same theme is revealed also in the other materials. For example:

On traditions of Gebbels in the editors office of Journal Science and Life, http://www.forum.za-nauku.ru/index.php/topic,44.0.html

Analysis of behavior of moderators-provocateurs has been performed here:


Theme On danger of nationalistic clans for science has been analyzed in full in Forum:


In these investigations the matters concerns not only native suppressors of forums but also the foreigners either. They also are on duty at their computers all day practically. For example, Homo Sapiens operates evidently from Israel, CASTRO is exactly from Switzerland.

So, not only printing means of scientific information breach the right of citizens for obtaining and distribution of information guaranteed by the Constitution of the RF and international agreements, this rule is breached by means of information transfer through the Internet. At that, this breach takes place with participation of international paid provocateurs. They are not only amateur monkey tricks but the organized international raid.

Ask the question: Who signs the wage sheets for the foreign agents- provocateurs? If it is a foreign investor then the more important question appears: to whom else he pays for the organization and maintenance of wildness and ignorance of people in 21st century? And this question can be answered easily by tax inspectors and law machinery that must identify betrayers among our scientists.

By this way, in fact, the secrets of Madrid Court and inquisition appeared before us.


Experiment 3 (On Masons)

Saying about the hidden springs of disinformation one must not forget on influence of secret (underground) organizations on politics. The first among them there are certainly masons.

Here is the original information from Wikipedia:

In Great Britain the head of the Church of England is a British Monarch directly and the Grand Master of the United Great Lodge of England as a rule is a member of the Royal Family. Many archbishops of the Church of England were Masons. The same system exists in Sweden where the King heads the church as well as patronized the Masonic Order in Sweden (Swedish Charters are also only Christian). The impression can be given that the Masonry is as innocent games of Kings, which have casually brought New Magizm into Christianity.

However, check.

In the Masonic forum we opened the theme. Here is its address and theme: http://www.mason.ru/newforum/index.php?showtopic=11644&pid=85599&mode=threaded&start=

Masonry and Physics

It is known that the core idea of the Free Masonry is the Temple construction. The case in point is that the wise Jewish tsar Solomon once decided to build the Temple. He did not fall into the racist demagogy about the Jewish super wisdom because he knew that the Jewish due to their history could not build anything. Solomon also did not call shamans, magicians and other legend creators with their hypotheses, postulates, models and other funny revelations connected with temples. He acted in a simple style i.e. he invited for construction not a talker but real professional Phoenician architect Khiram Abiff.


The temple was naturally built. It was very good. And only so, that Solomon through his habit acted wisely as ever. If Solomon had been stupid and preferred the racist demagogy or the writers of myths about temples the temple would not have been. There would not have been even stones in front of which the Jewish pray now.


However, the contrary situation occurred with physics of 20th century. All professionals who knew mechanics and electrodynamics were driven out the temple of theoretical physics in the beginning of 20th century. It is the same situation as if Solomon drove Khiram Abiff away only due to the fact that he knew the stone properties. However, Solomon acted by the other way, so the temple was and the theoretical physics is not available. Physics is substituted by the set of myths and dogmas which are called now as models, principle and others (see the brochure written by Poltoratskiy B.F. From Physics to Hypotheses and www.realphys.com)

Does such an insult to memory of Tsar Solomoh and the constructor of the Temple, Khiram Abiff suit the modern masons?

And generally: Are the noble ideas of Masonry compatible with the lie hidden behind the absurd and very expensive pagan legends in science about the Gods Creature Nature?

After short discussion the theme was hindered by the lie problem and was closed down. In the same Forum I touched the same problem again (http://mason.ru/newforum/index.php?showtopic=11931 ):

So, the subject of declaration of the intended false statements lifted in the rank of pagan revelations was raised.

This subject is directly connected with the methods of introduction of these revelations into the public consciousness. At that these methods are dangerous not only for science but for civilization as a whole.

The second attempt of discussion of the problem of illusions was ended by my driving away from the Forum at all. The Masons were afraid of this subject.

We made an experiment in the other Masonic forum:


The question was the same. The moderator erased it but the trace survived:

Citation (Poltor @ 30.11.2009, 6:17)

In connection with the fact that the Masonry specifies the Swedish Politics

He acted in a simple style i.e. he invited for construction not a talker but real professional Phoenician architect Khiram Abiff.

And here is the necessary answer:

The truth is that the Masonry specifies the politics of Sweden and Norway, as our masons explained me even position of an ordinary judge is impossible to take there unless you are a member of the lodge, though other variants are not excluded but in generally that is very close to the truth.

