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(Scientific crime story)

Moscow 2010 .


This brochure presents an analysis of the modern misconceptions in science, economics, and their associated areas of scientific thought, which, because of its absurdity and simplicity, generate many questions about the genesis of this social phenomenon. As one of the reasons, if not the most important of them, we explore the psychology of social consciousness, and more precisely, of the professional specialization of individuals with different psychological radicals. With this end in view we uses experience, which is gained already in practice by different researchers surrealism in art. This approach to the problem has showed of the driving force and essence of the process of diffusion of aggressive surrealism with autism in all areas of intellectual life in modern society and in the official policy of some states. The consecutive analysis has shown, how surrealistic mythmaking has occupied the initiative practically in all modern information field and to what it conducts all in sense of prospects for our civilization.

Cover: Salvador Dali. The Rider Named Death. 1935. Oil on canvas.





1. Bases of total surrealism ideology

Surrealistic physics

Surrealistic philosophy

Surrealistic religion

The surrealistic union of autists  

2. Surrealistic policy

Political party of surrealists

Autism school (The best of the Satan for children)

Surrealism in the politician of 20th century

Surrealism in economy



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This work completes our study on the unified field and structure of matter, which has for some reason been surrounded with myths and a surprisingly strange bustle around. The core of the issue is nothing more than a normal physical task properly posed by nature, which came clear, to us form the results of the experiments. But the fuss about mythology forms a monstrously thick layer of mysticism cemented with unprecedented brazen blend of global censorship and politics. Because of these artificially imposed non-scientific factors, our further work was similar to the investigative process in the case of deliberate falsification of science. And it went well beyond physics. In philosophy, the situation appears even worse, but at the same time clearer thanks to contemporary achievements in the study of the ideological phenomenon of "Satanism". Then the re-revealed circumstances forced us to look further through the cunning techniques of deception and turn our attention to the results of their application ("know them by their deeds"). A rather unexpected turn is. However, pigs might also fly in real life.

This is how regular work in regular science of physics was transformed into a scientific detective story.

Let us recall the stages of the investigation.

1. In the book Electrodynamics In Field And Matter Theory (2008), we conclusively and without hypotheses outlined the physical essence of unity of the continuous and discrete in nature. And the essence, as it turned out, is driven by only mutual interference of nonlinear dynamics of wave processes, usually referred to as elementary particles. It was shown that all causal relationships studied by contemporary physics do not go beyond the force fields already known in nature. At the same time, a number of hypotheses of existence of bosons, neutrinos, quarks, photon flies, etc. turned out clearly excessive. It is proved that gravity has electrodynamics origin and has nothing to do with invention of any coordinate system in mathematics.

2. In the brochure From Physics To Hypotheses (2008), we separately examined the problem of hypotheses in physics. And, surprisingly, it turns out that dogs think in this area in a stricter and more effective way than some Nobel laureates, who somehow confuse hypothesis with dogmas invented by themselves and quite inappropriately.

3. In History of Physics (2010), we investigated the logic of natural science from the rudiments of this science in prehistoric times to the state of nowadays. We analyzed the roots and the mechanism of fundamental misconceptions in the science of nature, which ultimately led to its rapid degradation during the 20th/early 21st centuries. It is these misconceptions associated with return of paganism and made monumental by censorship that had resulted in the transformation of physics into its opposite - a political dogmatic pseudo-physics. And still the questions remain: What kind of people run censorship? Why would they need explicitly absurd myths in physics? Where and how is such system of leg-pulling implemented? Where did myth-makers get such powerful global administrative and financial resources from? What is their political and economic motivation?

4. This work is the 4th and probably the last stage. Here we investigated the psychological causes of unprecedented success of forced mass mythologization of the society. It turns out that this process was promoted by the surrealism so much adored by people with an autistic mentality, and which arouses so much interest in art, psychology and psychiatry. However, this means of artistic expression is not simply out of place in the natural science and philosophy, but, undoubtedly, disastrous to the economy and politics.

In the work on the brochure we used the materials available from the psychology of art, philosophy, advertising and political propaganda that best reveal the nature and causes of mass delusion of global nature, referring to them collectively and by both the scammed and the scammers. Therefore, in this book we do not examine such elements of psychoanalysis that are more pertinent to individual manifestations of hypertrophic sexual concerns and manic states. Although, they are also certainly applicable to the characteristics of the modern society (see, i.e., I.A. Vereshchagin. False Teachings and Parascience of the 20th century, Part 1. Successes of Contemporary Natural Science, No.3 of 2007).

This book is intended for high school pupils, teachers, students, engineers, experimental and theoretical physicists, as well as for politicians and economists. We believe that it will be interesting also for other curious people who are at least superficially, even by reference books or popular literature, familiar with the problems of contemporary natural science, economics and politics.


Fine art of the 20th century saw a quite unexpected, at first glance, rise of the avant-garde direction called surrealism. "The surrealists painted with no regard to the rational aesthetics, using phantasmagoric shapes. They used such topics as erotic, irony, magic, and the subconscious" (Wikipedia).

The game, or working in the field of art and magic of the subconscious, which is the basic idea of surrealism, was not new in itself. The sounds made by a bear's paw with a chip on the stump can hardly be associated with the realism of his thinking and the great works of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and Tchaikovskys 1812 Overture present the theme of struggle in layman's terms, although there is a hint of something like a real manual of, lets say, artillery. Many poets can find deviations from the boring reality in works. All of this has already happened.

People, that are a realists and whose mind is open to the outside world, understand also surrealism as a form of expression. But, of course, it especially appeals to the autists, whose mental vector is directed inside and fixated on their own experiences. Thus, surrealism and autism have found each other.

Much is said about the bunch of surrealism with autism in special medical and artistic literature. However, for our research it will be more convenient to use a popular explanation of the issue presented in a very brief but comprehensive article from the Around the World magazine No.5 of 2010 titled The Polyphony of Surrealism [1]. In particular, Pavel Kotov, a historian and psychologist, wrote:

any psychologist would confirm that mental derangement is often a recompense for certain superabilities. In case of Dali it is a rare ability to paint realistically fantastic images born by subconsciousness. In other words, it is flair for surrealism.

Different psychology schools (the Jungs, Krechmers and Gannushkins) converge in one: people are divided into two big groups by congenital way of world perception: realists and autists (it is not about autism as an illness). Distinctions in their perception are most noticeable in arts and painting. Realists represent the world as it is (from a common sense position). Autists reproduce rather the transformed world being passed through the depths of their underconsciousness than the actual world. Their visual products are getting deformed either in a symbolical way, i.e. not related to the reality (portraits made of geometrical figures as, for example, "Caryatid" by Modigliani), or in view of a night fantasy - when only proportions of a real object are deformed (e.g., Bathing of a Red Horse by Petrov-Vodkin).

It is considered by psychologists that people with healthy mentality can have only one psychical radical - either realistic or autistic. Therefore, the autists world apperception will be never conformable to the realist, and visa versa. Certainly, one is able understanding another and taking a lively interest in his attitude, but full immersion in the world of the antagonist is hardly impossible. However in 1990s it has been recognized that there is also a third psychical type the so-called polyphonists with mentality containing elements of both psychical radicals. Such structure of a soul is peculiar to very few and, as a rule, is related to pathology. About 60 % of polyphonists suffer from different forms of schizophrenia, the other 40 % - from neurosises and psychoses. But if a polyphonist is gifted in art, he is capable of things inaccessible to others: transfering images of his inflammated underconsciousness in realistic forms. Boskh, Grunewald, Filonov were such polyphonists ... . So was Dali. And, as any polyphonist, Dali had a whole bouquet of mental problems.

Thus, the Founder has shaped people so different. And, probably, the reason was. It cannot be excluded that they somehow supplemented each other in human society.

Individuals, described by Pavel Kotov, naturally, can bunch together in groups. Then autism and surrealism may become a kind of a social phenomenon, producing public attitude, fashion and certain stereotypes. Therefore further we will take advantage of the term "autism" not in sense of feature or defect of mentality of one concrete individual but as the characteristic some kind of the public phenomena, is more exact - global party, which autists have organized for any reasons.

Artists in view of a variety of their individualities and extreme indiscipline have complexities in the issue. Even disagreements of sharp-witted Dali with a circle of other, mostly stick, surrealists, concerning Hitler's special surrealistic charisma are recollected sometimes. At that time very few colleagues of Salvador could understand that Fuhrers wish of initiating another war, while being at a dead set in the first bloody one, was not a manifestations of realism, but reflected his pure, i.e. simply genius, autism or at least polyphonizm. In brief, gawks have not noticed by naivety even the colleague who has shown such pure sur. What unity can be discussed here?

But lets step hardly away along the culture from the fine arts. In science, for instance, this problem looks much more amusing. I guess natural sciences are supposed to contemplate the Mother-nature, not pictures of a fictional essence with some details, drawn in view of triangles, or with some shades depicted as specks. Once in the nineties an artist exhibited at Old Arbat a painting with ladies' peach-shaped jahoobies for some reason there were 7 of them on canvas. The painting was nice and well-liked by everyone. But after all it is not something to be presented at medical school or at Petrovka for identification. Art, however, is neither reality nor science. Naturally, the artist did not even claim to be related to science he was creating neither more nor less than beauty.

However, for instance, in physics, things are different and are not as honest. Even, to say, they are completely different. Here tricks with various visualization techniques like coordinate systems are commonly perceived instead of very natural science itself, in sense of matter and its movement. Well and as the physics is an ideology basis, surrealism having destroyed this science has covered then with the foggy bed curtains of philosophy, religion and a policy.

This whole surrealistic orgy, seemingly almost chaotic and meaningless, should in principle have some sort of internal or external logic, its understandable cause and effect relationships, and motivation. Here is their something we will attempt to identify through analysis of facts and well-known events, drawing attention to all details of the process of forced diffusion of contemporary surrealistic myths and attributes of the global censorship. Perhaps, our research will resemble in style a kind of inquiry, unraveling the plot of a detective fiction. So be it. But we believe that should not be left unplumbed tangle of intrigue, paradoxes and crime (not institutionalized censorship is a crime), which came in our view while studying the history of physics [2].

Fortunately, now all the aspects of phenomena and processes we are interested in are quite possible to analyze due to undoubted adequacy of the material that has accumulated in the mass-media and on the Internet at the time of writing this booklet. The same factor allows us to recourse to the compressed style of presentation.

1. Basics of total surrealism ideology

The surrealistic physics

The monograph Philosophy of Science by A.A. and O.A. Radugins [3] in our opinion better than others covers the discussed problem since things scattered in multiple sources are collected together and briefly stated with citations there. A collection of passages from the chapter (theme) The scientific picture of the world as an element of the science basis is presented below.

As it is told in the book, somebody, lets name him the Big Scientist (further BS), has coined a concept a physical reality. We should tell at once not to be confused later on, there is absolutely no reality in view.

And, reading further:

According to his (BS - hereinafter our note) opinion, the term physical reality can be used to consider the theorized world as sets of theoretical objects, which represent properties of the real world within the limits of the given physical theory. Researches of the physical reality, as per BSs thought, lead to formation of a physical picture of the world. BS uses the term the physical picture of the world in different meanings, including a minimum of primary concepts and parities of physics, which provide its unity.

BS underlined that any picture of the world simplifies and schematizes the reality. The person aspires any adequate way to create to itself a simple and clear picture of the world to a certain extent to try to replace this world with the picture created in such a way (highlighted by us).