Here my question on the lie again caused tumult. This subject is very painful for the masons. They cannot speak without disguise it, since their belief and action are based on ideology of New Magizm in which the lie is the main support and the tool of a policy realization. For this reason they destroyed physics as far as possible. So the hypothesis on the Masonic (political) influence on decisions on distribution of the Noble prizes was confirmed. They selectively form idols from the false scientists devoted to somebody, and who are composing bright ridiculous jokes-dogmas for pseudo-physics.

Thus, we have happened compelled to achieve arrangement of masons, which have left Christianity and have come over to the side of New Magizm. And we are obliged to seek their patronage, evidently, by the original lyrics so that the hearts of religious workers of new cult were melting. But we have no such sonnets to charm the priests ears - the physics science is too strict to howl like they. They will do without this.


The experiments results

Firstly, these experiments confirmed that we had already noticed during the observances (under Aristotle). The fundamental logical origin of all thoughts in the false physics that moved even to the simple office work (correspondence) of the scientific officers is a sudden and openly perfidious lie practiced as fundamental doctrine of New Magizm. We gave it the name such as argument of YSIHE highlighting the special cynicism of these sly statements. This tactics of the simply grotesque lie shocking by its impossibility from the point of view of normal persons was invented not only now, and Gebbels also was not its author. It was born very long ago, and as some authors believe it was described even in the Deuteronomy of Old Testament. Politics used it very actively in the beginning of 20th century as a new and irresistible argument for fooling of the verdant listener. Now it is continuing to work in physics at the level of naïve students and schoolboys. The main condition of success of such tactics is removal of literate opponents and critics by any way. Otherwise this crazy attempt is disclosed easily and ruined. So the priests of New Magizm also transferred easily from any low act to open and sometimes massive terror (see the History if the USSR where the accession to the throne of the argument YSIHE required killing of 100 million citizens).

Secondly, we see the censorship exceeded the limits of the separate country. It became total in the international scale. In this sense Russia after such many shocks appeared as the freest country as publication and sale of books in Russia is not prohibited. In the other states of the free world the situation is much worse.

For example, no one English-speaking publishing house agreed to publish my books or brochures. No one foreign Internet-shop accepted for sale my published book Fundamental particles in pictures and without hypothesis [8].

Thirdly, the principles of politics of Judeo-Christian civilization are tied with the secret connections and organizations so that everything that is capable to influence on the ideology of a modern person is under the total control. Into the sphere of the secret and blind blockade the innocent physics fell.

Special place in censorship and secret lie stimulations occupy Masonic organizations, which direct the press and give out Nobel Prizes. In essence they are not absolutely conspiracy organizations, definition more close approaches to them is semi-secret. After all multi about them is known and from the open press. Besides, masons are strongly atomized organizationally and spatially. Therefore they cannot carry out function of the single coordinating or commanding center. But it exist, such center is with all patency. Hence, masons hold, most likely, an average position and are not initial part, but they are the extremely confused intermediate link in the same centralized system of a deceit. Their function is to hide and confuse traces. I.e. Masons not is the present secret censor who orders all. They a shadow of this center, an executive office of that invisible present staff, which purpose is mass leg-pulling of the population of all planet.

So, we will formulate the main conclusion.


In essence just the policy finishes the amalgamation of crowd of pagan prophets and authors of jokes about physics into the branched and disciplined organizational structure of type of devilish sect. And actually physics is only a victim or one of victims of this policy.

By the way, here is how has commented on this case the author of The Satanic Bible [9]:

The old literature is the by-product of brains festering with fear and defeat, written unknowingly for the assistance of those who really rule the earth, and who, from their Hellish thrones, laugh with noisome mirth.

And here it is reflections of mind, which did not suspect about Aristotle's existence and of the equations of mathematical physics in general:

The ravens of night have flown forth to summon Loki, who hath set Valhalla aflame with the searing trident of the Inferno. The twilight is done. A glow of new light is borne out of the night and Lucifer is risen, once more to proclaim: "This is the age of Satan! Satan Rules the Earth!" The gods of the unjust are dead. This is the morning of magic, and undefiled wisdom.


2.    Physics and system crisis


The full return of the modern Physics to Magizm demonstrates comparison of the signs of the stages of its development shown in Table 1.

From the analysis of Table 1 it is seen that now we watch the full return of the physics into the old state. However, just this science fell under the influence of the integral and complicated system of fooling by New Magizm almost by accidently. We see only the episode in one very large game occupied also politics, finances and economics. Crisis of brains and victory of perfidious lie appeared in three forms.