The idea about schematizing role of a physical picture of the world was marked by many founders of modern physics (in the original here there are names of three others BS). They considered development of a physical picture of the world as a result of detection in the course of knowledge of new properties and aspects of the nature, which has been not considered in a former physical picture of the world. In this case insufficiency and sketchiness of former representations of the nature was clearly found out, and they were reconstructed in a new physical picture of the world .

And it is absolutely clear: Classicists of natural sciences have fixed that circumstance that great revolutions in physics have always been related to reorganization of the picture of the world.

So, what's all the palaver about? Here subject matter of thoughts and conversation is extremely mental pictures of the world, and any word it is not told about the Nature or about a matter and its movement. But are they is physics?

Now it is possible either to stand on the head or to jump ten times from head to bottom, but all the "peaches", described by the Radugins, give out under the faces of all of these BS not scientists-physicists, but surrealists-autists in their pure form, fully and completely. However, it goes everywhere in the source not about the Nature, but about imagination, about art, about a self-made picture, about an invention intended to try to replace this world with the picture created in such a way. Realism in sense of a science about the matter is not even close here! Object of studying is absolutely and totally another. We will specify: with realists the object of studying is the Nature (the matter and its movement), and with autists it is a picture of the world, which they have thought up and have drawn moderately by themselves and with improvised means. And for realists these autists pictures from any side in any way are completely unnecessary: they simply add each new discovery to the given knowledge of the nature. As these discoveries even formally is simply new information, which is always positive and is always additive. And it simply is always added to already known (entropy grows). And to autists here in their naive invented picture each time with the advent of new data on the Nature a revolution is required, i.e. it is necessary for them each time to hide former inventions from eyes - to rub clean and to slosh with paint. Because world pictures born by imagination are not obliged to be compatible among themselves or to coincide with something in general. That is possible to confirm by an example of a well-known Scandinavian, Chinese or Egyptian systems of legends, which coincide with the same pictures at the core and which too coincide never on this side of the grave with reality.

So, we see that process of knowledge at realists includes direct transition of the researcher thoughts on a chain: object (Nature) - observation and (or) experiment - revealing of law. Formally autists include in it only the cooked-up picture. However this unpretentious intermediary between a reality and the observer has definite and fundamental sense. If we are interested in the world of internal experiences of the person this intermediary becomes the central object of attention. All aspects of a reality are only a field on which the fable of experiences is constructed with inevitable fancies and myths. It concerns music, surrealistic and not so surrealistic painting etc. The intermediary is very subjective, and consequently so is interesting in art. But for process of knowledge of laws of the Nature it is no more than a false background or a hindrance deforming the information about the Nature.

Let us give an example.

If we pose the problem of the quantum properties of elementary particles from the realistic position, then we start our reasoning with real facts, which physicists have long learned from Nature itself. The central fact is that all the particles interact with the electromagnetic field (radiation). Of course, we remember all the properties of the electromagnetic field. They are also known. So, this is quite enough to the most rigorously calculate and graphically describe and understand individual and collective properties of elementary particles, including the principles and because of their quantum interaction, the nature of electric charges and magnetic moments, as well as gravity [4]. And all this is achieved simply and clearly without fairy tales, fictional "world pictures", "theories", witches and even without fly-agarics, exciting a burning interest to surrealism.

The surrealistic view of the same problem is quite different. Surrealists, like all ancient compilers of legends and myths, begin with drawing of their hypothetical "images of the world." Specifically, in the problem of elementary particles a cloud of photonic flies is shown in their surreal picture instead of the electromagnetic field. Further, a contest of these surreal works is held based on absolutely unclear criteria, where is the winner chosen and rewarded. Then, between lamentations about the "genius" winner, the other authors add details to the picture of the theorized world as a set of theoretical objects, representing properties of the real world under the given physical theory. The result is as follows: there is nothing more mysterious and fantastic with autists than the elementary particles, scurrying between the flies.

Here we see the same level of science, as in the legend of Zeus, who sometimes forges lightnings. And the additives are as informative as, for example, synchronization of Zeuss lightning-making with his visit to the ladies of the fair sex, to whom he actually paid much more attention than to the lightnings. And so on, to infinity.

A very interesting feature: although it is a common knowledge that physics is a single science, for some reason autists call their myth-making process "theoretical" physics. As if physics were not only a science of nature, but sometimes also "theoretical" writing of fairy tales.

Those are the two points of view.

But they can not be publicly discussed and compared. Any discussion on this topic is strictly prohibited by the formal and informal censorship, as well as the internal statutes of the Academies of Sciences, which members as early as at the stage of the election as a member sworn to surrealism. And we accept this reality, but only with the moral right to use this obscurantism as an Ariadne's thread... no, not even a thread, but a rope, with the help of which the Balda worker in the tale of Pushkin exorcised devils from the sea.

The surreal form of physics is not a real science, but only a dead-end product of its ideological expansion. Here is, for example, what is written in the preface to the book of the numerous awards winner R. Feynman The Nature Of Physical Laws [5]:

"Of course, the puritans of education will be shocked by the many statements of R. Feynman on critical issues of science and education, which are contained in his lectures:

"... The science is unreliable ...;

"... The understanding of physical laws does not necessarily guarantee you an immediate understanding of the important phenomena of our world ...;

"We always have the opportunity to refute the theory, but please note that we can never prove it is correct ...;

"I am confident that history does not repeat in physics... So, one should not expect particular assistance from the history of science ....

These and many other unexpected judgments you will find in the pages of this book.... "

All these quotes mean, first of all, that the author boldly declared irremediable the state of science, which is usually characterized as a "crisis of physics". The editor also notes it.

If we look in the core of individual claims, we find that clearly stated is not the point of view on the real science of physics, but solely the opinion of the surrealistic pictures as fictional "laws", postulates, theories, etc. Indeed, one can never prove correctness of a theory, if the theory is a surreal work invented by someone. It doesn't matter what the author produced out of his own head. There is no question of credibility, for it is pure fiction. How credible is a leap of imagination? In real physics everything is simpler and more definite. It searched for causal relationships in the matter and its motion, or just the properties of matter, as they are established by observation or experiment. Everything is simple, clear and honest.

Therefore, the above quotes can be perceived as hymn lines to the glory of deliberately irremediable surreal physics and the carte blanche, which the highly awarded author gave to future generations of science distorters. Well, they certainly did their best.

Thus, physics is a direct view of Nature, and its surreal version is a view of Nature from the autistic myth-makers, i.e. lyrical imagination or variations on the theme of Nature, that have nothing to do with the science. The principle of separation of the real physics and the surreal quasi-physics is in the answer to the simplest question: What do we study? Nature or someone's invention, in the end? The honest answer is only one.

From all this, we see the fundamental incompatibility of the initial positions: "That is why a realist will never be consonant with the autistic picture of the world, and vice versa" (quote from Pavel Kotov [1]). 

Surrealistic philosophy

It could seem not so special at all. Surrealists-autists were already known among artists. Here are mow surrealists-autists among physicists. Nothing especially new in it is present. Though it is, of course, absolutely not clear: why the surrealism was necessary for a science about the nature? It is possible to pay attention also that surrealists-physicists have appeared more organized than artists. They even could fence off their pink elephants from criticism by means of total censorship, having forbidden any publications to realists. Certainly, it is curious to learn the reasons and a source of such unprecedented power of this censorship. But is there any point to try get worked up about this trifle? However we esteem further the philosophers Radugins:

Due to the long leading position of physics in the natural sciences and fundamental knowledge, endeavors were undertaken repeatedly to explain from positions of existing physical picture of the world such phenomena which did not concern a subject of physical science. But the physical picture of the world did not comprise all knowledge of the world, therefore could not give adequate interpretation of all natural phenomena. Such situation demanded introduction of other vision of the world, its special picture (irreducible to physical), containing representation of those objects, which are not include in object of research of physics (allocated by us).

There are no more jokes, not the school physics. It is absolutely, even considerably, another issue, it is an autistic claim for the introduction of other vision of the world, i.e. the question is already about new autistic religions. However are we exaggerating? And if not, what kind of "vision" is it? We keep reading philosophers further:

Considering the general scientific picture of the world as reality schematization, outstanding scientists noticed that along with scientific facts some stratifications can be included in it, which you will obviously not include in scientific facts. These stratifications sometimes represent the presents of "fiction" and simple "prejudices" which disappear after a while from scientific picture of the world .

And still: the Concept of picture of the world as a synonym of the concept of outlook is used in the concept (another BS). The world picture appears as a model of the world, which generalizes experience and secret belief of the person and plays a role of an original mental card from which it verifies the acts and is guided among things and events of real life. Its main function is to be the binding force directed on consolidation of a human society.

Well, is it not the question of religion? In natural sciences, for example, prejudices cannot be present, because nature is reality. And we, studying it, the nature, can learn only it, the natures properties - and no more than that. In nature there are no prejudices. Prejudices are only in thoughts, which is not in the nature in sense of matter and its movement. Therefore secret belief of the person, and consolidation of a human society have no what relation to natural sciences, speaking fairly.

By the way, what kind of philosophy it is that operates with "real fictions and simple prejudices"? And they turns out to be numerous, starting from positivism, postpositivism, modernism [2, 3] and so on, their name is legion. And all these travesties of philosophy differ very essentially from classical so, that behind the inability to form their own critical or just a meaningful look at the fictions and superstitions, including the surreal physics, takes them as the basis or the ideological foundation. Such conceptual wreck of this strange resemblance of a science has the important consequence: they lose traditional objects of research of philosophy and descend to level of gossips on a theme about someone's surrealistic pictures of the world. In this connection the main feature of these philosophies comes up on a surface: they reject objectivity of realness. But then the question arises: and how we should concern statements (formulations) of these philosophies? Where they speak seriously and where state crafty imaginations? It will be natural the answer from philosophies obviously false. The independent basic facts for the analysis of these theories are necessary with all evidence.

Therefore we are compelled to address to those fundamental qualities of surrealistic philosophies, which follow from base properties of the surrealism. Let us describe the main ones in detail:

  1. Surrealism is not intended for studying the reality and any interaction with it. Its focuses on processes in mans subconsciousness, as a function of thought. As a matter of fact it means more or less normal fantasies and nothing else [3, 4].
  2. Surrealism is not a system closed on itself or on the doctor-psychiatrist. It is aimed at public exploiting the metaphors and categories used by the latter in everyday real life. In other words, surrealists speak by ordinary words about the things existing in their subconsciousness but not in real life. Thus, all concepts, which surrealists are used, have minimally double value a real object and, at least, one twin of it (a fantastic or mystic image born in the subconscious) can have the same name. This imaging is usually called the model. And the quantity of counterparts isn't limited in any way.
  3. Surrealism does not have the conception of truth because it handles in field of fantastic images, born from ones mind. These images cannot be tested by reality because a real object cannot be measured, compared or matched with its fantastic imaginary counterpart as they are from radically different spaces: one is real and the other is made-up and mystical. The principle of truth dualism is nothing more than just speculations on this absolutely clear topic [2, 5]. Practically it does not mean the multiplication of truth but the total ignoring of it.
  4. Surrealism has adopted and perfected the procedure of the look through of the fragments of the objective reality through the prism of dual mystic world, which has produced from the imaginary twins of real objects. In this regard it continues and develops the traditions of an ancient pagan religion Magism [2, 6], in which twins were represented as idols homemade products in material sense, as figurines of pagan gods, or only as verbal images from colorful legends and fables.


Listed above properties of surrealism testify that its philosophies can't be not false. These properties contain the unequivocal theoretical precondition for other statement: surrealistic philosophies even basically haven't something in common with truth search their statements are absolutely in other plane and by the nature exclude something connected with the realness. They have even no possibilities to be engaged in it not peculiar business for them.

In addition we will illustrate attribute of immorality of public practice of surrealism. As all fantastic pictures of the world discussed in gossips have the concrete authors, i.e. are absolutely individually, in new philosophies there was a problem of subjectivity of their (seeming, but homemade) true. And it in turn has too the serious consequences since naturally generates a problem of canonization of some authors of surrealistic world pictures, as new competitors of known Prophets of known religions. Then a canonization turns into rite coronation, coupled with a system of secret rituals and the distribution of bribes. And all because it is impossible objectively to receive even close to true conclusion from system of imaginations and lie.

The main qualities listed above of new philosophies are conjoint generally. And here the mutual difference between them has only formal character. Therefore they should be called only as one name: surrealistic (dreamer) philosophy.

Now the following result has taken place: the surrealistic philosophy, based on servile interpretation by someone an invented dreamer picture of a world, is simultaneously both continuation of surrealistic physics and its justification. And both these already ostensibly sciences are occupied not by research of an objective reality, but discussion or gossips around and about a theme of another's imaginations. Thus, the surrealistic physics and surrealistic philosophy have formed the closed logic circle, which has given them new and basic properties of obviously antiscientific, purely scholastic character.

That's false-physics born in a delusional fog with a false dreamer philosophy created an amazing mixture of refined absurdity with a blatant and impudent fraud.

By and large, the surrealistic philosophy is so untenable as a science, is so anecdotal and absurd in its meaning and content, that its existence can be explained only by the whim of an ugly autistic propaganda and of the modern venal censorship.

And another thing: as there are distinct reasons (surreal physics is no reason) in favor of the autistic surrealist philosophy, and all its tenets are faith-based, it quite naturally merges with the autistic religion.


3. Religion: from surrealism to a Satanism


So, there is religion in question however.

And what kind of religion on pain of death imposes the fictitious intermediaries (idols, models, every possible sur-pictures, symbols and siglas) between two creations of one Founder - between the Nature and the Person? And here are no secrets present. This religion is known and well described for a long time in works, for example, of the archpriest A. Men [3] where it is treated as a version of ancient Magizm. However the modern form of this Magizm is better presented (more frankly) in the Devilish Bible [4]. We have been simply compelled to appeal for advantage of these sources at research of history of physics [5]. Without them it was impossible to explain extremely high rate of degradation of this science in 20th century.

Indeed, the essence of science is the way of getting to know Nature. This way consists of a set of steps to open each time new elements in the chains of causality. The source of information in this process is Nature, only Nature itself, through observations and experiments. It is study of Nature. Monotheistic religions do not regulate this process, assuming only that the "Cause of all of these causes is the Creator, i.e. God (see about Ibn-Sina, Ibn-Rushd and Thomas Aquinas [2] and [8]). But the doctrine of God is the object of study of the religious science, the source of knowledge in which is the Revelation. It's simple: in natural science, methods of learning are based on observation and experiments, and in religion on the Revelation. It is clearly separated. Therefore, if you put in the chain of already studied causes and effects at least one portion created not by observation, but by imagination of a human as his own fictional work, then all the logic breaks down. And no matter how we call this work - a tenet, a "model", "world view", a "theory, a hypothesis, an idol, a totem, etc. In any case, this element is now in its very origin not a reality, but obviously a surreal fiction that claims to be the Revelation. But we know that religion is based on a set of micro-revelations from a variety of micro-prophets, and there is the ancient pagan religion called Magism, which always and everywhere destroyed the learning process in its very basis for centuries (see A. Men [6] and [2]). The chaos of false micro-revelations of Magism quite naturally block up the freedom of the supraliminal choice, granted by the God to the person, and replace with their by implicit submission of commands of the spaced gurus playing by idols and idiotic pagan dogmas. So dope of Magism hides from the person the Nature and its Founder. The natural sciences and philosophy lose significance.

The logic of research of a deceit technology has led us to concept of Magizm. But Magizm is too wide concept. It isn't homogeneous and has the long history of development. In particular it is known, that all forms of old Magism, which have existed till our time, have passed a long way of natural humanization. It is determined by a consecutive knock-out system from history (autocide) of extra-sadistic ideological systems [3, 6]. But now the surrealism start from point zero. It is located outside of all esthetic and moral standards and bears in itself a charge of atrocities not limited by nothing (pertinently it is to remind about collective suicides and poisonings of children in Guyana). Therefore the dual imaginary world of surrealism leads the ideology of Magism far beyond the traditional for this religion simple distortion of morals. Accordingly surrealism generates a new religion New Magism, which, in comparison to the old one, includes in itself much more immorality, falseness and bestial cruelty of antediluvian legends of yore [3, 6, 7].

So, we have made definition of new pagan religion against which the ideology of surrealism with autism leans necessarily. Now it should be compared with a usual Satanism. After all obviously that the essentially negative relation to truth search unites them, because the Devil is lie and the father of lie. It is known that the new banal Satanism [7] represents a certain ball of sinfulness in which different forms of schoolboy mischief and lust sexiness are interlaced. In it there is no place to a purposeful genocide, but New Magism doesn't exclude it for the reasons stipulated earlier. Therefore the modern Satanism is the phenomenon more likely farcical, than aggressive, and consequently essentially more harmless in comparison with New Magism. Hence, to equalize it with new paganism it is possible only after restoration of historically characteristic problems of the Satan on destruction of a human race or, at least, its essential part. But then it will be necessary to return it the name the Old Satanism. And the following formula becomes fair: New Magism = the Old Satanism.

Well and how New Magism correlates with ideology, for example, usual monotheist religions? The heavy question, but the answer to it exists. It proceeds from a devilish invention of basic negation of an objective truth in new pagan religion. Really, if dual, to be exact multi-dual or is infinite-dual, the perception of the Nature is put in subconsciousness of the person, then subconsciousness transfers inevitably this quality and for the whole world in the form of a principle may be yes, may be no may be rain, may be snow. I.e. the person deceived by pseudo-physics, pseudo-philosophy and New Magizm loses for ever ability of the sincere answer to the most blasphemous questions: And whether the Christ said the Sermon on the Mount? And whether the Koran is original? And whether there were Prophets in general? Therefore this person remains the pagan in a shower irrespective of the fact, which the temple will accept he. And it is not important, what faith or a religious community contains this internally shattered victim of New Magism it will always bear hidden and in a community this trouble, to bear unwittingly and secretly. Neither the priest, nor any mentally healthy member of a religious community never will solve the reasons of doubts of the person which consciousness is completely crushed by the Satan.

The following important feature of mutual influence of the normal religious preacher and the autist invested by the Satan is noteworthy. The matter is that this influence is always exclusively unilateral. After all their ideological contact should be based finally on dialogue of adherents. Therefore the preacher should achieve mutual understanding. And here the autist doesn't aspire to it at all owing to intellectual lameness. Its field of vision is limited for a long time fantastic by "a world picture", which it has put to himself in a head in the early childhood with participation of parents. This "a world picture" is fixed by a school course of physics, and to change it is impossible without deep "revolution" of world outlook about which we already wrote in 1. I.e. the religious life puts an excessive problem before the preacher: to overpersuade the interlocutor counter to its deep beliefs and natural mental faculties. The problem of connection of incompatible principles in one consciousness strongly narrows a field for the compromise to that minimum which is easily destroyed by mass propagation of surrealism with the Satanism in mass-media and selling censorship. The situation is aggravated with that such "difficult" parishioners becomes more and more. Finally the preacher himself makes a compromise and conducts the Satan under the arches of the Temple.

Thus, the primitive logic of Magism enabled understanding of the ideological roots of today's ideological wars, first started by surrealism and autism in the culture, and then in the science and politics, too. The quote from Pavel Kotov opens for us the psychological part of the problem in all its drama. The war turned out not only ideological, but psychological. Thus, we saw the other side of the monster called at the same time obscurantism and antiscience.

Let's listen to another expert. J. Holton writes in his verbose work What is "the antiscience"? [6]:

We will begin with a question: whether the antiscience phenomenon, so motley and extended, is the expression of only rather harmless intracultural variety of installations and consciousness types, or in its face we deal with the major common cultural call which it is necessary to concern with all gravity?

My answer is unequivocal: fairly second assumption. If to lay aside such insignificant reasons and circumstances as human ignorance, superficiality, banality, etc. and their commercial operation it will appear that pseudo- and parascientific designs and feeble efforts originate in certain deep belief and layers of human consciousness. Every strong, stable, motivated outlook leans against these latent dark depths, and for these deep belief and propensities struggle in modern culture is conducted. Even despite the fact that parascientific views in the pure state are accepted by not so numerous levels of population of the USA, nevertheless in this orientation it is possible to consider an original niche where echoes of old competitive struggle for superiority and domination between the basic types of culture have remained and are clearly audible.

We associate ourselves to the alarm of J. Holton. However he obviously was mistaken in proportions. The phrase parascientific views are accepted by not so numerous levels of population set at a gaze. All physics and all philosophy of 20th century are stated in nowaday textbooks only in the surrealistic interpretation. Even school programs do not mention a real subject of studying. However and such substitution of fundamental sciences by the autist drivel does not entail still full transformation of another world vision into pagan religion without rigid system of mysterious interdictions. And here autists have solved this problem by means of global propagation and illegal censorship. So the world vision of autists has got the organizational form, and the new pagan religion has captured all aspects of life of much of parts of our planet.

Result: realists recede from a position to autists and polyphonists not only in cultural and scientific field. The main issue is that in hands of persons, conflicting with the reality at mental level, basic world mass media and armed forces of the most aggressive states are concentrated. This their perverted pagan religion takes root violently worldwide. By the way, are you sure, dear reader, that even a very cultural autist or polyphonist is capable to distinguish a hairdressing salon from torture chambers? Anyway Salvador Dali, which deciphered with ease the well-known Fuhrer and the pupil of the Viennese bohemia, would not to hurry up with the answer.

The surrealistic union of autists

Right at the beginning our curiosity was limited only to psychological bases of usual surrealism in art. But then and there the research path has resulted us directly to recidive of ancient philosophies and religions through recourse to a physics science, where surrealism shouldn't be here in the first place.

However that deeply anti-civilized process is not yet finished. Therefore it makes sense to peer at a retrospective show to understand, how all this has occurred. After all, the human society was developing once with participation of both realists and autists.

At first we will have a look, as in the most ancient times the balance between psychotypes was maintained. Hunters know that elks and wild boars often leave round-ups. And the analysis of each such case shows unordinary actions of an animal in the conditions of almost imperceptible features of district or construction of marksmen with a beater-up. It is an example of outstanding realism of animals. And so, lions and wolves hunted for people as well in the past. But the person-realist not only left, but could also take a beater-up for dinner. And dreamers-autists in such cases decreased. Thus their number and initiatives was regulated.

Everything has changed after the formation of primitive societies. Here autists-visionaries have mastered functions of prophets, magicians, authors of legends (theories) and founders of pagan religions. Now, if the society was too trustful, and it was failed under excessive dependence on autists-visionaries, having lost communication with a reality, it died out. But, if the society resisted to a total cheating, then it has survived. I.e. in this case adjustment of number of autists occurred not at level of separate individuals, but as components of the big collectives including and realists too. So trustful realists became simple hostages in devil game of autists. Naturally, the caliber of each separate accident was defined only in the size of a corresponding society.