Retro false physics


Neo- false physics



Rudimentary pagan forms


+ Thomasism

Positivism, neo- positivism,

post- positivism,

Subject of observance and impact


(Idol, totem, plaster cast)


(Substance and its movement)


(Postulate, hypothesis, principle)

Source of knowledge



Result of observances over the substance



Form of the learning process


Myth creating

Record and analysis of experimental results

Myth creating,

The theory without contradictions

Criterion of the truth of the statement

Position (public position) of the declaring person

Experiment or its mathematical consequence


Position (public position) of the declaring person

Main scientific argument of the officials

Dogma YSIHE from the side of the priest or shaman

Compliance with the experiment or the empirical formula

Dogma YSIHE from the side of heads of scientific schools or academicians

Attitude to censorship

As to the basis for survival of servants of cult



As to the basis for survival of false physicists

Management system

Secret through the servants of cult and monarchs



Secret through the masons, censorship and system of bonuses only for false physics

Political purpose

Keeping of status quo

Progress through the truth light

Keeping of status quo

Table 1


Firstly, there is the crisis of the ideology burst as abscess in the theoretical physics. It is connected with full loss of natural reference points in interpretation of lie concept. Indulgent and encouraging installations of New Magizm have replaced them.

Secondly, the financial and economical crisis of globalization ripened around the country bankrupt with the debt more than 300% of its gross domestic product (GDP) which according to the parity of purchasing capacity is equal to about $60 trillion. That is the American economics lives in the situation when almost all annual world gross domestic product shall be returned for their debts (ref. http://www.newsland.ru/News/Detail/id/83626/). And due to absence of real (not Masonic) mass-media the Americans even do not suspect that they have been brought to ruin in full and that they have already no real way out. It is impossible to give back such debt and they have been cleaned out fully.

Thirdly, we are told about the democracy in the Judeo-Christian civilization but we find something other through the history of the science physics. Democracy is the system of self-government of demos i.e. people. But we see the system under government of secret underground organizations. And that is not democracy. And the civilization cannot be called as civilization if all its mass-media is under control of the thievish priests with the moral hanging on the argument YSIHE. The monstrous heap of dogmas of New Magizm on a place of the former science of physics only illustrates that precipice, which new sacrificers have dug between their ambitions and political and universal concepts habitual for normal people.


3.    About principles of the crisis overcoming


Certainly, now there is a blind situation having great public and political significance. This is a common crisis of the world scale. Repeat: physics only diagnoses this abscess.

Try to estimate chances for way out from this crisis of each separate culture or civilization, which else exists on the Earth.

Judeo-Christian culture (definition, given by Bush the Junior as justification of his right for wars) is ill hopelessly as it is finally damaged with the hardened system of lie dogmas, which is executed fully from the point of view of organization up to the level of the ancient despotism with its secret services, ceremonies of the hidden making the decisions and global censorship. It is impossible to cure it with no means due to the blocking by the secret structures of greedy priests who have been covered reliably with the duty argument YSIHE. Any reasons in favor of changes are nipped in the bud by the categorical denial of possibility of any dialog in principle. It is proposed that the open exchange of views is not necessary any more. This is substituted by rituals of the Masonic clans, which have been arranged by the type of the Ancient Egyptian communities of the priests and secret servants of the ancient sadistic cults of the Southern and Central America. Politics and false physics rather prefer shamanistic rituals around the so-called idols and their models to the disputes of the Ancient Greece. In short, all this wildness is doomed. Furthermore, it does not contain even rudiments of mechanism of self-improvement. Quite the contrary, the censorship and secret communities blocked especially all feedbacks capable to create such mechanism.

But is there any other natural way for going out the global crisis? To answer this question it is necessary to understand what the previous going out from such a historic dead end of other civilizations is provided with. The examples are available. Egyptian civilization was lost as the civilizations of Aztecs and Incas were lost but ancient Greek civilization survived. And many details of that civilization came to us.

Read Men [10] again. He wrote clearly how the peoples who were lucky to soak up the mixture of the neighbor cultures escaped the chains of Magizm: Most likely, just in result of large tribal first great civilizations were born (p. 63). That is there is the way out but it is based on the mutual penetration and interaction of different cultures.

So look at the surrounding.