The situation has become more complicated close by the end of last era. It is related to the demand of logic to work with figures, including at first only four actions with them. In this issue there is no connection with the reality, and divorced from reality and obsessed with it the thinking system of an autist became simply useful. Possibility of a conscious division of labor and spheres of application for talents with different mental radicals has appeared for the first time. But comprehension of own utility for autists not being able to understand the surrounding reality had absolutely unexpected consequences - they have even more rushed to mysticism. All subsequent history of autism is only consequences of total mystification, and the pagan autist religion - only a part of this mystification. For example, apparently, what is the mystic of numerical symbols? However, it appears:

If to be guided by the main esoteric composition of antique Jews - Cabbala described in the Creation Book, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the world was created thanks to figures and letters. In it the magic of figures, for example is described in detail: Investigate all your subjects by means of figures, and having got into their secret - reflect. If you comprehend their wisdom you will be wise. These words attribute to bible Enoch, Egyptian Toga and Greek Hermes [10].

Here such devilry is concealed at autists behind figures. It is easy to guess, what storm of emotions and imaginations will visit them owing to an appearance of a timbrel, besom, photon flies or a dried dildo from a dog. And all is that because any attributes of Magic are of use to autist in attempts of indemnification of his intellectual shortsightedness. Replacement of the nature by models in natural sciences is only the most harmless fragment in such actions.

Already quoted by us critic of the Cabbala J. Holton [9] writes about the mystic more in detail. And all set of examples of Magic comes to the end with the amusing top collected in the book of LaVey [4]. Thus the autism has found to itself in Magic an ancient ideological basis for formation of secret fanatical community. It is not important that the basis is not connected with a reality, but it has appeared. Further a modern means of communication have made process of autists consolidation global. Naturally, the Satan is always glad to palm off similar features. And here because a sure gain is not unacceptable for this Satan he has allocated the surrealistic union of autists with following base qualities:

- Motive power an inferiority complex,

- Their purpose the indemnification of complex through domination over realists,

- Their enemies a reality, natural sciences and liberty of discussion,

- Their allies any money manipulators, swindlers and censors of cover,

- Their means mysticism, lie and douceurs for expansion of mysticism and lie.

Here we have only drawn a sketch of the secret community of autists. The existence of such an organization is proved by total censorship and by agreed, often synchronous financial frauds, which are equivalent to large-scale theft able to destroy even the U.S. There are other manifestations of the autists union: it is their own declarations, programs, protocols, etc. But we believe that the first two obvious signs are sufficient. By the way, ordinary Gypsies do not steal near their house or camp. But autists are not able not do so, because they do not understand the outside world at all. Therefore, they steal everywhere. The same characteristic of their mind prevents them from creating something tangible. It because that no tangible creation is possible without direct connection of the creator with reality, with the real world. But this is the core of the autists problems.

Let us give an example. In Russia, in early 21st century, a certain never actually working oligarch received a present from allies (also autistic) - a real big car factory. With the ostensible purpose of borrowing technology for the enterprise, he bought a bankrupt car factory in England for about $5 billion. The venture went bust. But the city hosting the Russian car factory has excellent world-class specialists and two technical universities. These absolutely real personnel would be enough to establish a real contemporary design office, introducing into production one newest engine and one car a year. The funds needed for this business would not exceed 1% of the money the oligarch had vaporized by his venture. Naturally, the national losses were even more due to loss of jobs and increase of technological backwardness of the country from the developed nations. If we exclude the fierce hatred of the oligarch towards the people of the country where he lives, then what has happened may be explained only by the cutoff autism of this prankster. By the way, during this scam, Chinese realists managed to create the entire automotive industry from scratch. This is a story of how an autist turned into a "responsible owner", according to Chubais, a real Anti-Ford. In short, autists cannot create something that is rigidly tied to the real big outside world. God does not give it to them.

So, individual business acumen of the autists is more or less clear. But this does not mean that their collective characteristics in the autistic party would remain the same. For example, nitrogen is an inert gas, but its chemical compounds are often explosive. These surprises are due to pre-composition and structure of the compounds.

It follows that now we shall consider not just a question of an alliance, but the focus should be already on the principles of building a political party - the surrealistic party of autists. And this is real politics, which we shall discuss in the next chapter.

2. Surrealistic Policy

The Political Party of Surrealists

It is known that the structure of any society is established as a result of a competitive process. The same thing happens in formation of political parties.

As Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote [11]: "Look at the first puddle, and you will find the reptile, surpassing and darkening all other reptiles with his mock-heroics." Therefore, first of all we must see that "puddle", i.e. that sphere of activity, which may be a field of competition of autists. Creative economic or technical activity is not possible for them, and wed better forget about science. Let alone fighting by themselves. However, they can wage a war by deceit. What remains is only a combination of the most fantastic myths and primitive market cheating - that's all that "puddle" from which the autists political party stems.

Separately, myths and cheating are not a particular threat to other people. After all, myths are useful in art, and cheating is a traditional attribute of the market and does not interfere with the moneychangers. And just their mixture has a human-killing potential. It was fully realized in the 20th century, after the well-aimed capture of mass-media by autists. It allowed them to combine the two harmless talents (myth-making and cheating) into an explosive mixture by global censorship and enforced worldwide dissemination of their monstrous myths. Since autists have gained real power, which transformed them from innocent dreamers into autistic sacrificers turning into reality their wild fantasies and plans for organized crime.

Thus, competition of autists goes in one direction - who of them is awesomer in myth-making and theft at the same time. But the coolest is the most autistic autist, i.e. the most abstracted from reality and morality, and the most unscrupulous. Here is the opinion of a writer and artist who lived in the 19th century [11]:

"There is nothing more dangerous than imagination of an unbridled scoundrel, not threatened with a continuous image of the possibility of punishment on the body. Once initiated, it throws off the yoke of all reality and begins to draw to the owner of the enterprise the most grandiose plans. To blow out the sun, to make a hole in the earth to observe what is happening in Hell these are the only goals that the true scoundrel deems worth of his efforts. His head is like a wilderness, in all corners of which the most fastidious images of demonology rise. And all of them rebel, whistle, whoop and, rustling with unseen wings, soars off into the dark, dawnless distance ... "

It is said about myth-makers who in the enlightened age, under pressure from the world's religions, seemed vegetarians. However, they are not vegetarians. Autistic myth-makers have left the bloody traces, for example, in Minoan and Phoenician cultures. The same sadistic bents they have shown and in America at the beginning of the second millennium. This is how the practical realization of the wild fantasies of political parties on the winning surrealism looked like according to A.A. Oparin [12]:

"According to Aztec beliefs, human blood is the food of the gods, and therefore the more people, namely people, not animals, hath at the altar, the kinder to the Aztecs God should be. In everyday life, not to mention the holidays, thousands of people were plunged on the altar. ... In war, Aztecs tried not to kill, but to capture enemies in order to bring sacrifice them later. In the cult of another god, the god of fire Xiuhtecuhtli, whose temple was also on top of the pyramid, the prisoners were burned at a very slow fire, reveling in their suffering. Small children killed in the cruelest way were sacrificed to the god of fertility Tlaloc. Women were sacrificed to the goddess of the Earth. The Aztecs even had a god of human sacrifices, Xipe Totec. Worship of other gods was of the same nature. Carefully reading these descriptions, sometimes one cannot believe that this is how millions of people were put to death. But contemporary archeology gives a positive answer, and each day thousands more sacrifices found in excavation are added. It is also worth noting that burning the children the Aztecs believed they were doing nothing terrible or special. That nations price of human life was reduced to nothing, and even simple moral principles were completely rejected. ... People which had no base of faith in the true God could not exist for long. Its degradation began, terrible depravity and cruelty filled the life of Aztecs."

"Life of the Incas was unthinkable without religious rites, which, just like the Aztecs, differed by incredible cruelty. Responsible for the performance of rites was the "caste" of professional priests, headed by High Priest. "

"Sacrifices of the Maya and their religious practices were even worse than that of the Aztecs, although in many respects resembled them. Victims were plunged to the altar, then the priest dissected their chests and pulled their hearts, sprinkling the blood over a statue of the god, after which the corpse was skinned, and the priest put on that skin. After that, the human body was cut into many pieces, which were immediately ingested by the priests and the nobles! It was a real massive cannibalism. ... People have lost their human appearance. Immorality and orgies snowballed rapidly, finally turning the once great tribes into degraded people capable of almost nothing."

Isnt it a monstrous comparison? It seems, on the one hand there are autistic dreamers, on the other hand, man-eaters. But still... For example, here is a certificate of one of the supporters of a colonial myth that any accidental person can take formation of a society destroyed by colonizers: "The former French colonial army sergeant, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, who in 1966 a banal coup in the tiny Central African Republic (CAR), became known worldwide because of the fact that he began to eat his political opponents in a literal sense. It was revealed by his personal chef who dished to the President for a dinner fried opposition leaders in mayonnaise and with a sprig of dill in the mouth."

However, judging by the number of victims, Bokassa is an original gourmet - because he basically killed only as many as he could eat. But this is far from the 3 million people in Cambodia turned into fertilizer by another autist, Pol Pot. By the way, there is a hand of the U.S. in these achievements: they paved the way for Pol Pot by intentionally destroying the state of Cambodia.

But neither Bokassa, nor Pol Pot could beat the previously set record. The Russian holocaust of the 20th century took the lives of approximately 100 million people. They were mostly the most talented realists among entrepreneurs, priests, peasants and intellectuals. The autistic myth-makers could neither eat nor recycle such amount. Even the achievements of Hitler pale in comparison. Please note that the communist myth by itself is nothing more than an excuse for autists to engage in sadism ad libitum. The same may be said about the Nazi myth which had been born long before Hitler and was launched in the world by mere ethnic organized crime.

Thus, censorship and forcible introduction of surreal myths into people's consciousness lead to disastrous consequences for vast human communities. Moreover, the malignancy of myths is not constant. The minimum of a sadism existed in 19-th century between two maximums in the cobwebby paganism and modern autistic oeuvre.

What is happening now in mythologization of human societies? What does the surreal political party of autists do now? On this occasion, let us listen to the competent opinion of the merited fighter against communism, Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky. Here are quotes from his article [13]:

"I got used to the company of nuts in the Soviet nuthouses. But the trouble is that the American society immediately makes each idiotic novelty almost universally valid. In America, as, actually, in Europe, people behave in an incredibly conformist way. All they flog to you should be seen as the norm. To be successful, you must be a conformist. And the American pattern extends throughout like immutable rules, reflected even in the law." ...

"This led to such censorship that Shakespeare could not have lived nowadays. Yes, half of his plays are no longer staged: "The Merchant of Venice" - anti-Semitism, "Othello" - racism, "The Taming of the Shrew" - sexism ... One teacher in London refused to show to her class "Romeo and Juliet", calling the performance "a disgusting heterosexual spectacle." ...

"There was a philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, a Marxist revisionist. He disagreed with Marx at one point: Marx believed the proletariat was the revolutionary class (obviously not), and Marcuse taught that the true revolutionary class was various minorities. Pathology must be declared the norm, and the norm - pathology. Only then, Marcuse writes, we can finally destroy the bourgeois society." ...

"The censorship introduced by the defenders of political correctness saved them from the dialogue. If I argued with them, I would have them cinched in a few minutes. But who will allow me? I, a full-fledged British citizen, cannot write an article on this topic, publish a book, nor take part in a public debate on this issue - because there is no such debate. You will hear no argument for or against political correctness on TV. "

Please note that in the Bukovskys article the focus is mainly on kinds of the communist myth the society is fed with by the conformism and political correctness sauces. But in reality, the scale of the problem turned out much greater. For example, all forms of Nazism and monetarism are also myths and also no bowl of cherries.

And, in general, everything appeared simple: the surreal party of autists is built completely in isolation from everything real or simply humane, on monstrously absurd myths. In the context of globalization, this fanatic party has been heading the process of mass forcible mythologization of society and preparation of this society to a qualitatively different state. But to which? This may become clear if you catch and analyze in the turbidity of distracting thanksgiving of the party functionaries their ideological focus, that rather primitive superidea available to their sorrowful intelligence, for which they contain censorship and propagate their plain "theories."

First let us look closer at the their training system.

Autism school (The best of the Satan for children)

It is very difficult to find a difference between the forced introduction of myths in the minds of unsuspecting people and the spread of a deliberate lie. Therefore, our further study on the abuse of surrealism in all areas of intellectual life cannot ignore the theme of escalation of quite frank, even pathological lie in the contemporary society. This topic has already been thoroughly studied by Denis N. (no surname was given) on the forum http://philosophy.mipt.ru/forum/philosophy/m_au3i/m_av81.html. Here are three quotes from this author:

"The trouble is that lie is essentially a disease, an information virus, and as soon as the virus of lie penetrates the mind of some human, the process of replicating starts. Have you ever noticed how even the smallest lie gives birth to a lie is a little more serious than the first one, and it, in its turn, gives birth to another lie, etc."...

"Moreover, many people have become hopeless liars to such an extent that they lie to themselves just as often and as much as to the others, that is, many people are already at some absurd level of mendacity ... when to tell the truth even to themselves becomes too difficult for them, these people often go so far that lose the ability to tell lies from truth, and, what is the worst, there are more and more people who lie to themselves and are unable to tell lies from truth. ...

"You see, most likely, any social system has a limit to the number of lies it can endure and, most likely, our civilization has come very close to this limit of lies."

The last paragraph is completely consistent with the assessment of dramatic perspectives of this civilization presented in the article by V. Bukovsky [13] and with our assessment presented in the booklet titled History of Physics [2]. But the first two paragraphs contain something very much brand new: the author philosophically claims the importance of the issue of lie reproduction (intentional mythologization) by the avalanche-type replication akin to viruses or microbes. But viruses and bacteria are contagious. Therefore, unlike the problem of congenital autism, which is referred to in the article by Pavel Kotov [1], the problem of education-induced autism rises by itself as large as life. It already attributes to the system of household transmission of traditions and to the whole chain of education, from the first grade of school. It turns out that the natural characteristics and education of a child can highlight each other or compete in his or her consciousness and the subconscious. And these are the preconditions for future internal contradictions of grown-ups. Generally speaking, there are four main options:

- an autist + realistic education = an autist with moral constraints (realizes that there are other people and their interests);

- an autist + autistic education = an autist without moral constraints, even a sadistic priest or a thug;

- a realist + realistic education = a realist with no complexes;

- a realist + autistic education = a realist with complexes or a polyphonist (100% mentally ill, acc. to P. Kotov).

Of course, these options represent only the principal, angular positions. There are, supposedly, also semitones, however, less pronounced and reflecting already the second approximation in the description of the process.

Based on direct comparison of the four options of interaction of education with heredity, we may conclude that autistic education with surreal myths is, irrespective of heredity, a destructive factor for any society and a source of personal tragedy for each and every citizen. As for the natural science, it generally loses its meaning in such a framework.

Therefore, let us see exactly how things are going in the school course. As an example, consider two sentences from a textbook by V.A. Kasyanov (2008) in physics for pupils of the 11th form [14] (p. 161):

1 - "Plank suggested that the radiation energy and its frequency are interrelated."

2 - "Light rays may be regarded as real microparticles photons.

These quotations contain more lies than words.

As for the first sentence, let us read the facts in the book by P.S. Kudryavtseva, "The Course of History of Physics" [15]:

"Despite the significant progress made in the theory of heat radiation, the type of a universal function of spectral radiation energy distribution remained undefined. In 1895, Lummer (1860-1925) and Wien built a model of a black body as a closed cavity with a small hole. Two years later, in 1897, Lummer and Pringsheim (1859-1917), conducting experiments with the black body, built the experimental curves of spectral energy distribution. In the same year, Planck began to tackle the problem of radiation.

And this all "... was preceded by measurements made by American astrophysicist Samuel Langley (1834-1906). In 1886, he published the research on infrared rays using a self-invented bolometer, and also the research on distribution of energy in the solar spectrum."

As you can see, "experimental curves of spectral (or frequency) energy distribution have already been built before Wien and Planck. It was they who forced the scientists to seek for the cause of this phenomenon. Otherwise, how could Planck have such a task? Here, in the book by V.A. Kasyanov, we see not just a forgery, but a presentation of a myth, in which everything is deliberately placed upside down. That is the surreal physics, in which causes and effects do not matter, for autists need a picture, and the queerer it is, the better and the more interesting for them. But do pupils need it?

In general, the first quote is just monstrous.

In the second quotation, the words "may be regarded as" go side by side with the notion of "real microparticles. Here the first part of the same phrase is about a hypothesis, and the second about the reality. How could it be? Either a hypothesis, or reality. And what does this all together mean? Waking dreams, or what? If yes, then this is hallucination. But then it is not clear what they have to do with physics. And why teach children this? But autists do not care, they just want more surrealism.

And how was it in reality?

It is simple. Planck learned about the results of experiments and realized their importance. Naturally, he turned to the methods of statistical physics, taking into account that Planck was at that time the most advanced specialist in the field. The calculations showed that the results correspond exactly to the experiment only under two conditions: if the energy of elementary radiation events takes only discrete values, and if each step between the adjacent values is equal to some constant multiplied by frequency. In that analytical way Planck received (calculated) quanta in the substance-electromagnetic radiation system.

If V.A. Kasyanov was interested not in surrealism but in cause-effect relations in the real world, he could take a more close look at the interaction agents participating in the experiments. It has happened so more than once. For example, for centuries, integrity of a pot was determined by tapping with a stick. If you hear bounce, then the pot is cracked. So the effect determined the cause - a crack. To eliminate the suspicion of the stick bounce, they took a tried stick. In experiments with black-body radiation there also were two agents the substance of the body itself and classical electromagnetic radiation, whose spectrum was recorded using a classical diffraction grating or a prism, i.e., by known wave methods. But where is the riddle? In the substance, or in the studied electromagnetic radiation? There are quanta, but what is quantized? Kasyanov himself could guess that the substance is more suspected. The more so, he anyway had to admit discreteness of energy levels in elements of all substances. And radiation turned out not guilty. And how can waves have discreteness? But Kasyanov had to lie to fool the schoolchildrens brains. It is a passion of autists.

We gave two examples from the textbook by V.A. Kasyanov. But there is plenty of such books, and they are so crammed with myths instead of science, so filled with outright lies, that to explain it we need to find in the human language such concepts that have a historically established and unambiguous interpretation. And, apparently, we cannot do without a negative character of all religions.

Therefore, we say simply: such books are a "gift" to the children from Satan with satanic purposes and satanic implications.

And those children who will state frankly satanic ideas on exams in the "correct" and sincere way, will become future candidates for entry into the surreal party of autists - the party of myth-makers and liars, or into the Honorary Order of Satan himself. Realists, beware!

Surrealism in the politics of the 20th century.

Thus, a global autists political party has been established that unites the like-minded in organized theft and myth-making at the same time. It has ensured its self-reproduction by fundamental curving of understanding of the world in the younger generation through mandatory curriculums filled instead of philosophy and science with deliberate autistic nonsense, which is part of the concept of surrealism. After such large-scale leg-pulling, this party now has no shortage of recruitment - from small charlatans to notorious murderers and satanists.

The objectives and strategy of the autists party are extremely primitive. Fierce competition in a narrow range of activity - mythology and theft - leaves no room for imagination. Therefore, the traditional and straightforward organized crime wins. Properties of such straightforwardness had been noted long ago. For example, here is what Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote about it in the mid-19th century [11]:

"Virtuosity of straightforwardness, like a willow stick, has stuck in his mournful head and put down a whole impenetrable network of roots and branches. It was some mysterious forest, full of magical dreams (emphasis added). Mysterious shadows walked in single file, one after another, buttoned, newly cut, by uniform step, in uniform clothes, they kept going... Where to? It seemed that behind this sleepy, weird world there was an even more fantastic cavity, which solved all the difficulties by swallowing everything without a trace. When the fantastic cavity absorbed a sufficient number of fantastic shadows, Gloom-Grumblev, so to speak, turned over and started dreaming another such dream again."

The writer surprisingly accurate noted the "dreamity" of the scoundrels outlook, but he did not know then it is the main feature (symptom) of autism and surrealism, which is now confidently diagnosed by psychiatrists and Pavel Kotov, the psychologist we have quoted above. The essence of "dreamity" is, apparently, a waking dream of mind, if we can call a mind the continuous contemplation of own internal navel, having cut oneself off from the outside world.

In addition, the writer stresses that autists are "... very dangerous in general, and not even because they are necessarily evil ... but because they are alien to any consideration and always go ahead, as though the road on which they had found themselves belongs only to them. From a distance it may seem that these people have even though harsh, but firmly established beliefs and consciously seek to achieve the set target. However, it is an optical illusion, which should be gone easy on. They are just beings tightly blocked from all sides who are breaking through because they are unable to become conscious of themselves in connection with any range of phenomena....

Here is an example of the "straight line" of autistics which parasitized on the forcibly embedded communist myth.

(see http://www.mosnarodsobor.ru/analytic/kak_tuhachevskiiy_dushil_gazom_tambovskih_krestyan.htm)

Autistic communists were greedy, and missed out something by mistake: "In 1920, the Tambov region was struck with drought, and was harvested only 12 million pounds of grain. Meanwhile, surplus appropriation was not reduced, amounting to 11.5 million pounds! The mistake could easily be corrected by telephone, telegraph, mail or by messenger, as in Ancient Egypt. But autists, having seized power by force and deceit, were "unable to become conscious of themselves in connection with any range of phenomena". Due to these circumstances, these scums who had never worked and therefore did not know where the bread comes from dug their heels in and stayed in the "straight line".

Further, the peasants, so that not to starve to death, were forced to revolt. Autistic communists again did not use a telephone, telegraph, mail or messenger, and went to fight this province. They fought again in the "straight line":

"The forests where the bandits find shelter should be cleared with asphyxiating gas. Everything should be designed so that the gas curtain, penetrating into the wood, destroyed all living things. Chief of artillery and professionals competent in such operations should provide enough gas." Etc.