Cultures of Eastern and South-Eastern Asia

According to conceptions of the dogmatic physics built on the New Magizm one can lay down the hypothesis or model, build the theory on them and except confirmation from the Nature. The Asians who did not lose farming traditions would not build new barns on basis of the hypothesis that next time rice would grow with the corns as big as a watermelon. The other peoples whose life is accompanied with the creative activities or simply connected with Nature would not do such foolish things. Only the caste of thieves is able to do such things because their structure of activities does not contain the creative component: their motto is to steal and to run away and then everything else can go to hell.

And the long liberation struggle is too fresh in the memory of these peoples to put the new priests- enslavers on their neck without complaints.

So the cultures of the Eastern and South-Eastern Asia are very sensitive to the honest science on one condition: if their societies would not be destroyed with corruption organized by the new priests.


Islamic culture

Islam never and with no circumstances will humble with false revelations, which the New Magizm is bringing. On principle the religion of Mohammed the Prophet is very stable in resistance to ideological cheating. And in common, just Moslems started to develop Aristotlism for studying the surrounding created by Allah (ref. [1]). In that the exclusive availability of this culture is concluded as for the further development of physics and natural history.


Culture of South America

Population of South America prefers Roman Catholic religion. But the ideologist of liberation of physics Thomas Aquinas is the recognized Holy man of the Roman Catholic Church. So following these views of this philosopher on the way of learning the nature is the most natural way of Catholics. In Europe and in the USA the monopoly of the priests of the New Magizm in mass-media eliminates any objections to them. On the other continents such resistance to the truth is only in the puppet dictator regimes which number is being reduced constantly. All these things concern firstly the countries of South America that also can be considered as perspective in sense of free development of natural history and physics.


And what hopes are there in Russia?

Hopes are weak but they are available.

Certainly, any spontaneous actions both among people and in the patriotic circles, inside the special services and in army are suitable as a saving driving force for resistance to the systematic fooling. But it is possible only if we are able to get rid of western influence (yoke) through the Masonry. However, too many things have been sold including the oligarchs and the corrupted officials. But with uncoordinated forces it will be difficult to cope with them and with international provocateurs attracted by them. It is only one serious chance through the union of many cultures of all peoples living in Russia. So there is the principal necessity to unite all those who is stable in moral and in own belief, who is ready for normal human communications, in the first turn, who considers a lie as the sin.

We just must use our chance as the state that is at the interfaces of many different cultures. The matter does not concern saving of the Judeo-Christian Civilization. One must survive and develop with the inevitable crash of this civilization.


4.    The conclusion


            So, we studied history of physics and have by chance discerned real historical mantrap, into which the European culture and a science in 20th century have putted foot. It emerged that they have undergone to violent immersing in usual old paganism, which has got now the form of New Magizm. Naturally, this religious recourse interferes with science development and consequently sooner or later it will be overcome. Now we can predict a course of the further events only.

            On this way the choice for an existing civilization is very limited.

Certainly, it is possible to keep any hopes on the old variant aimed at correction of all anti-scientific system of views in spite of protests of cheaters of all ranks. But such chances melt every day.

The Judeo-Christian Civilization as we found out has no perspectives at all. The shameless financial oligarchs and kings-backsliders proclaim the hosanna to ignorance and obscurantism protecting them with impenetrable censorship and inquisition. At that they call this as democracy mocking at the content and sense of this concept. But actually we see the organized, deliberate and coercive introduction of New Magizm in consciousness of people without their own will and the consent that is in itself in any way not less, than a crime against humanity. Now we can expect from this false civilization only initiatives in organization of terror and new wars. But in such fuss as known, people are not interested in science. There the Satan runs the show.

And generally, why do they do this? It is not connected with physics, which just turned at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Why do they need in the controlled Masonic democracy over the people fooled with the New Magizm? This question is not to physics and to physicists, but to politicians and lawyers who are capable to estimate legal consequences from the theory and practice of a deliberate mass deceit.

Now large even sole hopes are only connected for us with the close interaction with the other peoples and cultures. The matter concerns the fact that in the existing situation we can only step back temporally (not give up) and transfer all discussions and perspectives of physics into the frames of other fundamental civilizations (Islamic, Asian and others) which blaming for a lie give the real chances for normal scientific and human communication without argument YSIHE. The history confirms that just this variant is more natural and reliable due to the known results of the centuries-old practice of mixing of different ideologies.

Both we, and those, who go after us, cannot avoid this principal choice. Finally, the matter concerns not only the way out from the crisis for one specific science physics but saving the civilization on the whole. Inasmuch as monopoly of Magizm and a Satanism is not a civilization.


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