"By July 1921 the military authorities and KGB have established seven concentration camps accommodating more than 50 thousand people, mostly elderly, women and children, hostages and family members of peasant deserters. The situation in these camps was appalling: rampant typhus and cholera, and half-dressed prisoners suffered from all possible troubles. In summer 1921 hunger came. By autumn, mortality rate rose to 15-20% per month! Tukhachevsky (made) terror against the population of Tambov the basis of his operations. Artillery fire had completely destroyed such village of the Tambov district as Koptevo, Khitrovo, Verhnespasskoe. .... Reprisals hit totally everyone, from children to seniors. Particularly widely used was hostage-taking (singles and whole families), which, in essence, was punishing of civilians not involved in the uprising. Widely practiced was destruction of farms and houses of mutineers and their families. Thus, according to reports of political commissions, "from June 1 to July 2, totally 12301 bandits are seized. Hostages taken: singles - 3430, families - 913. Farms confiscated - 157, burned or demolished 85 houses. Over the last week the number of seized criminal deserters has increased up to 16,000 families - up to 1,500, confiscated farms - up to 500, burned and demolished houses - up to 250". ... ... provides information on the number of children in concentration camps in the Tambov province as of August 1, 1921, separately up to 3 years - 397, and up to 5 years - 758 children."

Only working people, breadwinners, who, naturally, were realists, were liquidated along with their families. Wiped out were the people who fed the autists and namely those from whom the autists were eager to get bread. Scoundrels (definition by Saltykov-Shchedrin) and autists were let alone. Therefore, the whole province was subjected not to regular genocide, but as it was usual for the communists, to a selective one. Among the main executors were Tukhachevsky Uborevich, Kotovsky, Yagoda, whom Stalin rightly liquidated in the 30's. Therefore, we may leave alone these years.

But we cannot leave alone the war years of 1941-45.

The total number of deaths in the war against Germany [16]: the Soviet Union - 43.5 million, Germany - 5.95 million; the ratio is 7,3:1.

2/3 of the total losses of the USSR, i.e., about 30 million people, were due to surrender of territory on the first phase of the war from June 22, 1941 to November 18, 1942. And it was the result of disorderly retreat and capture of troops under command of the selected autists, contrary to common sense and military historical experience. They managed to bring to zero the multiple superiority in numbers and in all types of weapons (5-6 times) over the Germans. Complete elimination of realists from the army command was due to the surrealistic tradition and cannibalistic purposes in personnel policies promoted as early as by the executioners Trotsky and Tukhachevsky. At the command post, they picked up only autists primitive to idiocy, who, because of inherent features of their mental processes, could not have their own perspectives on reality even in principle. But they were needed by the executors, as normal people would not be able to manage the genocide of unarmed people of their own country. Thus, the most unprincipled and silly autistic executioners from commissioners hated by the people and the soldiers were nominated for this vile task, respectively. Villains devoid of common sense and reason, of course, could not lead normal people against an armed foreign enemy.

At that time Stalin personally also made many mistakes typical of autists.

First, when cleaning the commanders of the army, he yielded to persuasion and intrigue of L. Beria [17] and did not repress the pupil of Tukhachevsky, illiterate tyrant and informer Zhukov, who, being in 1941 the Chief of Staff of the Army, by order sent under direct artillery fire of the enemy the headquarters, airfields and barracks of the frontier armies. Moreover, Stalin had created the basis for the myth of the greatness of talentless, stupid and snobby autist Zhukov as the alleged military leader, although it is well known that this goon is no commander. After all, he destroyed in the battles of his soldiers repeatedly (10 times) more than the enemy soldiers - an event unprecedented in world history, in all big and small wars.

Second, being sure of the attack date, Stalin gave no order to defense to the troops obviously incapable of any independent and conscious actions, which were subordinate to him.

Third, in the first turning point of the war, when resources of the advancing German troops were exhausted and they stopped to start the transfer of very limited reinforcements, namely, on August 25, 1941, Stalin sent 300 thousand of troops with most state-of-the-art weaponry to capture the completely unnecessary Iran. I.e., he neutralized the reserves of the army, which could have then turned the tide.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the autistic rabble, which, according to Stalin himself, "captured the whole state and made the state itself an instrument of their crimes" (Stalin's draft speech of the prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial), could bring to our country nothing but enormous victims. The victims were the 30 million Soviet citizens who died in 1941-42.

Nowhere, never, in no sphere of human activity, somehow linked with individual or collective interaction with reality or Nature, have ever shown autism and surrealism any signs of usefulness. Moreover, their invasion into the real lives of people has always been purely destructive.

The thing is that the autists behavior is mainly unconscious even for themselves. Ask them, for example, in the United States: Why did they drop more bombs on Laos than all countries of the world during World War II? Why did they poison 18,000 elephants there? They would not answer. Why did they kill so many people in Iraq? They also would not answer, or lie, bringing pupils to the nose. What do they want in Iran? Why do they participate in a clearly daunting venture to exterminate the Palestinians? What attracts them to the feudal regimes of Central and South America? The autists themselves do not understand and do not know that. The whole outside world is alien and frighteningly mysterious for them.

And where are the leveling natural circumstances now? Who will equalize the rights to more or less equal development of both autists and realists? Realists have things to do. They have no time to compete with autists, concentrating only on solving a narrow satanic goal. The Satan has focused all forces, all evil "superpowers" (see the first part of the quote from Pavel Kotov) on one goal.

No realist can earn now as much as an autist can steal. Moreover, autists can now buy up newspapers and television networks, which from morning till night proves that there is nothing stupider than the mean, from their point of view, creativity, primitive real creation. See the end of American inventors Edison, Goodrich, and Westinghouse - check out what autists have done to them! Their careers ended in complete failure. Each of them was destroyed by the autists, deliberately turned into a beggar. Vacuum instead of creativity. Only Ford has survived, as he later shared in his books. What did he write about?

Thus, the autists organized in the surrealistic party completely lose the mysterious appeal of artists. In the new position, protected from prying eyes by the censorship, they look more like a gang of ogres that destroy civilization. Their whole policy is accompanied by appalling atrocities deprived of any understandable motivation. But what are the main causes of sliding into such a policy? Where is the superidea of the autists party we are trying to get to? Philosophy and politics alone are not enough for an answer. We have to turn our attention to economy.

Surrealism in the Economy

We shall proceed from the definition of economy as a "set of economic relations developing in the system of production, distribution, exchange and consumption and making the economic basis of society" (Wikipedia). Generally speaking, the economy is a complex mechanism with plenty of real forward and backward linkages between the real components. This applies to both the market and the command system. If you introduce mythical components (as in physics or philosophy) into the real system with the help of total censorship, spurious sources of signals and commands, of course, of mythical content will appear between real elements and connections Such an economy will acquire surreal (as in a bad dream) signs, which will inevitably disrupt its operation or self-management.

Now let us consider the specific processes of formation and development of surreal events in the economy, but not in isolation but against the background of the catastrophe in physics and philosophy. They showed themselves in the early 20th century, since even in the 19th c. no one would have dared to be so cynical as to introduce political censorship in science and industry, as it is now. Therefore, the time frame of our analysis with consideration of the latent (incubation) period is limited to the second half of the 19th century and our time.

Let us take as an example three very different economies of the U.S., Russia and China.

The second half of the 19th century was for China the time of complete ruin of the state and the economy, accompanied by destruction of the population by all means available to the colonizers, including drugs. But for Russia and the U.S. it was the time of development. It is significant that in both states their economies did not suffer strong press from the autists then.

It does not mean that there were no autists at that time. Of course, there existed surrealists with an autistic motivation. They roamed the expanses of those countries, composed their good works, along with the myths with "theories", established various sects, but did not interfere so much with other peoples work. And how could they interfere? To do this, they should have introduced the myths or "theories" between the means of production and producers. Otherwise, their fantasies could not transform into real "take". And then bad luck: the generation of enterprising people who built the laissez-faire capitalism trusted no intermediaries. Moreover, neither the secular nor the religious education of that time promoted propaganda of the autistic myths or Satanism. Monotheistic upbringing dominated then, and children were not fooled with nonsense. Therefore, the actual economies of the countries in question did not significantly suffer from surrealism and thus could develop freely.

In their turn, the autists did a lot of useful things then: their progress in mathematics and in all kinds of art is undeniable. They worked and prospered in those spheres. In short, the very economic life of that time directed the autists fantasies into a peaceful course. There was no total theft and non-state political censorship. Therefore, the autists surrealism existed in its natural niche and represented no danger to the realists.

Such was the general pattern of entering capitalism of people with two different psychological radicals - the realists and the autists. However, the symmetry of their participation in the new free economy was still broken. First, arts, and mathematics are not vocations for everyone. Second, they could not give the same profit as the real economy. Of course, the autists would like to bring their income closer to the income of the realists. But it was then that the realists were using their absolute natural advantage in creating new, especially small businesses in both the agricultural (farm) sector and industry. Both farmers and manufacturers (such as Singer and Ford) evoked the envy of the yearning loafers. All this concealed the latent phase of accumulation of the autists hatred. Its elements were already evident sometimes in the U.S. and Russia, but in very different ways.

Centers of political stability and economic growth of the mainly agrarian Russia were the Cossack villages and farms provided with land. But it was what the huge country was lacking, because after the abolition of serfdom the farmers got less land than the landlords. The way-out through the settlement of open space was found by Prime Minister Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, who was killed in 1911 by a fanatical autist. The murderer scum did not need land, for he would not be able to farm it because of his mental and physical inferiority. And the tsar immediately forgot about Stolypin and his reforms. It is important that the number of autistic killers, who could not withstand normal healthy economic competition in the booming economy was enough to keep the tone of terrorism in Russia at a marked level during the entire last third of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. They were in principle unable to earn money by honest creative work and only dreamt about criminal ways out. And these dreams, using international experience, were slowly turning into myths. The overall terrorist situation was worsened by the reluctance of many landlords to work and the skeptical attitude of the population to the court decisions widely perceived not as an objective social institution, but as something imposed from the outside - "their court". The spontaneous and short-sighted policy of a very weak tsar also played their role.

In the U.S. terrorism then behaved more modestly. Here the court from the perspective of ordinary citizens could not be transformed into "their court, as it had happened in Russia, because, first, it was elected from the bottom, and, second, the actual process has always had a chance to quickly turn into a lynch mob supported by the armed people. Only the financial sector remained the field for the autists. Therefore, they were basically satisfied with the ruination of careless farmers and of most talented innovators, as it was with Edison, Westinghouse, etc. The financial crises of 1857, 1873, and 1893 are also all their doing. But it was not half the story. Then the surreal attacks did not yet become so frighteningly powerful and systemic.

However, everything began to change closer to the 20th century. The rapid development of communication tools, periodicals and transport for their delivery helped consolidate the already embittered myth-makers. And they finally organized an international criminal autistic political party capable of establishing a regular distortion of information flows in the human community by means of buying newspapers and illegal censorship and trying to force their "theories" and mysticism. This was the beginning of the process of mass leg-pulling the population in different countries with the myths and origin of such unnatural phenomenon as the surreal economy.

The first to get under the fool hood in the 20th century was the Russian state decomposed during World War I. The radical demand for "social equality on the basis of community of property" by foreign autists did not enthuse the vast majority of the Russian population including both the politically active and those miles from the policy. However, the first could not suggest a single alternative idea, because the conditions of absolute monarchy did not provide them with experience of independent political activity. And the second, mostly honest realists, were not accustomed to politics, but to diligent husbandry and creativity in the harsh climate of the vast country, regardless of the whims of monarchs. Honest workers had no idea that they were listening to the slogans of the man-eaters who do not even realize they are lying, because nothing even in principle close to the realization of truth or falsehood could be born in their limited minds. Only later, the autists described their concealed before its time, but the long-standing position on the contempt of these concepts in the parodies of philosophy called positivism, neopositivism, etc. [2]. Autists have no truth, and if so, there is nothing to say so. they lie recklessly. Honest realists were caught on such a primitive "lawlessness". And when the majority of Russian people realized they had been fooled, it was too late - decade of continuous genocide fragments had begun, the description of which we have given in the section Surrealism in the politics of the 20th century." This is how the takeover by autists happened in Russia in 1917. They were going to lead the country to barracks communism with the promised abolition of money, where the selected autists would be simple slave owners, and all the others slaves. That's their whole miserable fantasy.

Something in the history of the Russian revolution makes clear analysis of the revolution in China, which began on March 20, 1926 with the first Chiang Kai-shek takeover in Canton. The Chinese got direct support from Russia. Criticizing Stalin, Trotsky wrote [18]:

"The Chinese Revolution was to test the new role of Stalin by the ad absurdum method. Having won power in the USSR by means of the layers starting out from the international revolution (emphasis added) and with indirect but very real support of the hostile classes, Stalin automatically became the leader of the Comintern, and, thus, the head of the Chinese revolution. The passive hero of the behind-the-scenes mechanics had to show his techniques and qualities in the events of the great revolutionary tide. This is the tragic paradox of Stalin's role in China. Subjecting the Chinese workers to the bourgeoisie, slowing the agrarian movement, supporting the reactionary generals, disarming the workers, preventing the emergence of councils and eliminating the merged ones, Stalin played to the end the historical role that Tsereteli only tried to play in Russia. The difference is that Tsereteli was acting in the open arena, with the Bolsheviks against him - and he had to, immediately and at the site, answer for an attempt to betray to the bourgeoisie the bound and deceived proletariat. Stalin acted in China mainly from behind the scenes, protected by a secure and powerful apparatus and covered with the banner of Bolshevism. Tsereteli relied on repressions of the bourgeois rule against the Bolsheviks. Stalin himself applied these repressions against the Bolshevik-Leninists (the opposition). Repressions of the bourgeoisie broke up on a wave of rise. Stalin's repressions were fed by the wave of low tide. That is why Stalin was able to bring the experience of pure Menshevik policy of the Chinese revolution to the end...".

It is worth to stress three very important statements in the citation:

1 - The Russian Revolution was indeed driven mainly by not indigenous peoples of Russia but by the forces of the layers starting out from the international revolution";

2 The Russian Revolution was "indirectly" supported by "hostile classes", i.e. those Oblomov landlords, who did not fit into capitalism, and even after getting estates were not willing to work and prosper;

3 As for the Chinese Revolution, Stalin did not justify Trotsky's hopes and did not the outright "straight" terrorist position of a hitman, which is so characteristic of autists; instead, he acted in a reasonable way and, therefore, showed the quality of a polyphonist.

This is what Trotsky claimed. And he knew what he was speaking of.

Stalins polyphonism is witnessed by the visitor registration book of his waiting room. When in the 30's and later he was arming the Red Army, he personally set tasks to the designated leaders of the military industry of the People's Commissars to directors of mills and factories, as well as to certain engineers and inventors. The book keeps the names of mostly sons of peasants, i.e., hereditary and earnest realists from early childhood. But he was unable to replace the whole command of the army picked up by the autistic man-eaters Trotsky and Tukhachevsky, for objective reasons: the seminary did not teach the history of martial arts - and Stalin simply did not have any other education.

Thus, in comparison with the Russian one, the Chinese revolution was initially less bloodthirsty towards its mostly peasant population. Of course, the victims were not small, but they were not selective, aimed specifically at destruction of the realists, as the main obstacle to the autists dream - the victory of surrealism in the economy. This very difference in theory and practice of genocide identified different prospects for further development of Russia and China both economically and as a state. And the question is not only in the total number of victims of the totalitarian idea of egalitarianism (about 100 million people in Russia, and only 20 million in China) and not even in the ratio to the populations of those countries, but it's extremely important that in Russia people were liquidated just on suspicion of presence of signs of realism in mind. This was apparently the first in the world (preventive!) genocide by the type of the human mind and its potential ability to proactive productive work.

The Chinese "perestroika" began in 1978 with economic liberalization, emancipation of the productive forces of society, which immediately provided a rapid increase in production (initially over 20%, then at least 10% per year), and, correspondingly, the quality of life of Chinese people. The transition to the "market socialism" was carried out under strict supervision of the Chinese Communist Party, which has provided stability for all functions of the state during the transition period. At the state level, three major problems were solved:

1 - Ideological: promotion of small and collective private enterprise, struggle with "red eye disease" (envy), rehabilitation of entrepreneurship as a form of honest creative work;

2 - Legal: protection of private property, a declarative system for registration of new enterprises and removal of other bureaucratic obstacles, rapid and authoritative arbitration, suppression of crime and corruption;

3 - Financial: guarantee of stability of yuan and the entire banking system, a smooth system of lending by state banks and gradual development of private banks, a reasonable monetary policy of targeted support to private businesses under acceptable interest.

This is how the Chinese Communist Party first save the lives of Chinese realists, and then put the full power of the Chinese state at the service of both these realists, and all Chinese people. The imputed national policy created the real economy, as simply as that. The success of such economy was guaranteed.

The Chinese economic breakthrough has one major political and demographic consequence. The matter that for any state optimal construction of the pyramid of personnel, selection of management personnel is crucial. For example, in the pirate teams, the leader has always been chosen from people already put through their paces. The Vikings chose their kings either by direct vote, or indirectly, by leaving the unwanted leader in the battle alone with the enemy. Successful monarchs also were usually picked commanders or managers out of the people tested by the war. Only autists are always based on ideological relatives from kleptocrats and lumpen, to put it simpler, to scum. The Chinese Communist Party solved the staff task through competition in the field of free enterprise, by legalizing the right of natural leaders to join its ranks at the 16th Congress (2002). Now China has a strong talent pool of proven managers in both the party and the state.

The Russian economic reforms began in 1988 with the Law on Cooperatives and have been dragging into nowadays. Mountains of books have been written about their consequences. However, the representation of the results of "perestroika" is easier to make by projecting them on the progress of China. For example, let's see how of the same three main objectives were dealt with at the national level in Russia.

1 - Ideological: promotion of impunity of any lucrative actions, including extortion and embezzlement, demonstration of dishonestly acquired wealth, discrediting of entrepreneurship as a form of honest creative work;

2 - Legal: hunting of law enforcement agencies for any private property and killing of entrepreneurs, the licensing system for registration of new enterprises and layering of other bureaucratic obstacles, unprincipled and corrupt arbitration, fatal pretrial punishment on a false denunciation, conniving criminals and corrupt officials, violation of unity of internal traffic by traditional extortion on the roads, venality of the customs offices;

3 - Financial: governmentally planned hyperinflation, a gap between the paralysis of the state banking system and establishment of private banks, destruction of the credit system through state banks and transfer of their functions to immature and dependent private banks that are unable to grant loans to private businesses under acceptable interest.

As you can see, the Russian state not only failed to perform its direct functions, which had already been so successfully implemented in China, but made it all the way around with remarkable precision. Always drunk to insanity, the member of the Central Autistic Committee, crowned for the President, managed to legally protect lawlessness and endemic corruption. He abolished penalties to the greedy criminals, and forbade confiscation of property from those caught red-handed. Now these bribetakers have paralyzed all the state functions in all its bodies. In Russia, the economy finally got grotesque surrealistic features.

It is important that a social system far from up-to-date has formed and firmed, in which the major money and positions had been long ago distributed among people of the same specific class of autists. Inside it, no one has ever grown, invented or produced anything; they only consumed the goods produced by others - they are such ordinary people whose hearts and dreams are focused solely on consumption, feeding, i.e., the dish. And because of the de facto ban on all other independent economic activity, moving up the social ladder is blocked. This means that the Russians are dealing with a new feudalism headed not by invading warriors, as in the Middle Ages, but by people with an autistic mentality, who, due to peculiarities of such mind could never technically be warriors. Thus, we have a surreal economy within a new feudalism with feudal lords with ken inside a trough.

It is easy to guess what the ideal of personnel and property distribution patterns is in the country, led by feudal lords with ken inside a trough. To be honest, this scheme is traditionally called the roster. And this autists table is necessarily surreal to distress all normal realists, i.e. all creators of wealth.

Let's see how things are going in the U.S. economy.

In 2010, America continues to suffer the mortgage, i.e., financial crisis. America is sick. Problems with the dollar and debt. The external debt is $13.6 billion, and the aggregate debt is about $60 billion. With population of 300 million, on each person fall $200 thousand of debt (approximately $400 thousand per each earner) - impossible to repay. And if the interest is 5%, then it should be $10 thou. from person in a year only to pay for debt service (around $20 thou. from each earner). A small detail is: the domestic debt prevails at Americans. But to whom? Who is the rich solitaire to whom everyone owes? What has he created so supervaluable for the mankind? He is most likely the one who writes the myths, creating nothing. To find these myths, we must look toward economic theories. Let us do it.

Presently, the main economic theory is monetarism. Monetarism is a "Macroeconomic theory according to which the amount of money in circulation is the determining factor for economic development. One of the main lines of neoclassical economic thought" (Wikipedia). "Representatives of M. [monetarism] argue that economic management is most effective when it is carried out through fiscal policy" (Yandex Dictionary).

It turns out that according to monetarism, "the amount of money in circulation is the determining factor of economic development, and therefore the economy should be managed "through fiscal policy". It seems like money is everything and everything else in the system of production, distribution, exchange and consumption" (see the definition of economy at the beginning of this section) is not worth a curse. But is it really true?

For example, let us look at the production.

In the 19th century, Europe was full of money, especially exported from the colonies, but the best and most visionary industrialist was not at all rich, but tireless inventor and innovator Alfred Krupp. Did money play the major role in his success? Of course, not. Especially because he was the first in the world who spared it for social needs of the workers. The great American industrialist and innovator Henry Ford has not only a lot of inventions recorded for him, but also the scientific organization of labor, and the first in America weekly day-off for the workers. At the core of his success, as well as Krupps, are also exceptional personal qualities of the pragmatic realist, but in no case money. The autists had plenty of money, but, naturally, they could not achieve such creative heights. It is known that the kings of Sweden made a decisive contribution in the steel industry with the power of the whole state, and also not because of extra money and not under the yoke of its appreciation.

And here is a negative example. In modern Russia, there is extra oil and gas money. However, none of the industries, even the defense industry, thrives. All managers, starting from the Soviet era, have been picked up categorically not for independence of thought and action, but on the principle of unthinking loyalty to someone. Thus, at the helm of the surreal (as in a nightmare) Russian economy are only dependent leaders appointed by the autists for incompetence and lack of initiative lords with ken inside a trough. And they all have at least double subordination to the criminal structures and the corrupt law enforcement bodies. Realists - that is, those persons who are able to make their own decisions - do not belong here; only the surreal roster is relevant. Therefore, the production has an archaic non-competitive nature that cannot be changed without using the normal active human resources. But such human resources were destroyed in Russia both during the 70 Soviet years, and the 20 perestroika years. Several generations of the old realists were shot, and they have prepared the grave for the new generations, having removed them from all work, - they prefer them to be shot or drink themselves to death than spotted in honest work. Strategy of destruction of talented people has got grotesque forms. Now disaster has slipped on the demographic level, and no money can fix it.

Here we have given only four examples illustrating that money is not decisive in the economy. And it is clear that the role of money cannot technically increase to the scale of the entire economy. Nor could it be otherwise, since individual productivity of, for example, different carpenters at work with logs may vary by hundreds of percent, and intellectual or organizational work of individuals may vary according by results by a thousand or more times. Therefore, professional placement in accordance with abilities and talents of people is more important than money.

But were the authors of monetarism ignorant of that fact? Certainly, no. But they had confused something. Why? Let us examine the money issue.

The role of money in the economy is much smaller than stated by monetarism. "Typically, such functions of money are specified: Measure of value. ... Medium of exchange. ... Means of payment. ... Store of value ... (Wikipedia). There are other factors, apart from money: transport, communications, climate, etc. And they also affect the entire economy, each other and money, too. Why so much respect to money? Please, attend. Confusion is possible, and probably a deliberate one - someone needs myths.

And is there any other function of money that may affect the economy? Of course! Of course, it is the most important and the obviously and always dominant function for the people, not capable fairly to work: the money is the most convenient object of theft. This is mainly because it is much easier to launder any currency than to sell stolen property in kind. And this latter function of money, let's call it the klepto-function, may destroy any economy and any state through corruption, but also to give the maximum revenue to the thieves. So, the money is not only a means of payment etc., but also the basis of the mechanism of theft, where the very narrow view of the autists is initially focused.

And who requires most the larceny mechanism, for whom it simply vital? Certainly, that requires, who is not capable on what the uttermost, than writing of myths and larceny. Certainly, that requires, whose life loses both sense, and a material basis without the most primitive plunders and fraud. And we have well learnt them from history of creation of surrealistic party of autists. Autists have concentrated on the initially very much a narrow field to larceny and myth making. Such perverted purposefulness and such insignificant choice from all possible displays and talents of the human person, naturally, is not from God. The Satan has presented the guideline on larceny and fraud for autists, and now it is an essence and a basis of their consciousness, philosophy and mythology instead of religion.

Thus, monetarism is a set of suspicious ideas of, at first sight, a very modest scale and importance in relation to the entire economy. It does not take into account or intentionally conceals the klepto-function of money. Its destroying influence on economy is extremely great. Other components of the economy, including free labor, its productivity and, ultimately, talent and initiative of the entities of normal honest business are more crucial in positive sense. But it at all does not mean that they can always overcome negative influence klepto-function of money (the Example: Unless the economy has already met hypothecary crisis? And what price of overcoming?). From this it follows that the monetarism proceeds far not from real representations about money and economy. Therefore, it is antiscientific, and its persevering promotion is nothing more than introduction into people's consciousness of one more self-serving myth as the basis of the surreal economy. Moreover, monetarism is the continuation of the tale about how "money makes money" without needing a production cycle and any assistance from the realists.

So, we got to the indigenous myth called monetarism, which is so praised by the autists as a cover for their favorite and main mechanism for theft of money, and which by its set to surrealism in the economy fundamentally excludes active realists from normal productive activities. It is obvious that for this simplest leg-pulling or something similar were the autistic philosophy and the autistic physics created. Only they are capable so to distort the private world of the person. Therefore they also are a basis of a real political platform of surrealistic party of autists.

We pose a question: are the autists able to understand that the real economy, like any creative activity in general, is not possible without participation of the realists? The answer is simple: of course not. If they knew it, they would not be autists - just they have such a mindset. They have a "gut" feeling that the realists are a dangerous obstacle on the way to unlimited possession of the national product. And this one "brain consideration", this motif, is quite enough for the autists. Their brain refuses to work further no one needs to think where from or how the product is made. The surreal economy, due to its ugliness, is for them the best they can dream of.

Our humble review of the surreal "feats" of the autists party in the economic field leads to a disappointing conclusion: Russia is the first country to have completely plunged into the darkness of the surreal economics and politics, and the United States is rapidly approaching the same state.

But where there is a geographical center a source of this infection? What of the countries of the world the Satan has put as leaders? To answer these questions is easily. The monetarism is invented in the USA. In the USA the most rigid censorship, especially in the scientific periodical press is carried out. Owners of the Russian scientific magazines and scientific censors are too citizens of the USA. Main executioner of the Christian and Muslim people Trotsky has arrived to Russia from the USA. All organizers of the Russian accident of 90th years of the last century (Chicago boys) studied and arranged too in the USA. Destruction of the private initiative in Russia by deducing of requisitions over level of 50% from incomes of the small businessman is coordinated too with advisers from the USA. It turns out so that today's Russia is modern test range for devilish training and in view of obvious success of experiment the near future for inhabitants of the USA. The Satan and the American feudal lords the usual autists, who have won all competitions on dishonesty, have solved so.

Europe carries out now passive function in this business. It is distracted by absolutely idiotic toy in which quality they have received wildly fantastic the Higgss "boson". And all European economy keeps temporarily afloat only by efforts of the emigrants bearing doses of realism from past native lands. But it is only till that time while devilish propagation of autism and there hasn't destroyed traditional and natural vital ways of realists. After all it is known, what even the most ancient primitive-communal societies of hunters, farmers or cattlemen, without telling already about civilizations of Asia or the central and southern Americas in our era, were more humane and indulgent to realists-creators in comparison with modern autists-murderers.

The irreversibility of the destructive processes in the economy is guaranteed only by the fact that the global autists censorship, having subjugated even politics, does not allow bringing the problem of unnatural expansion of Satanism even at the level of matter-of-fact discussion.

The economic myth has supressed common sense and mind.


The conclusion


The detective process of finding the causes of degradation of natural science brought us through the psychology of deceit to philosophy, religion, economics and politics. In addition, our research is based both on information known from the ancient and old books, and on the up-to-date information, which appeared recently on the Internet. Certainly, the crucial part was played by the lucky Ariadne's thread, i.e., the unprecedently insolent, unconcealed censorship of the global scale presented in all "western" media simultaneously. This censorship has forcibly introduced the myth of the universality of surrealism and Satanism in virtually all areas of intellectual and economic activity. And only after that the programmed defect of reason steamroller rolled across the entire culture from science to economy and destroyed at the root all the foundations of European identity and politics up to the end of the bloody 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

During that historically short period of time a very specific surreal party of the satanic doctrine was formed and even managed to grab by force or buy the bulk of the publishing houses, newspapers, television and other means of delivering information to the public for its unfair business in the USA and other countries of "West". Information successes of the autists ensured their dominance in the ideological sphere on most continents. Their worldview does not extend beyond the ancient but very primitive pagan religion the New Magism, which is strictly equivalent to a classical Old Satanism. This religion, of course, is contrary to monotheism and all the basics of Greek, Islamic and European philosophy.

Well, as far as mythologization and destruction of the science of physics is concerned, everything turned out to be quite simple: the "curved", defamed natural science is a byproduct and component of a mythologization technology of mass mythologization of already robbed people and some link in the training of young human resources to carry out the destructive surreal policy for the global society of dirty playing satanists. Otherwise it is difficult to give an aura of mystique or mysticism to autists and money, which they steal. After all, nobody will believe without this small nonsense that not rustic brocks have robed them, but a fatal fantastic bad luck with afterworld forces have done this.

So, we take a possible broad view about the system of elements and communications between them which we found out: venal global censorship the surrealistic physics surrealistic philosophy the Satanism surrealistic economy venal global censorship. It is obvious that here the ring has turned out. It cans a round dance? No, it is worse, than a round dance. These are the disfigured elements of a civilization closed in a ring of devilish connections. It is a triggering mechanism a vicious circle known in the theory of automatic regulation as a self-reinforcing close circuit (like in a water closet supply tank). In nature such things occur during phase changes, which have long been known by physicists. It is easy to notice that political Satanism induces the same ideological phase change, during which anachronisms of the Renaissance, which is actually a result of a long and troublesome process of escaping the old Magism, yielded to the purposeful promotion of a new paganism in the society. This happened before. Where does this change lead? The answer is simple back to the most sustainable uncivilized primeval pagan state in which human society had already existed 50 thousand years ago [6]. Satanism does it all through mass-media and deceived teachers. Here the main problem and motive power is the pragmatic character of the Satanism as a strategic deception weapon based on absolutely arbitrary manipulation with meaningless models and myths as the flow of the self-contradicts literally paralyze the victim especially if the one with a realistic style of thinking. The victim does not even notice becoming a slave of pagan Magism.

So the Satan has taught autists to seize power. However any power means necessity to accept critical decisions. But autists can't do it because of their congenital intellectual limitation from the party most necessary for this purpose from their horizon. Obviously, any animal will stumble, if its world around is closed by autism veil. Even the strict science of the physicist has failed for 100 years because of such blinding. Therefore the autist power always and everywhere accomplish crimes against friend-or-foe, irregularly tying the spilled blood different groups of criminals. As a result the Satan achieves the object the chaos and terror will disorganize a society, bringing in a victim of people, including and autists-Satanists.

Neither an autism, nor Satanism will never stop in depopulation of talented people with independent realistic intellection, whom they hate so much. Therefore all achievements of the autists in the field of service to the Satan have also demographic effects, which are limited to the well-aimed genocide of the realists. Depopulation of realists is conducted not only physically, but also morally by means of destruction of their ego-consciousness. According to the autists, any independent action, or even suspicion of possible thoughts or actions of the realists, connected with their natural initiative, must be nipped in the bud, because they contradict the interests of the primitive surrealistic business. But the majority of people are not primitive. Therefore autistics stereotypes, driving in people heads, not only spoil the psyche of people, but also physically destroy the most of independent realists, creating the atmosphere of ominous mystics and complete despair. The all-out propaganda of Satanism with autism gives a very poor choice of prospects for normal people. The natural recession of young generation of realists into crime or drugs is not very successful exit from under a mad pagan yoke. But surrealistic Utopia often does not leave any other chance to a normal person. It drives him into a corner. That's how moral aliens cut off a hand thats feeding them.

Thus, we proved that the process of the falling of all culture into Satanism is sustainable in a catastrophic sense like an earlier mentioned triggering mechanism. Thats why the ascent from this tomb of civilization is essentially impossible. The only way to escape it is a horizontal maneuver through another culture like Aristotle and Islamic sophists used to do. However, notorious globalism blocks this way by global censoring and pagan schoolbooks. So the chance on a flank counterattack on Magism by realism threatens to be closed by globalism. It is obvious that the Satan counts on it.

However now hopes exist still. The state is very important in organization of resistance to the thief surrealism. As shown by the success of economic reforms in China, the state having a political will is fully capable of resistance to the invasion of ideological thiefs.

In addition, the foundations of the pagan mythological surrealism in the sciences, economics and politics are completely contrary to the humanistic principles of the Islamic and Christian religions, although there are signs that Christianity has resigned to defeat. For example, if you drive from the west to the east on the new post-Soviet space in Europe, you will see with the naked eye that agriculture is functioning, and people are not dying out in only two republics: Belarus with a strong real political administration and in Tatarstan with significant influence of Islam, which has always frightened the autists.

By the way, what do autists dislike so much about the Quran? Perhaps, Buddhists and Christians should ponder on this issue? Perhaps, here is the key to understanding the flawed mentality of these people.

Thus, we cannot do without direct government regulation and intervention of a civilized Church and Mosque. Only together can they call into question that fact that the thieves and money-changers inspired by Satan are "God chosen" by giving them equal rights with the realists, i.e., ordinary honest working people.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and it is not difficult to guess to which surreal shores the completely autistic crew navigates the ship of civilization.

The world has frozen in anticipation.


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